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London Fashion Week SS17 show reports part 3

21 Sep 2016


“Lineal”, the latest collection from RUN is tribal themed. But before you shield your eyes from yet more cultural appropriation from the fashion industry, there’s no problematic face paint or sacred symbols. Instead, this SS17 collection is a cultural appreciation of the Hamar Tribe of Ethiopia, and how they merge traditional styles with contemporary ones. Houndstooth prints and stripes get a graphic, colourful update on bomber jackets, slip dresses and playsuits. During the presentation the carefree models strut down the catwalk together, arm in arm, and even took selfies with the audience members, emphasising the togetherness and friendship of a tribe.

img_5421 img_5426 img_5449 img_5431 img_5417 img_5458 img_5447 img_5438 img_5498



With a logo that certainly looks like its children’s character namesake, it’s no wonder that guests of Dumpty’s SS17 show were confused about what to expect. But rather than juvenile or bright designs, as the name would suggest, the audience was met with something more minimalist, with lots of experimentation in surface texture. But the anticipated cartoonish fun was still present, with googly eyes playfully placed on every model’s face. Not much information can be found about the illusive designers; all that their designer profile says about their identity is that they are “apost-90s’ duo” that graduated from Central Saint Martins. My guess is that they are the two models that came out on the runway first, dressed in the fruits of their labour.

img_5510 img_5516 img_5523 img_5528 img_5534 img_5545 img_5556 img_5557 img_5561 img_5564 img_5566 img_5570 img_5572 img_5577 img_5593

Photography by Hannah Gooding



Asli Polat

Against a fashion-favoured background of a silver shimmer curtain (the kind you would find in a working men’s club) and metallic balloons, Asli Polat’s SS17 collection was presented in all its pretty pastel glory. Three clashing themes were married together with an unforeseen harmonious result. The sophistication of the crisp white pieces was made more youthful with the girlyness of the ruffled velvets, and spiced up with the addition of PVC and harnesses.

aslipolat-5 aslipolat-16 aslipolat-3 aslipolat-12 aslipolat-13 aslipolat-14

Photography by Aisha Pegley




At this Fashion Scout show, award-winning charity FAD (Fashion Awareness Direct) presented the winners of their Fashion Futures competition that offered training and experience in the industry to aspiring young fashion designed aged between 16 and 19. 21 designers from schools across the UK (including my own secondary school) were given the amazing opportunity to showcase one look of their creation during LFW according to a brief set by the leaders of project. A standout design came from Cleopatra Thompson who designed her own spray-painted print for a caped jumpsuit. It’s great to hear about more schemes that help young designers to realise their dreams, and seeing just how elated they were to see their work come to life on the catwalk was very uplifting.

img_5891 img_5764

Photography by Jessica Gooding