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Meet the gal-dem: Halimah Manan

25 Sep 2015
Halimah Manan, sub-editor, gal-dem

Where are you from?
My parents come from Pakistan but I was born in Reading and still live there. While I’m at university, though, I’m based in Coventry.

Are you a student/recent grad?
I am a second-year student at the University of Warwick.

What course?
History and Sociology.

Why did you decide to get involved in gal-dem?
It was an easy decision; representation of women of colour is difficult to come by, so a zine specifically created to bridge that gap is so important. So, the opportunity to create one for ourselves is something I’m really excited about! Plus, I hope that gal-dem really takes off and we can build up our reputation.

What’s your role in gal-dem?
I am mainly a sub-editor, though I have contributed an article, too!

What do you personally want to achieve from being involved?
I mainly want to help cultivate a space for women of colour to grow and encourage each other to express ourselves. As well as this, I think it is a good opportunity for writing experience in a friendly and safe space, where we can bounce ideas off each other. Not to mention that I’m sure I could learn more about the varying experiences of women of colour and be more aware of my own privileges.

Other interests/hobbies outside gal-dem?
Despite being an appallingly sexist industry (though it is improving!) I love to game; mainly PC gaming because that’s all I have. I love stealth games a lot, even if I’m terrible at them.

Fun fact about yourself?
I am terrified of spiders.

Who inspires you?
This question is always hard: I recently learned about Indian suffragettes, so I’d have to say them at the moment – but it’s always subject to change!



Twitter: @HalimahManan