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Meet the gal-dem: Hannah Gooding

25 Sep 2015
Hannah Gooding, editor, gal-dem
Tell us about yourself.
I’m from South West London and I recently graduated with a BA Philosophy degree from Durham University.

Why did you decide to get involved in gal-dem?
I decided to get involved with gal-dem, particularly in fashion, because I’ve always loved reading fashion magazines but didn’t feel like they were ever aimed at people like me.

What’s your role in gal-dem?
Fashion editor.

What do you personally want to achieve from being involved?
To play a role, however small, in improving representation in the fashion world.

Other interests/hobbies outside gal-dem?
My other hobbies outside of gal-dem are daydreaming and laughing with friends until my belly hurts.

Fun fact about yourself?
One of my toes has a Facebook profile.

Who inspires you?
I am inspired by the other gal-dem contributors who have already done so many amazing things in their short lives and will continue to change the world.


Twitter: @hannahwsgooding

Instagram: hannahsangooding