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Meet the gal-dem: Leyla Reynolds

25 Sep 2015
Leyla Reynolds, editor, gal-dem

Tell us about yourself.
I’m 20, I’m from Ipswich, and I’m a third-year politics student at the University of Bristol.

What’s your role in gal-dem?
In-house illustrator/arts and culture editor.

Why did you decide to get involved in gal-dem?
Because I wanted to write and draw for a cause I felt passionate about. We need more representation and I’m glad it’s sprung from Bristol University, something I can be personally proud of, at a uni that is normally not renowned for it’s diversity. I also wanted to be part of a wider network of people who had similar interests and concerns and gal-dem is an amazing way of achieving that.

Other interests/hobbies outside gal-dem?
I love sketching, visiting galleries, playing piano, makin’ sushi, and watching films.

Fun fact about yourself?
I’ve inspired nine people to name their children after me. Completely legit, I promise.

Who inspires you?
My housemate Phil. His bravery. Without a doubt.



Twitter: @leygrey

Instagram: @leygrace