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Sisters Uncut on the misdemeanours of Hackney Council

15 Nov 2016

The East End branch of feminist group Sisters Uncut are to launch a new web-series, highlighting the horror of housing in the borough of Hackney, via the medium of satire.

Member Sapphire McIntosh was inspired to talk about the issue after the group held a political occupation in Marian Court in Hackney to highlight cuts to domestic violence services in the borough back in the summer.

The aim of the show is for the group to bring to light the social cleansing that is occurring in Hackney right now. The passing of the Housing Bill in May of this year has meant the borough is under pressure to build “starter homes”.

With prices starting at £450,000, this is a number that not many can afford. This, along with many other plans, has been initiated in an attempt to reduce social housing and “regenerate” the borough, at the expense of the already existing, vibrant culture that Hackney offers, created by those who have called the borough home for many decades.

Add to this the recently built Hackney Walk, which can be found under the railway arches between Homerton and Hackney Central train stations. The retail quarter consists of high-end designer shops such as Anya Hindmarch, Nike and JOSEPH.

It was partly funded by the post-riot generation fund, allocated to certain boroughs in the wake of the 2011 London riots. Instead of repairing the community that already existed in Hackney, the council apparently seek to establish a new, gentrified culture at the expense of those who have called the borough home for decades.

The series is set to launch next month, so keep an eye out for it on their Facebook page! Sneak preview below.