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#NeonMoonCelebrateYou: Forget your ‘flaws’ and be your own boo this Valentine’s Day

12 Feb 2016

Since we last spoke to Hayat Rachi, founder and CEO of the fully feminist lingerie brand Neon Moon, they have been very busy developing their start-up company into a feminist fashion powerhouse that is LGBTQIA+ inclusive, sweatshop-free, objectification-free, sexualisation-free and Photoshop-free.

Neon Moon’s latest campaign #NeonMoonCelebrateYou launches just in time for Valentine’s Day, a day created to capitalise on romantic relationships, which the brand is reclaiming as a day to love ourselves – warts and all. We are all under immense pressure around Cupid’s holiday to look like the normative ideal of ‘sexy’, set by the male gaze. So, to see a lingerie brand that isn’t making you feel crappy about your so-called ‘flaws’ is really refreshing!

#NeonMoonCelebrateYou Neon Moon (Models Izzy + Robyn) Feminist LingerieImage: Izzy and Robyn, by Bianca Peake / Neon Moon

What’s even more refreshing is that their lingerie is modelled by people of a variety of body types, races, ages, genders and sexualities. The diverse line-up featured in the campaign include: Laura who is 23 years old, asexual, and agender; Amey who is 50 years old, straight, and female; Izzy who is 19 years old, bisexual, and female; Robyn who is 21 years old, bisexual, and female; and founder Hayat Rachi themselves who is 26 years old, bisexual, and gender-fluid.

#NeonMoonCelebrateYou Neon Moon (Model Hayat Rachi) LingerieImage: Hayat Rachi, by Bianca Peake / Neon Moon

“Neon Moon is the only lingerie brand that unapologetically strives for all women to love themselves first this Valentine’s Day and our alternative campaign celebrates all that is airbrushed out of standard advertorials; scars, body hair, cellulite, stretch marks. We at Neon Moon encourage you to embrace every inch of yourself, ignoring the body shaming that is perpetrated by the capitalist media”, says Rachi about the brand’s latest campaign.

“Getting women to celebrate themselves without guilt is hard. It’s so important that everyone celebrates themselves and love themselves this Valentine’s Day on top of having anyone else love them too.”

#NeonMoonCelebrateYou Neon Moon (Model Laura) Feminist LingerieImage: Laura, by Bianca Peake / Neon Moon

You can watch their uplifting campaign video below:

If you dig Neon Moon’s intersectional feminist ethos and ethical production techniques, then you can show them your love by buying some of their gorgeous lingerie over at their online shop, or by following them on social media.

Spread the word, start tagging #NeonMoonCelebratesYou, and most importantly make sure that self-love is your priority this Valentine’s Day!