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From gal-dem, this is Our Place Is Here – a collection of personal essays written and spoken by migrant domestic workers living in the UK. These are their stories, in English and Filipino, written in their words.

These essays are part of gal-dem’s collaboration with the Our Place Is Here campaign, created in partnership with Purpose, over summer 2022, bringing together migrant domestic workers and their allies to celebrate stories untold. Developed by the Filipino Domestic Workers Association, Kanlungan Filipino Consortium, the Voice of Domestic Workers, and Kalayaan, this campaign centres the rights of migrant domestic workers.

In April 2012, Theresa May revoked the Overseas Domestic Workers visa concession, removing hard-won rights for domestic workers. In the decade since, migrant domestic workers have been made incredibly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse because of the visa change. But migrant domestic workers have continued to build communities of support and resistance despite government policy.

These three powerful stories will also be available as podcast episodes on gal-dem’s Apple and Spotify channels.

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