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Race Review: All the news you might have missed this week

20 Jul 2018


As Theresa May’s government collapses in on itself like her knees during her bow-legged curtsy, and the world’s worst BJ (Boris) continues to snake his way to the top, the only thing holding our nation together seemed to be Gareth Southgate, like the buttons on his exceedingly well-fitted waistcoat. But then that fell to shit too.

When Donald Trump landed it sparked a huge protests in the UK and over in Australia the Channel 7 news incited a hashtag #NotMyAustralia after they showed three-year-old footage in order to create a moral panic in Melbourne about African gangs.

Over in the US, the teen who had his Make America Great Again hat taken by a Whataburger employee is over the moon to have had it returned, but it perhaps shouldn’t be such a celebration, as far as Pusha T is concerned, the symbolic red MAGA cap ‘is this generation’s Ku Klux hood’.

Oh, and you can now add wearing socks in a pool to the list of things white people call the police on black people for.

Here’s what went down in the last week.

Racist attack on a Muslim teen girl shakes Belgium

In Belgium, a 19-year-old Muslim woman was stripped and slashed on her upper body because she was wearing a headscarf.

Two men have been taken into custody in connection with the racist attack which took places in Anderlue, near Brussels on Monday July 2.

The men ripped off her headscarf and tore apart her shirt exposing her upper body while she tried to escape.

The victim was knocked to the ground and called a ‘filthy Arab’ before the attackers used a sharp object to cut her torso, stomach, and legs in the shape of a cross.

Mayor of Anderlues, Philippe Tison posted on Facebook: “As Belgium lives moments of pride and joy thanks to the exploits of our national team, we must recall that we are a country of tolerance and openness. Are our best scorers and heroes of the last few days not of foreign origin? They are the soul of our country and of Anderlues!

“We cannot allow some of our fellow citizens to be victims of racist attacks.”

News of this horrific crime has been fairly absent in mainstream media. It is an example of the increase in Islamophobia seen in Europe following the rise of far-right political parties.

Trump’s new deputy chief of staff’s wife sends openly racist tweets

Trump’s recruitment team continues its dubious decision-making with its new Deputy Chief of Staff, Bill Shine, whose wife Dana has been the focus of the news recently.

Dana Shine’s offensive and prejudiced Twitter feed was screenshotted before she deleted, and the world has been hanging their heads in despair at how such an ignorant mind is being allowed anywhere near the White House.

As well as her discrediting of sexual harassment accusers against Fox News executives (her husband was co-president of the channel), Dana regularly tweeted the most shocking racist comments.

Just a few of the tweets, which look like they were written for a satire page, include ‘You really are a terrible President Barack Obama allowing our police officers to be gunned down like this’, ‘If white chicks can’t perm their hair, black chicks can’t go blonde”, “1 out of 10 black boys has autism”.

Dana, who has clearly never stepped foot in Africa, also tweeted a meme showing a photo of ‘Rome 2000 years ago’ with a photo of the colosseum, and ‘Africa Now’ showing a mud hut. This is just a small example of the calibre The President is bringing into his team.


Facebook’s algorithms ruled that parts of the US Declaration of Independence are racist and removed excerpts of them posted on the platform. A reference to ‘merciless Indian savages’ was removed and Facebook apologised for allowing a Texas community paper to post the ‘hate speech’, BBC reports.
US correction officer Thomas Jordan Driver, who along with two colleagues and Ku Klux Klan members conspired to kill a black inmate, will lose his state retirement benefits.
The Met Police are going to give women and ethnic minorities a £1000 leg up to help fund their pre-training course in order to encourage a more diverse force, hoping to fill an extra 3000 posts by April.
Netflix has launched its first original Indian TV series called Sacred Games, which sees Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte as intelligence officers on the trail of a criminal kingpin. The eight-part series, filmed in Hindi, is the first of seven Indian series’ that Netflix has commissioned, and has received 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.


A father cries watching the news that the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea is finally over after the two countries have been in a state of ‘no war, no peace’ since 2000 in which tens of thousands were killed.