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Show us how you’re protesting from home for Black Lives Matter!

We're asking you to send in short video clips depicting the ways in which you are finding new ways to protest during Covid-19.

06 Jun 2020

Photography by Jennifer Kovalvich / Canva

We need your help!

We know that not everyone can join the ongoing protests for Black Lives Matter this weekend, so we’ve decided to put together a video showing how our communities are finding new ways to protest during the pandemic.

We want everyone who is protesting from home to help us put this project together by sending in their videos.

Film enough to allow us to see what’s happening. For instance, if you’re filming action e.g a social distancing protest, aim for 30seconds to a minute.

Video clips can include:

• Protests in your neighbourhood e.g. holding signs out to cars to honk on the road
• Posting reading lists through neighbours doors
• Making signs to put in your window – painting, drawing, signs stuck on windows
• Reading anti-racist books
• Tuning into informative Zoom calls / IG Lives
• Any community activities – teaching siblings, speaking to parents and grandparents
• Talking about what you’ve learned this last week
• Donating to bail funds, making spreadsheets
• General updates from people – record yourself letting us know what you’ve been doing to protest
• Please narrate everything you are recording! If you’re making a sign tell us what you’re doing and where you’re putting them up, if you’re making a spreadsheet – explain what it’s for etc.

Please send your photos and videos to with the subject line ‘Protest From Home’, including your name, any social media handles, location (town/area of a city and country).

The clips will be collated into a video that will run across gal-dem’s social media platforms. Cut-off for submission is 6pm on Sunday.