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Skin Deep presents 6×60 at Southwark Platform

14 Apr 2016

Skin Deep is a London-based magazine, providing a platform for issues around race and culture. They aim to cultivate an environment where a diverse range of heritage, stories, sounds, traditions and imaginings can be explored both creatively and politically.

This Sunday 17th April, at Platform Southwark, Skin Deep will be facilitating an all-day event, 6×60, in which six collectives who work to engage their audiences in contemporary discourse around race and culture, host a sixty minute interactive workshop to showcase their work and methods to a wider audience.

gal-dem, along with Voices that Shake!, Decolonising Our Minds Society, the Stuart Hall Foundation, sorryyoufeeluncomfortable and Skin Deep will have sixty minutes to exhibit our work to attendees, through a range of mediums such as film screenings, music, discussions and more.

gal-dem will be exploring the theme of Britishness – what it means to be British, looking at the values that we hold close and view as crucial foundations to form our identities. Our sixty minute interactive slot will comprise of a group discussion, followed by some filming that will feature in our next instalment of our Interlude series, curated by our in-house videographer, ifama.

6×60 will take place at Platform Southwark – a new temporary project space intended to encourage and promote groundbreaking art, music and performance. Food will be provided by Dainty Bites in the form of Nigerian home cooking and light snacks throughout the day.

Get your tickets now and join us alongside some of our most inspiring and imaginative peers in creative and political contemporary race and culture discourse, all in one venue. It’s set to be an amazing event that you certainly won’t want to miss.

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