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The Haluminous AW17 collection shows there’s beauty in the breakdown

20 Feb 2017

A presentation that encompassed the fragility of human life beautifully, the Haluminous AW17 collection allowed its onlookers to understand that life (just like the Australian-based brand’s clothes) is full of different textures and can be heavily distressed.

Opening the show with a silent video of a young girl almost enjoying her disorientated state, the room at Freemason’s Hall was suddenly introduced to one of the models presenting a spoken word about a girl searching for freedom and eternity, looking to be a pure flower – and sure enough this was what was placed directly in front of us. Amongst a circle of idyllic white lilies and candles that created a harmonious circle in the middle of the room, came a dainty yet troubled looking girl slowly coming into her body through a variety of jaw-dropping bends, twists and turns mirroring a blooming flower. This was timed with the presentation of Haluminous’ AW17 collection as we saw the collection transform from darkness into light.

Vibrant reds blocked with black created a bold look amongst shorts, socks, sliders, hoodies and dresses. The distressed detail amongst garments, such as the kimono-style layering, blended a traditional shape with a modern twist. Rather than the on-trend pleating we’ve seen this season, Haluminious decided to use ruffles as part of her AW detailing, allowing a layered shirt dress to be one of the more unique pieces of the collection.

Haluminous created a collection based on a very straight and structured silhouette with layers upon layers of detail. This ranged from the embroidery of crystals that lay elegantly on the dress of the young girl in the opening scene, to the paper clip earrings and Hangul Korean characters placed all over the models bodies. The overall theme was the breakdown of humans being replicated in the breakdown of clothes.

Photography by Abiola Renee