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09 Nov 2017

Photography: Rebecca Naen
Art Direction: Charlotte Moss
Styling: Charlotte Moss & Seda Sez
Make Up: Gabriella Floyd
Hair: Charley McEwen
Models: Naya @ Nii Agency, Mulan, Namikka @ Wilhelmina, Seda Willis

Jacket by Schott, earrings bootleg Louis Vuitton, glasses stylist’s own.

Hat and top from Blitz Vintage, jacket and jeans by Levi’s, glasses by Cazal.

T-shirt by Manny’s Music NY, denim jacket from Blitz Vintage.

Hat from Blitz Vintage, leather jacket by Schott, earrings stylist’s own.

Jacket by Schott, jeans by Wrangler, shoes by Puma.