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Five on it: Bree Runway’s got us going apeshit

With fabulous new tracks from Bree Runway, Darkoo, Greentea Peng and newcomer TORA, plus a whole album from Megan Thee Stallion, here's your weekly music round-up.

06 Mar 2020

Five on it Bree Runway photograph by Charlotte Rutherford

What’s the deal with self-quarantining? I keep envisaging that it’s going to happen soon, and wondering if it will really be all that different from my working from home lifestyle on my freelance days. Will I get to catch up on all the culture I’ve missed over the years, will I just have to do writing as usual, or… will I actually become ill? Worse still, what if friends and family who are more vulnerable become ill?

Pandemics are jarring and strange and terrifying, and it’s difficult not to spiral – although ultimately it also just feels like an exacerbated version of all my climate anxiety.

What a time to be alive! I often talk about music as comfort, but sure pop culture can also be a distraction. Here are some tracks that dropped this past week to take us away from fear of impending doom. Stay safe, wash your hands, be kind, etc etc. Here’s five on it: 

Bree Runway – ‘Apeshit’

One of the top comments on this is “When Missy Elliot’s punk lil sis gets a record deal!” and honestly, that’s kind of spot on. This from the East London artist sizzles with brash and bright energy. Big things are coming for Bree, watch this space.

Megan Thee Stallion – Suga

Against the apparent odds, the latest project has landed! Hotties unite, Meg has come through with a diverse catalogue of bangers that channel nostalgia and introspection as well as trademark confidence and self-love. Suga is her latest alter-ego (the glam best friend of Tina Snow), and from the first few listens at least, we’re excited to spend time with her.  [You can listen to the full album on Spotify]

Darkoo – ‘Juicy’ ft. Hardy Caprio

It’s kind of unfair of Darkoo to put this track and video out when it’s largely cold (and often raining) in the UK right now. But then again, there’s been cold sunshine, and the licks of tropical heat in this hip-swaying track have us aching for summer.

Greentea Peng – ‘Ghost Town’

All cosmic, expansive, dubby production topped with lingering vocals, Greentea Peng’s latest is a love letter to her city in these bleak times. 

TORA – ‘Vein’

Starting out with spooky but beautiful production topped with soft and pure vocals, this morphs into something glitchier – more off-kilter and kinetic. The beats are by Courage, plus there’s a gorgeous video to boot – this is a debut track that has us very intrigued to hear more. 

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