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Video: gal-dem in conversation with Lady Leshurr

27 Nov 2015

Antonia interviewed Lady Leshurr when she stopped off in Bristol for a performance at Colston Hall.

Because throwbacks aren’t limited to Thursdays, we’ve got a little treat in store for y’all. A couple of weeks ago I had a chat with Birmingham’s finest grime star, Lady Leshurr. She may have a petite frame, but she came with stacks of energy and personality.

Leshurr brought me up to speed on why she decided to rebrand, her influences (which stem from Sister Nancy, 90’s Eminem and Missy Elliott) and squeezed in a quick exclusive freestyle.

This video was made in collaboration with Rife magazine and Saffron Records, for the launch of Switch – a series of monthly free events for under 25s , curated by Bristol Plays Music and MixRadio.