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Markus Lupfer’s SS18 collection shows us that the 70s is not dead

19 Sep 2017

Markus Lupfer invited you into his living room this season, a very stylish one at that, covered in balloons. The audience felt so at home that one person let their dachshund loose among the crowds, and random attendees felt the need to pose next to the models…apparently that’s a thing you can do now. Other highlights included spotting Nicola Roberts, a.k.a. the Ginger one from Girls Aloud. Anyway, back to the clothes, painfully stylish 70s wallpaper prints covered dresses and jumpers, expertly layered with embroidered sheer fabrics, and blending in with the matching armchairs. Little details like cute sparkly motifs attached to shoe straps, swiggly sunglasses, and monkeys swinging among the flowers brought appreciated whimsy. Let’s face it, the 70s looks so much better in 2017.