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Nathan Miller releases documentary on London’s rap and grime scene

18 Apr 2017

Late last year, we caught up with east London filmmaker Nathan Miller alongside the trailer release for his highly anticipated documentary film, LDN. Today he releases the project in full, self-directed and self-shot.

LDN shines a spotlight on the artists, photographers, DJs and producers from the heart of the scene. During the 46-minute long documentary we see some key figures up close and personal, having full trust in Miller’s direction. It’s an exciting time for grime and rap, and the yet-to-be coined Afro-bashment sound; a genuine reflection of its underbelly could only sit with someone already embedded in the scene.

Last year Miller told us, “no real research has had to be done for this piece, I knew who I wanted to reach out to from the get-go. I know what I’m talking about, the people taking part are folk I personally know and have met before (mostly).”

Featuring appearances from Belly Squad, J Hus, Vicky Grout and Semtex, LDN captures London from all angles, enlisting talent which only gives those unfamiliar with your rapper’s favourite rapper, a little more homework to do.