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Nine things you need to know about rising singer Tayla

29 Nov 2016

Late this summer, 23 year-old Tayla dropped her dark but euphoric debut, ‘Call Me Danger’. In coarse soprano melodies and whispered lows, the single delivered a message about being “100% confident and not giving a flying fuck about what anyone else thinks.” Fun, young and carefree, we found out more about Tayla.

gal-dem: She hails from Birmingham and reckons the city is ready to take London.

Tayla: There’s so much hunger and a cool accent. I also 100% believe that Birmingham are the underdogs and it feels like London needs a rival again.

Her bossy attitude in debut single, ‘Call Me Danger’ isn’t a one off. She stays bad.
Hell yeah… in a sense of not caring what people think about me or what I do. I mean to me, feeling “bad ass” is more of a confidence thing. Knowing who you are, loving it and fucking owning the shit out of it.

As the ‘Call Me Danger’ video hints, her girls nights get lit. What does one look like?
A cute but wild beginning, messy and sexy middle, and a long sunrise end. I just can’t decide if I like house parties or going out raving more, but either way they’re both mad fun and end the same way: one of us throwing up!

The orange combats and furry jersey featured in the video prove she’s got an eye for style.
I pretty much already had a strong idea on what I wanted my image to be and say, but I definitely think that every female needs that little bit of help, and mine was my stylist ChemaDiaz. He was great.

Her inspirations combine the finest of 90s and noughties.
Eminem, Pink, 2Pac, Missy Elliott and Alicia Keys. Just to name a few.

New sounds are on the way…
The stuff I’m working on sounds even more bad-ass, meaningful and catchy, I believe. I’d like to think that ever track I do has a personal piece of me on it, like a DNA imprint.

She has three things that need to get out of 2016.
Vibes such as jealously, doubt, and living like a robot– being scared to step out of line or break a few rules.

These are the artists in her headphones:
Really feeling and blasting out Tory Lanez, Twenty One Pilots, and Tyus. They’re so different musically but cool in their own way. Love em!

Her debut only scratched the surface.
I can dance a full routine, whether that’s commercial, hip-hop or that hip work… I’ve got more sides to me than just being a “Bad Ass”.