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Wizkid and H.E.R make us ‘Smile’ as the music world reels from Megan Thee Stallion shooting

Kick off a calming weekend with releases from Wizkid and H.E.R, Jhene Aiko, Chi Virgo, Koffee and Kara Marni that are the antithesis to the news.

17 Jul 2020

Photography via Wikimedia Commons

My head hurts trying to keep up with the drama that’s unfolded this week, but that’s 2020 for you. Recent events within the music world have caused confusion, memes and many Twitter users to pick up their digital magnifying glasses in an attempt to become Sherlock Holmes.

Last week Saturday videos were posted on Instagram of Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez with Kylie Jenner in her pool. The success of his Quarantine Radio series of Instagram livestreams earlier in lockdown and the fact he was hanging out with two of the most desired women in the world lead to fans joking that Tory was having the best summer ever. All seemed well in Celeb Land.

News then broke the next morning that Tory Lanez had been arrested in his car for carrying a concealed weapon, while Megan was in the passenger seat. Apart from a few fans wondering why the police had even been called, no-one seemed to be that bothered. However, when Megan released a statement explaining that she had been shot, the internet went into meltdown. Who had shot at our savage, hot girl queen? It didn’t make sense. The culprit had to be found.

You can then imagine the anarchy when the news broke yesterday that Tory Lanez had allegedly shot Megan. Pardon? This made even less sense. Scooby-doo memes were everywhere – the assailant had been identified and had been under our noses the whole time (pun intended, as it also was revealed that Tory Lanez is actually 5ft 3).

As much as everyone wants to be a Twitter detective, we may never understand the perplexing events of Saturday evening. And while the memes and jokes are rife on Twitter, it is pivotal to remember that what is important is Megan’s recovery and her safety. No matter what occurred, she has been through a traumatising ordeal.

Away from the drama, here are some tracks to help you relax. Here’s your five on it:

Wizkid (ft.HER) – ‘Smile’

This pairing initially seems surprising but when you hear it, it makes so much sense. Wizkid and H.E.R float effortlessly over this catchy reggae beat and bring good vibes, sunshine and romance.

Jhene Aiko – ‘Summer 2020’

If there was one person who would be able to make a song about the absurdity of 2020 sound like a silky, neo-soul love song, it would be Jhene Aiko. Introspective, vulnerable and stunning as always.

Chi Virgo – ‘Bored’

Rising star Chi Virgo never disappoints and the fact that this was the fastest song she has ever written, and is largely a freestyle, stands testament to her talent. Relaxed, woozy R’n’B to blare in your car on a Sunday road trip.

Koffee – ‘Lockdown’

Will you make it 30 seconds into this song without dancing? I doubt it. Koffee’s vocals are as rich, as sweet and as addictive as honey, and ooze with Caribbean flavour.

Kara Marni (ft. Russ)- ‘Young Heart’

London-born newcomer Kara Marni teams up with US rap sensation Russ for this pop-R’n’b hit. Having dropped out of the BRIT school due to its competitiveness, Kara proves that she can make it on her own.

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