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Ramadan resources for conscious community-building in 2021

From podcasts and a self-care primer for Black Muslims to foodbank donation schemes, here are nine recommendations from the Inclusive Mosque.


30 Apr 2021

Illustration by Nadine Nour el Din

Ramadan is a time for both self-reflection and connection to community. It detaches us from our regular day-to-day lives focusing on spiritual rituals at night, fasting during the day for those of us who can, and more thoughtful behaviour during the day. It is a month of being intentional, mindful and conscious of how we experience the world with the people around us. With that in mind, we’ve compiled these resources that focus on being conscious and mindful about our inner thoughts as well as our external engagement with community through social justice.

Diversify the way you engage with Qur’an 

Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an and as we try to listen and read more of it, let’s include diversity in the reciters and the Qur’anic interpretations we read. has created this list of female reciters from around the world.

Listen to Maslaha’s prison accounts

Over Ramadan, Muslim charity Maslaha are releasing a series of audio clips and comics that share accounts of Muslims who have been to prison. They are shining a light on the institutional racism within the prison system and the impact it has.

Practice abolition

Get involved with abolitionist organisations like CAPE and Abolitionist Futures to campaign against the building of new prisons and the prison-industrial and policing complex in Britain. Practice abolition and transformative justice in your daily life.

Use Sabah Choudrey’s Support Hub

Ramadan detaches us from our usual daily schedules and gives us an opportunity to craft a new one. This can be tough, especially if you’re observing Ramadan away from family. This support hub was built with queer, trans, people of colour youth in mind.

Enjoy Healing Justice London’s podcasts

Healing Justice London reimagines wholeness and wellbeing at the intersection of adversity, disadvantage and oppression. They are making session recordings in audio and video of their community-led public health programme, Through the Portal: Healing Justice Beyond Pandemic, available as an open resource.

Follow disabled Muslims marking Ramadan

Sulaiman Khan is a self-described “Disabled/Wild/Hot AF Adventurer and Continual WIP”. For those who want some solidarity in unapologetically destroying ableism this month, follow Sulaiman and his company This Ability.

Attend Inclusive Mosque’s Ramadan Reflections and Events

This month Inclusive Mosque, an intersectional feminist mosque dedicated to creating inclusive, safer places of worship, is holding a few events and at the end, we’ll be having an online Eid prayer and celebration. Throughout the month we’ll also be posting reflections and sharing resources on making Ramadan meaningful. Everyone who comes to our events is also invited to join our digital Ramadan scrapbook.

Read a Self-care Primer for Black Muslims

Black Muslims in the US and the UK are observing Ramadan through unrelenting systemic violence from the state and the wider Muslim community. This primer has been created by Black Muslims for Black Muslims who want to take deserved and necessary time to engage in self and collective care.

Donate to food banks

Giving to those in need and those with less privilege is a big part of Ramadan, and something we should all try to do throughout the year. If you’re able, donate to your local food bank or support local initiatives to provide essentials to those in need, such as Sufra’s ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ campaign in NW London.

Enjoy Aisha Yusuff’s reading recommendations

Ramadan is the month in which Muhammed (peace by upon him) first received Qur’anic revelation. The first command was to read i.e. to acquire knowledge, reflect, contemplate, learn. Aisha Yusuff is one of our favourite book reviewers and a brilliant source of reading recommendations.