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To Elie Che: rest in eternal bliss

To the free-spirited, unapologetic, beautiful and precious Elie Che. Model, writer, activist and a true diamond.

04 Sep 2020

Photography via Spiritual Baddi

To the free-spirited, unapologetic, beautiful and precious Elie Che. Model, writer, activist and a true diamond. You loved poetry so this is for you, from your soul family. Your legacy will live on in our hearts forever.

Born: 10.04.1998 Set free: 31.08.2020

Is the dizziness in my head your dancing soul on the other side? 

Are the tears streaming down my face the same waters you ascended in, its tide? 

How does it feel to explore the realms without societies constructs, as you glide?

I’m singing my heart out to you hoping my voice acts as a guide.

And kissing the gifts you gave me and gripping the clothes we shared, we loved so wide. 

You could never be put in a box. 

You could never feel locked. 

Free as a bird, travel – stocked. 

Birthed in Florida, raised in Atlanta and blossomed in London. 

You made it to the place of your dreams, dun dun.  

And ascended there, in New York,

All our paths merged like the tines transmuting into the body of a fork. 

It’s said nights are meant to be the hardest. 

But in the darkness I feel your light largest. 

Is it because of the late hour you were delivered from the womb; 

And you were an artist?

My days are longer; like the sun blends with your stardust.

Sun up is more difficult than Sundown. 

Constantly repeating to myself that you’re in your playground.   

I find peace in the many moments we affirmed our limitlessness.

Together we morphed into spiritedness. 

Help me accept you’re now in your true form, 

Because when I bawl I feel like my gut is being pierced by a thorn. 

In your last hours you called Webster’s phone,

The person who initiated our soul family, a milestone.

Surely that means you didn’t feel alone? 

I was lost for words, mind blown. 

So I got on my knees and started praying like the grandma I am,

Directed them to your head because you were Aries the ram. 

The tears that came out of me, my spirit knew it was your time ma’am. 

I felt numbness in your last 20hrs.  

I watched Webster sleeping but tossing and turning,

I watched the sun rise as I felt a burning,

I kissed my Aquarius water bearer necklace in yearning.

Tried to shift myself into a beacon of light 

I felt you passing, and floating like a kite. 

But we family right? 

In our last conversation you said “we’re all connected” right?

“It will be easier for us now” right?

And so that means your shining so bright?

You lived not in blight but in love and light. 

We love you Elie and we will forever miss your beautiful, precious sight.