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How to support Turkiye and Syria earthquake victims

In the wake of the tragic earthquakes in Turkiye and Syria, here's a list of charities and organisations doing relief work on the ground that you can support.

22 Feb 2023

It was on 6 February 2023 that a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit parts of southern Turkiye and north-west Syria. The fatal quake killed over 47,000 people and displaced millions. Now, just two weeks later, another earthquake has hit the same regions, and relief efforts have been started again. 

The widespread devastation has been felt by both countries, with global disaster relief efforts rallying to find people trapped under the rubble, and temporarily accommodate those displaced.

With this in mind, gal-dem have compiled a list of organisations and campaigns you can support. 

Grass roots organisations relief efforts

Turkey Mozaik Foundation

They are a UK based organisation with a mission to support civil society organisations in Turkiye, operating as a bridge between donors and grassroots groups. They operate on a fully voluntary basis.

In response to the 2023 earthquakes, they have launched the Kahramanmaras Earthquake

Emergency Relief Fund, and is working closely with local partners in Turkiye to distribute grants to selected organisations. 

They are focussing on emergency needs (search and rescue, food, urgent medicine) and subsequently will turn to long-term needs (accommodation, medication, clean up) in the very near future. 

You can donate to their campaign here. Stay updated with their efforts via their Instagram page @turkeymozaik.


Molham is a non-profit organisation that works on the ground with Syrian refugees and displaced people.  

They’ve launched a series of earthquake campaigns, aiming to lessen the suffering of citizens, and to provide survivors with vital necessities, including accommodation. Some focus on emergency response, and some on aftercare for survivors. 

The organisation is not UK based, but you can still donate online here. Keep updated with their efforts by following their Twitter page @molhamteam.

The White Helmets

The White Helmets are a relief organisation made up of volunteers on the ground in Syria aiding emergency search and rescue. 

Their efforts have now turned to recovery and rehabilitation support for survivors. 

You can donate to them here and follow their updates on Twitter @SyriaCivilDef.


They are a mutual aid group based in Turkiye with a mission of creating sustainable solidarity. Their earthquake response campaigns have been funding relief efforts on the ground with supplies and volunteers. 

You can donate to their cause here. They are posting regular updates on their Twitter account @ahbap.  

Please undertake additional personal research before making a donation.