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What we want for Valentine’s Day: Pantyhoez’s latest collection

06 Feb 2016

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day this year, Pantyhoez have got your back with what to get your boo, or what to ask for from bae.

Their latest collection of pants include new sassy slogans like ‘kitty on fleek’, ‘no fuckboys’, ‘candy shop’, ‘feeling myself’ and ‘what’s good?’.

15190003Image: courtesy of Pantyhoez, shot by Danika Lawrence (Sirius Film)

Pantyhoez have also introduced a line of Valentine’s cards so you can let your champagne papi know that ‘1-800 you make my hotline bling’, or your Future spouse that they are ‘sensational’.

IMG_2831Image: courtesy of Pantyhoez, artwork by Stephanie Le

A lot of exciting things have happened since the last time we spoke to the brand, so we caught up with Pantyhoez’s co-founder, and one of our gal-dem, Liza Bakeyi…

gal-dem: So, what’s new with Pantyhoez?

Pantyhoez: Well we’re really in the flow of things now. We’ve gotten a feel of what people are really into and have a great social media following. It’s weird that we are actually getting known; a friend of mine went on a date with someone who had bought a pair from us – it’s so sick. Getting featured in Fader, Dazed and Snobette was amazing for exposure and just letting us know to keep doing what we’re doing.

What are your bestsellers at the moment?

The best sellers are definitely Nicki and Drake and the Future Valentine’s card. But that’s really influenced by where things spread. Obviously the Nicki stans are really active on Tumblr and Instagram so it spreads a lot more on these platforms. I think it’s fitting that Nicki is the best-selling one because we are all about empowerment and embracing our sexuality as black women.

Why did you decide to branch into Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day Cards? 

When we first started to come up with a lot of our stuff we would start thinking of who we’d want on our pum or what our friends would want. So the cards are just the next step from there, getting more stuff that we would want to send to people, or want sent to us. The great thing about cards too is that we can make more complex designs than pants so we can just be as creative as we want.

What’s next for Pantyhoez? Will you be introducing new wearable items or cards for other occasions (plz)?

Obviously more pants are coming, but we’ve just started planning summer lines and have got bikinis and swimsuits, and collabs with other brands as well…so we’re keeping busy! We’re in the middle of making some birthday cards and they’ll be out in about a week, so look out for those too.

15200009Image: courtesy of Pantyhoez, illustrated by Stephanie Le

We can’t wait! Shop the new collection here, and follow their Insta for daily inspiration on your feed.


Photos taken by Danika Lawrence a.k.a. Sirius Film, check out her Instagram and her interview with Public Ambition to find out more about her work!