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gal-dem loves: pantyhoez

28 Sep 2015

Pantyhoez is a store specialising in putting rappers on your coochie. The brand was co-founded by our very own Liza Bakeyi with friends, Sophie Burge and Kirby Partington. Their panties are sure to be a success: with images of Vybz Cartel captioned ‘Benz Punani’ and Rick Ross captioned ‘all you can eat’, what’s not to love?

drakefrontWhen asked why they decided to create pantyhoez Liza told us:

“Sophie and I had both seen companies run by white girls using only white models selling pants with rappers on them or with AAVE on it, and we felt like we are black and actually listen to all this music properly; why not do it ourselves and do a way better job.”

benzfrontWe are so excited to grab ourselves a pair (or three) of pantyhoez and are sure that they will continue to treat us with witty designs as they grow! #yesgals

The official launch of pantyhoez is coming this Halloween but you can pre-order now at

Follow them on instagram @pantyhoez for previews of what’s next (hint: groceries).