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Nadia Akingbule

gal-dem monthly horoscopes: don’t hide from your feelings this Aries season

In such a tumultuous, overwhelming time, our resident astrologer Marissa Malik reminds us it's okay to acknowledge our feelings this Aries season.

08 Apr 2020

Aries illustration by Nadia Akingbule

Welcome to Aries Season, and the beginning of a new astrological year.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. She blazes into our lives after the Equinox with fervour and might, pressing go-buttons wherever she can, and never daring to look back on the smouldering paths she carves out. She commands the flowers to bloom in the Northern hemisphere, and the trees to sleep in the Southern. 

In the process, she tells unsweetened truths and sees no point in not speaking her mind. If something is going to hurt, we might as well confront it sooner rather than later, yeah? Calling Aries excitable and uncontainable becomes an understatement, and we love her for it.

“Aries energy is confrontational and direct. This means don’t hide from what’s happening in your mind and body. If you’re feeling scared – let yourself”

So, as I write to you from the all too familiar walls of my London home this Aries season, I have a few things for you to consider.

The first is to think about how you situate yourself within a collective global consciousness. The pandemic happening now is showing us a side to capitalism that – like all of its other sides – is dreadful, and underscores how we are only as strong as the most vulnerable members of our society. Every action we make impacts someone else; whether it’s holding a railing on the tube, or walking to the shop. Do you act in ways that not only protect yourself, but look out for others too? In times of crisis our need for collectivism is made even more poignant, but sadly it is rarely emphasised and normalised (in the West) otherwise.

The second is to check in with what you’re really feeling during this time – and I mean really check in. Aries energy is confrontational and direct. This means don’t hide from what’s happening in your mind and body. If you’re feeling scared – let yourself. Lean into it and interrogate it. Tell your mates on Facetime, and your journal before bed. Do the same with any emotion, feeling, or ache within you.

This all might sound simple, but you and I know it’s really not. Neoliberalism has a lot of us distanced from our intuitions and bodies in daily life, but this rupture in our routines is, in many ways, forcing us back into having a relationship with our bodies.

Our sense of Aries energy is heightened this season due to the pandemic. As we isolate in our homes, we’re overwhelmed with the sensations of the self. Aries represent the individual; the “I AM” of the zodiac. Aries energy also shows us extremes, whether it’s to be shut away, fall in love, or cry – all of it happens with intensity. For something to happen with all of its might; no holds barred.

So this Aries season, take time to lament the constricted self. Empathise with victims of the prison industrial complex who face isolation every day, and donate to prison abolition campaigns. Let your hatred of Capitalism burn fiercely. Give yourself permission to have screaming outbursts into your fluffiest pillows. Lean on and trust your communities. If you’re in the UK, join your local mutual aid groups. Seek collectivism that’s driven by wanting better 

Then watch as April evolves into Taurus season and brings another Venus retrograde upon us.

Whatever you’re doing, go all the way with it this Aries season. 

Here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs:


Happy Solar return, Aries!

Remember that abundance is all around you no matter how small the box is. Although you might be confined to your living quarters during your season this year, there’s still so much you have to offer your team. Spend some time seriously thinking about what you can contribute to the community versus what needs to be kept for yourself; it’s a delicate balance, especially now! The Full Moon in Libra on 8 April is a perfect moment for making decisions around what you’re reading to release/redistribute from your space, and who is worthy of your attention.

During this period where you can’t fully submit to the extroversion of your season, spend time thinking of what you truly value, and who is showing up for you regardless of whether you’re blessing them with your larger-than-life IRL presence. When loving Venus enters social Gemini on 4 April, you find yourself glued to your phone and connecting with others even more so than you are now. Streamline who (and what) you’re giving your attention to. Also be sure that the pages of your journal aren’t going left untouched either. Your verbal and written skills are boosted during this time. The New Moon in Taurus on 23 April helps clarify the restructuring of your values that is occuring, so pay attention to what means the most to you around this time.



Aries season has arrived and no – this is not all a weird dream. It’s all actually happening, Taurus, and it’s important for you to stop trying to power through everything. The season before your own is a time for you to sit in deep introspection and get in touch with what your spiritual energy is trying to tell you. Let this remain the case. Don’t shy away from peering into your past or seeking silence and respite regardless of the global circumstance. Fight the urge to “just get on with things” at all costs. “Productivity” is not what our global consciousness should be striving for, and that includes you. 

When your ever-loving ruling planet Venus moves into flippant Gemini on 4 April, it’s time for you to rethink your priorities. So much of your life is stripped back to its bare elements at the moment, but what do you crave the most? The Full Moon in affectionate Libra on 8 April reminds you to establish new norms that keep you feeling stable in your routine. Speak to mates about what they’re doing to stay afloat. Remember that you can transform your home into a nourishing environment just by changing how you navigate the space. The New Moon in your sign on 23 April is your personal New Year! Celebrate you (along with your solar return) in ways that feed your sensuality and mind.



You’re running the show when it comes to staying connected and building bridges between people in need and those with resources, Gemini. Staying informed and helpful isn’t a challenge for you, but the sensationalised 24-hour news cycle and constant screen-time you’re leaning into can’t be the only thing you invest all of your social energy into! The key to your Aries season lies in knowing when to log off, despite your buzzing mind and yearning need to contribute to political groups. Stay in touch with the Whatsapp group and donate to aid groups when you can, but don’t let all of your boundaries fall away. 

Since aesthetic Venus moved into your sign on 4 April, it’s time to properly check in with your body and grant yourself some “you” time. Break out the spa skincare products, and draw yourself a bath if you’re in need of some pampering! To keep helping others you need to keep up with your own needs, too. Wear your favourite outfit all day, even if the only person who sees it is you, the walls of your bedroom, and everyone you chat to on Instagram Live. When the Full Moon in aesthetic Libra occurs on 8 April, you’re reminded of how desperately you need whimsy and playfulness to keep you motivated and excited about life. Maybe it’s time to play a silly yet elaborate prank on your housemate, reinstall an old computer game onto your laptop, or tell your mom a hilarious story over the phone.



Who do you feel the need to prove yourself to, Cancer? This Aries season has you nestled at home, but it’s not in the self-elected way as you’d prefer it. There’s a stirring and self-consciousness that might overwhelm you as the Sun moves through your zone of career and reputation. However, since loving Venus entered inquisitive Gemini on 4 April, you’re finally ready to commit yourself to finding the quiet you need to focus and recharge. Spend some time with your altar if you have one, or take any moment you can to be completely alone; whether that’s in a hot bath or on a walk in your neighborhood. You’ll find that Venus’s affection gives you a cute boost to keep going! Then on 8 April when the Full Moon in social Libra illuminates the area of your sky that has to do with home and family, you’re able to embrace the conditions of your circumstance more.

Communication planet Mercury enters feisty Aries on 12 April, reminding you to stop playing your next sentence over and over in your head before just saying it. Be bold with your truth, especially when it comes to communicating with your colleagues and line manager! The New Moon in comfy Taurus occurs on 23 April, bringing you a stronger sense of community and care. Use this energy to contribute to communities in need, or accept help from your loving peers.



You miss your friends, Leo. Instead of letting that frustration build, allow the vigour of being in a fellow fire-sign’s season evolve your vision. Think about your dreams and hopes for the future, especially when romantic Venus enters Gemini on 4 April. What do you aspire to within yourself? How do you want your friends to contribute to that journey with you? Plan and scheme to your heart’s content, but don’t pressure yourself to solidify anything. Turn your wall into a travel moodboard, and fill your bucket list with entries. 

The Full Moon in Libra on 8 April sends you down a road filled with online tutorials and instruction manuals. It’s time to learn that skill you’ve always wanted to have and perfect it! Just be sure during this “productive” time that you’re not putting the same pressure on yourself that you bring to your career and workplace. Not everything needs to be monetized! Embrace doing things for the sake of it; your joy shouldn’t be judged. When the Taurus New Moon occurs on 23 April, make space for a little reality check. This is a good time to check your bank balance, and sort out any emails that have been lingering since the beginning of March!



Let your routine be your saving grace this April, Virgo. As the Sun in Aries moves through a deep, secretive area of your chart, the moments of existential discomfort that pop up can feel difficult to work through, to say the least. However, the skies are providing you with energy that keeps you happily afloat. When loving Venus enters Gemini on 4 April, it’s time to think about what aspects of your daily life bring you joy. This could be as simple as making your bed, or following along to your fave celeb’s Instagram Yoga every afternoon. Whatever it is/they are, hold on to those aspects of your day fiercely, and expand them! Bring in new elements that embellish the joy you already find in that activity. When Mercury enters fast-moving Aries on 12 April, write down how those modifications impacted your mood and mental health. 

The Full Moon in Libra on 8 April wants you to think about your career and work aspirations. Do they align with your highest values? Remember that life isn’t on pause right now, as much as it may feel like it. Time is still moving around us, no matter how slowly, and new cycles are beginning. Get in touch with what you want in the next few years, and what it’ll take to achieve that, both materially and emotionally. The New Moon in fellow earth sign Taurus on 23 April asks that you dream big, and do some research for these new, refreshed ideas that you have.



Your Aries season is about learning how to scale-back and recenter, Libra. There are only 24 hours in the day, and as much as you want to, you can’t be (virtually) everywhere all the time, nor speak to everyone with the same high level of energy and care during this time. It’s time to streamline what bonds are worth investing the most time in and who really matters to you. Don’t let this work just manifest from a friendship/relationship standpoint, either. Think about it in relation to your career. Having a large network is important and great, but focusing on a few key players will enable you to find higher alignment with the projects you want to make happen in the next few months. Your ruling planet Venus enters playful Gemini on 4 April, which not only helps you get lost in this planning and scheming, but also makes you dream big!

On 8 April there’s a Full Moon in your sign! This is a great opportunity for you to reinvent your look and break any old habits that are no longer serving you. Treat this time like a spiritual cleanse, and use it well. The Universe only grants us this type of high-level shedding once every so often! The New Moon in fellow Venus-ruled Taurus on 23 April boosts your sex appeal. Lean into this by getting kinky with yourself or the person you’re hibernating with.



Consistency can be sexy, Scorpio. This April you’re able to put new energy behind your health and schedule that motivation-wise, wasn’t there before. Equally, you’re able to explore deeper intimacy in romantic and/or sexual bonds that are already established in your life. On 4 April, sensual Venus moves into Gemini in an area of your sky that rules intense, long-term bonds and partnerships. Here, she asks you to put in some effort towards really making things happen. Harness the intensity of Aries season and really try to either make things work, or come to a conclusion on what you want. Until 20 April, the Sun moves through Aries, and hits the restart button on what your day-to-day life looks like. Try out new types of recipes, playlists, and allocated quality time with yourself. When Mercury enters Aries on 12 April, you’ll find even more drive to do this, too.

On 8 April there’s a Full Moon in your neighboring sign, Libra. Expect this lunation to be a dark and psychic one. Keep an eye out for signs from your ancestors, or intuitive feelings that push you to new places. Taking a bath around this time might prove helpful as well if things feel unclear. The Taurus New Moon on 23 April sends you into a social space where new friendships and partnerships are appealing. Ask someone to collaborate on a project, or make an effort to DM mates you haven’t kept in touch with properly.



You’re finding new ways to connect with your playfulness, Sagittarius. As the Aries Sun moves through a zone of your chart bursting with creativity and sass, you’re able to make light of things in a way that many other signs are struggling to. However, try not to let this turn your time inside into a full-on daydream. You’ve got valuable opinions and energy to contribute to your community, so make sure you’re sharing your optimism and humor with others! On 4 April when loving Venus enters Gemini, get in touch with people you know are struggling to keep their spirits up. Bring them belly laughs, but also companionship. You’re fiercely independent, but no person is an island. Let their words touch you just as much as you let yours comfort them. 

The Full Moon in social Libra on 8 April reminds you of the bigger picture. Who you are in relation to others, and the important role you play in your community. You can still be a leader from indoors, and your well-placed words ring just as meaningful on a screen as they do from a microphone. The New Moon in steady Taurus on 23 April wants you to establish some regular check-ins and avenues of communication with others. Now isn’t the time to be flighty!



Your relationship to home is intense right now, Capricorn. As you channel your hustle into the  immediate space around you and designate rules and restrictions in the area you inhabit, things can feel cluttered. Too many boundaries are overlapping, and you’re finding yourself in charge of other people’s time as always. Luckily April is also granting you time to find a renewed love for your body. Sexy Venus enters Gemini on 4 April, and adds a new sense of playful joy to how you structure romance and sensuality. Embrace getting into a new swing with your partner, or yourself! Venus’ movement may also allow you to find excitement in fresh forms of exercise, or new eating habits too. Try lots of different options, and don’t stop until you feel like they’re working.

The Full Moon in Libra on 8 April brings your mind back to matters of your work and career. If there’s a big decision that needs to be made around this time, don’t ignore it. At the same time, make sure you’re hearing out the perspectives of everyone who’s involved, too. This rings especially true if you’re a freelancer who works with clients, or in a position of authority within a business. The New Moon in Taurus on 23 April wants you to mix things up with the types of entertainment and playfulness you’ve been embracing. Listen to a new DJ mix, or surprise your mates with a new game for everyone to play.



Your creativity is driven by the discussions you’re having with other people this month, Aquarius. You’re in a zone of connecting people, and sharing ideas, and centering collectivity during this time. Your spirit of unification is much needed amongst your mates, so keep it up! When loving Venus enters Gemini on 4 April, you’re able to ground yourself in these notions of connectivity, and bliss out over the potential that a new, reformed future presents to us politically and socially. The Full Moon in fellow air sign Libra on 8 April then asks you to carry forward this inspiration through education and learning; both independently and for others. Start a new book and think about how you can skill-swap with your peers! Energetic Mars is still in your sign as well, so finish up any personal writing projects if you have the capacity.

The New Moon in Taurus on 23 April is a more quiet time for you. Retreat even deeper into your home and get some genuine rest. Leave your phone in your room before you climb into a hot bath or shower. Soak up the serenity in silence, and aimlessly potter around your space. Mercury enters steady Taurus a few days later on 28 April, and motivates you to spend time nesting, relaxing and speaking with people who make you feel held.



Money matters are on your mind, Pisces. As the world slows down in some ways (but rattles on precariously in others), there is a grand recalibration happening which you can feel intensely. This is especially true given that energetic Mars is still in your zone of the occult and spirituality; soaking your psychic-ness through to all areas of life. While this is a great time for you to find new types of occult alignment and mystic languages, it’s also a moment to look at your financial prospects. Are you considering a new career path, or feel that you’re called to do a different type of work in this lifetime than what you’ve been committed to so far? Keep your mind open to new ideas, especially when the Libra Full Moon occurs on 8 April. This lunation serves as a time for you to check in on long-term commitments. Whether that’s your partner(s), family, or bank account, make sure that the check-in is thorough!

The Taurus New Moon on 23 April is a great time for you to get organised and establish routine in your communication with friends and neighbors. Don’t let yourself get disconnected and lose yourself in introspection. You’re stronger than you think, but everyone needs affirmation and support sometimes. Talk to mates about what you’re feeling, and Facetime your besties often. Mercury also enters Taurus on 28 April, a few days later, and brings with her even more motivation to seeking stability through those interpersonal interactions.

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