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Nadia Akingbule

gal-dem horoscopes: this Aquarius season is all about moving forward

A gentle reminder to sow seeds and set intentions this Aquarius season, from our resident astrologer.

03 Feb 2023

The art of risk and rebellion is at the core of every Aquarius motif. 

As seekers of deep knowledge, these air signs’ desire to know everything derives from a place of generative critique. They want to find the loopholes and total analysis, which often involves exuding that stoney Aquarian look of discernment. 

Aquarius season is where the rational and irrational collide. They see the mind as a bottomless pool that can be filled and refilled endlessly. Infinity is real, thus being keenly aware of what norms and structures govern our world offers context and cunning towards revolution. It takes a lot to shock them, and very little to spark their interest.

Let’s dig into the major dates for astrology this Feb:

Our month begins with a fiery full moon in Leo on 5 February, helping us step into the spotlight and claim our rightful places. There’s a passion and confidence that comes with this lunation, as many Leo moments do. Now is the time to topple any feelings of imposter syndrome that have crept into your line of vision. Expect an element of surprise while you’re manifesting on this lunation, too. Uranus’ dance with the full moon tells us to expect the unexpected.

“February is about forward motion and progressing through our dreams”

The next day on 6 February, Mercury finally leaves its post-retrograde shadow period. Now that we can shake off all of the lingering retrograde stagnations and nostalgias, a new leaf has turned. February is about forward motion and progressing through our dreams; especially those which involve the participation of others.

11 February marks Mercury’s movement into esoteric Aquarius; shifting love languages into more unusual frameworks. Play with the potential of distance and desire. What can yearning conjure in the charged bond between you and your lover(s)? Think about the ways in which you love someone for their deviations from ‘normality’, as well as the wider context of what they mean to your life. Perhaps they’re connected to other types of abundance that fill your cup. 

Valentines day itself may not be charged with any particularly spicy transits this year, but the next day on 15 February, romantic Venus and dreamy Neptune cross paths to amplify feelings of sexiness and increased allure. Lean into a situationship, or let yourself flow with an outward expression of emotion that you’d usually hold back. This day feels boundless with its sultry vibes, and poses a nice contrast to the following day when Saturn casts a more realistic and stern tone on our lives as a whole.

“It finally feels like the year has begun”

Just two days into Pisces season on 20 February we have a glowing new moon in Pisces occurring on the same day that Venus enters the flames of Aries. Find renewal in a spiritual sense, while also being tenacious and unapologetic about what you’re ‘into’. Sow seeds and set intentions for gentle approaches to inner harmony, as well as grasping at your fiercest fantasies. 

We’re able to conjure so much newness for ourselves this February, and it finally feels like the year has really begun. With this in mind, here are my thoughts for each sign.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

It’s your season, Aquarius. Where have your values shifted to in matters of accepting people’s bids of love and care? Hyper-independence is a silly facet of capitalism we all need to work against.

February asks you to trust the process of giving and taking. The full moon in your opposite sign Leo brings your reservations about romantic and platonic loves to the surface, and asks you to confront them – or more so – confront yourself. Do you think you’re worthy of accepting the generosity that’s around you? Because you are, despite the voice of an inner saboteur that exists within. The new moon in Pisces on 20 February helps you renew your relationship to money and resources. Look towards your ethos for guidance when planning your next big investment.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Your day to day life adds up, Pisces. Although you’re not naturally inclined towards strict routines, you do love organising chaos. 

On the full moon in Leo, focus on your body. Let yourself be seen, and tap into your own physicality. Think about what the physical outcomes of your habits are, and take some risks with your appearance. Break out of your self-critical mindset and find new ways to cultivate excitement in the more banal aspects of your world. The new moon in your sign on 20 February is built for you to confidently step into your power.

Aries & Aries Rising

How salacious are you, Aries? Tend to your body language this Aquarius season.

This month’s full moon in Leo on 5 February comes loaded with unexpected, voracious energy. Tap into a part of your sexuality that you’ve not channelled before. Mix creativity with desire and dirty dancing – whether it’s through exploring new terrain in the bedroom or creating more carnal content online. The new moon in Pisces on 20 February is set up for you to release through quiet spaces, catharsis and movement. Cry, run, marinate in hot water, or let yourself find stillness for the first time in months.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Is there enough space in your closet to keep collecting shiny objects, Taurus? Aquarius season wants you to be more discerning.

The full moon in Leo on 5 February helps you find joy in your intimate circles and celebrate the passion that can be experienced behind closed doors. Your bed and bedroom are your haven, dear earth sign. Treat them as such! Let the spring cleaning come early this year. The new moon in Aquarius on 20 February is a space for you to reset and evaluate your social circles, and shared dreams. Check in with your boo about what your joint goals are. Make a list of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ with how you want to operate within your friendship circles.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Have you ever had an out of body experience, Gemini? Aquarius season pulls your mind away from reality and into the realm of infinite potential.

It’s not a bad thing to float through enticing speculations. After all, you’re a sign that loves placing every option in front of you and debating their value. Indulge in the bigger picture this February. The full moon in Leo on 5 February is a moment to be shared with new friends and in social settings where inspiration can be found. Then when the new moon in Pisces arrives on 20 February, set intentions around your path forward into deeper responsibilities and your pathway in work-related spaces.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Old patterns stop working for you this February, Cancer. You’re now in a state of craving newness.

Aquarius season and its transits operate as a palette cleanser that becomes more potent depending on how much you trust yourself. The full moon in Leo on 5 February brings to light some big fiscal decisions and matters of material belongings for you. Now is the time to believe in your ability to act based on lessons you’ve learned with giving and taking from others. As you enter this new phase, the new moon in Pisces on 20 February activates your wanderlust and helps you to visualise the next big adventure you want to embark on. Go somewhere you haven’t before.

Leo & Leo Rising

Being the star of the show alludes to an inherent selfishness, Leo. How are you proving this notion wrong in February?

Your desire to participate in the lives of people you care about is the focal point of Aquarius season for you. What assistance do you offer others? What feels good about helping a joint mission come to fruition – even when you don’t get your flowers for that labour? The full moon in your sign on 5 February is a moment to reframe your relationship to self, and remember what it is that makes you, you; regardless of who can see. The new moon in Pisces on 20 February is a deep moment of letting go and processing through any grief you’ve been avoiding. Sow seeds for spiritual renewal.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Do you have a genuine sense for what your capacity is when it comes to physical limitation and workload, Virgo? February offers you space to hustle through your feelings for a while, but it’s not sustainable.

The full moon in Leo on 5 February stops you in your tracks. This is your moment to rest, dear earth sign. The world may feel like it’s spinning around you, but you have to look after yourself first. Fill up your own cup and be gentle, regardless of what tasks are on your plate. The new moon in Pisces on 20 February brings your mind towards matters of romance and partnerships that you wish to cultivate. Set intentions around the type of love you want to be bringing into your world, and the toxic patterns you wish to break.

Libra & Libra Rising

Do you fear asking for help, Libra? The space you make for others when it comes to conversation and critique doesn’t always serve your best interest as an individual.

February is about finding a balance between your needs, the needs of others, and how delegation occurs. The full moon in Leo on 5 February brings you into awareness of your role within social groups you’re part of, and how you’d like it to change. New boundaries can be difficult to action, but trust that the right folks will receive them well. The new moon in Pisces on 20 February is your moment to reset your routine so that there’s more space for activities that help you stay grounded and satisfied with your workflow.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Privacy and control go hand in hand, Scorpio. How do you balance anxieties that derive from not being able to control every narrative?

As a sign that adores privacy, yet craves deep connection, you may feel like you live in constant conflict with yourself and others. February is your time to be unapologetically to yourself. The full moon in Leo on 5 February is a moment to shine and be seen, but only to the extent that feels right to you. If that’s in the company of only three friends, so be it. The new moon in Pisces on 20 February asks you to rediscover lost pleasures that you still crave. Set intentions for the type of sex you want to be having (if any at all).

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

There’s an exuberance that follows you around this February, Sagittarius. What do you plan on doing with this magnetism?

The full moon in Leo on 5 February holds the key to so many of your curiosities. It brings your charm to an all time high, so pose some difficult questions to others under this lucky lunation! Your intentions will be well received. Use this energy to make a master plan regarding travel and discovery, too. Buy those train tickets you’ve been procrastinating on finalising, and solidify your crew for a beachy getaway. The new moon in Pisces is a sleepier moment that helps you ground yourself at home to prepare for upcoming months that may have you more on the move.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The joy of letting something exist in your life without monetizing it is a hard concept for you to wrap your head around sometimes, Capricorn. Are you pushing a fiscal agenda for yourself that has you under more pressure than usual?

Aquarius season brings a feeling of yearning into your life that drives you towards being even more industrious. The reality is, you need more of a break than anything else. The full moon in Leo on 5 February asks you to yell at the top of your lungs and physically release the anxieties you’re harbouring. Focus on letting go in a selfish way, so long as it doesn’t hurt others. The new moon in Pisces on 20 February (re)unites you with friends who are helping to show you that life moves on and is made up of many, many chapters.