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gal-dem horoscopes: Feel through the intensity this Scorpio season

Welcome the swirl of emotions that this month’s lunar eclipse will bring.

03 Nov 2022

Nadia Akingbule

This November, the eclipse opens a floodgate. 

It’s Scorpio season, and the pool of water we are treading has no perceivable bottom. We begin the month between intense lunations, and at the start of a testy Mars retrograde cycle. Mars retrograde is when we are forced to move more slowly and frustrations boil rather than burn. Facing depth and darkness is inevitable, and outward panic is the enemy. Are you ready to become a shadowy warrior rather than a beacon of martyrdom?

Scorpionic energy is about the emotion of what is unspoken. A furtive glance that indicates an illicit thought. The shift in your lover’s posture telling you it’s time to go home. Embodied, inexplicable knowledges you carry that can’t be recorded or recreated by following a recipe book.

“Scorpionic energy is about the emotion of what is unspoken. A furtive glance that indicates an illicit thought”

The heaviness of holding back in order to release everything in another context. The eclipse in Taurus on 8 November pushes upheaval into the structure of our lives – encouraging and stirring a potent cauldron of changes. 

Do not doubt the intensity of any decisions you make this month. Things that feel loaded, are loaded. Remember to let yourself be mad, and let things crumble before you. You didn’t need it anyway – I promise. 

“Remember to let yourself be mad, and let things crumble before you”

With all of this in mind, here’s what’s in store for each of the 12 signs this November!

Aries & Aries Rising 

Changes to your material world impact you more than you let on, Aries. As you flit from one aspect of life to another following what sparks your interest and enduring through with a handsome collection of scars, there are still core, tangible aspects of life that you lean on to ground you. There is an eye to every storm, isn’t there? What contains your vortex?

A major part of how your destiny is linked to financial power and the physical realm shifts around the lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November. Consider the constants that you hadn’t imagined living without. How do they create value in your personal universe? Are they things you own or the sharing of community resources? What does it feel like to choose between them? Pride is the enemy of preservation and perseverance around this time. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Reinventing yourself feels like a thankless task, until suddenly it doesn’t. It’s an exhausting and constant fluctuation of feeling overly perceived, and unacknowledged for the skin you have shed. Your awareness of what traps you into the old ‘you’ (the ‘you’ you are trying to leave behind right now) boils over with the Taurus lunar eclipse on 8 November. 

The harm that comes your way from walking into old patterns of self isn’t something you can ignore anymore, Taurus. You deserve much more than tolerance or unappreciative acknowledgement, and this eclipse puts you in a position to adapt that fact as a framework. Just remember that you have to want it, too.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Do you feel heartless when you say goodbye to someone, Gemini? November is carrying you through a purge that cannot be compromised or denied. How do you reckon with a door shutting permanently? Especially when you’re the one pushing it closed. The lunar eclipse on 8 November arrives in your sky exasperated and with you at the end of your tether. Remember around this time that it’s okay to check out when you’re feeling overwhelmed and return to the rubble when your mind isn’t moving as fast as sound.

As November progresses, clearer ideas around what you want and need out of partnership and the people you tie your heart to reveal themselves. If you find yourself settling, you’re missing the point. Lean into the spirit of extremes and avoid over-justification of other people’s behaviours. Yes, your analysis and reasons may be true, but that doesn’t mean you have to cope on their behalf 100% of the time. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

A disruption to the way you configure your social world arrives in your sky this November, Cancer. What (or who) are you watching fall away? Notice how someone’s presence fits into your sense of freedom and creativity. Try not to undervalue folks who make you feel expansive and unconfined. The lunar eclipse on 8 November shakes at the foundations of your dreams and asks you to rebuild where you draw your drive to grow from. 

Remember that it’s okay to ask people for consistency. Venus, Mercury and the Sun slip into Sagittarius as the month progresses, and slowly move you towards more rigid expressions of your own boundaries – especially ones that help you maintain your physical needs. Rest is not optional through it all. 

Leo & Leo Rising

The public and private parts of your life are merging in uncomfortable ways, Leo. What integrations are you watching unfold before you? Are they of your own orchestration? A major shift in the areas of your life that centre around your career and where you’re hypervisible arrives with the lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November. A cycle is ending, and with it, a part of you that has been long stagnated and in need of purge.

The rest of the month is about tending to the phantom limb you’re left with. Find new sources of creative drive and inspiration. Let your artistic mind wander down the possibilities of new pathways. Perhaps it’s even time to allow yourself a gratuitous holiday where you can reconnect with the sense of wonder and naivety that you’ve left behind the last six months.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

The evolution of someone from your wider circle to your inner circle takes time, Virgo. The rapid clatter of the lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November reshuffles the ethical guides you use to usher folks into the part of your world that’s usually hidden. What values are now important to you on both a friendship and partnership level that haven’t been before?  

Remember that there’s no need to give away all of the information behind your decisions, despite them being true. Pick your boundary battles. It’s enough for you to decide something and tailor the narrative to protect someone’s feelings to an extent. Transparency is an important aspiration, but nuance will always reign high.

Libra & Libra Rising

The tension of being observed, perceived and coveted always resides within you, Libra. Are you ready to take a break from social settings and consequences? November is a test in how you balance communication and silence. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November moves you through states of solitude. Lessons in loneliness and the beauty of only tending to your own thoughts arrive in your sky with the intent of reminding you that you’re more independent than you think.

Venus, Mercury and the Sun move into fiery Sagittarius as the month progresses and stimulate your thoughts to a boiling point. The test here, dear air sign, is to know who to tell what. Which thoughts of yours will bode best between the ears of a lover, and which ones only belong to your diary. Trust that your rapid-fire decisions are more aligned than you’d expect.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

What are you still learning about love, Scorpio? November begins amidst your season. A time when you are (re)finding yourself and observing the nature of the wounds to your heart this year. While there may have been many, not all have been romantic. Often they stem from a yearning for home. The essence of love feels like it keeps escaping you, especially on 8 November when the lunar eclipse in your opposite sign Taurus brings surprising events in matters of partnership and pleasure. 

Identify what your favourite constants are. The mundane objects, the messages from friends. Where do you foster home when you are inconstant motion? What aspects of love help you foster home within yourself? There isn’t sand deep enough to bury your head in that would allow you to evade the catalysts of change this eclipse brings. Rewatch your first favourite film.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

Do you enjoy being elusive, Sagittarius? For you, the beginning of November lacks verbal and linguistic clarity. It’s more of a feeling than a ‘yes/no’ answer. A lesson in trusting the inbetween. A test about gut feelings and the ways your intuition has been denied up until now. The eclipse on 8 November is one you feel in your body like a tidal wave. Expect exhaustion and physical symptoms to flare relative to what is testing you. Conserving your energy is key.

As the month progresses and one by one, Venus, Mercury and the Sun move into your sign, your vitality is restored. When you’re able to hear the sound of your own voice loudest again, honour what it’s saying. Let the move into your season allow you to start translating the stirrings of change that you felt within to actions that reflect on your physical appearance and mindset.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising 

It’s time to reframe the way you ‘do’ art, Capricorn. Art moves beyond the utilitarian landscape capitalism uses as a rational framework. While art holds just as much social responsibility as any other thing we may create, it is also allowed to just be. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November arrives ready to stop you from justifying your time away from the natural ways you make art or feel called to it. 

The chaos of this lunation calls you towards pleasure and indulgence; fleeting, sexy feelings. Let yourself fall into them. Release what’s rigid within you: your natural inclination to say no. As your month progresses, and Mercury, Venus and then the Sun all move into Sagittarius, your energy moves farther inward. Your season is not far away. Incubate and withdraw in a way that feels natural before your solar season returns.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

Where is home for you right now, Aquarius? When you return to this place, do you feel older or younger? You’re hyper aware of your age this November as the tension from the lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November ignites the flame that moves you between protector and protected, elder and student. Remember that you are not in a deficit of time. You, more so than most signs, are aware of the farce of time and how urgency traps us into moving without intention. That being said, it’s hard not to move quickly, recoiling from eclipse events.

Be gentle on yourself this month. The farther along things move into November, the more you crave community. Reach out to mates that you know would have your back in the apocalypse. The heaviness of their shared dreams is worth bearing if the place you’re going looks the same. Pay attention to the way you sleep at night when you remind yourself that you carry the past elegantly.

Pisces & Pisces Rising 

It’s a farce that you move slowly, dear Pisces. While you hold onto so much, it only slows you down when you resist your natural currents. The always ebbing emotion that you cannot escape. The swirling sea of thoughts that you only share with your pillow. This month, the lunar eclipse in Taurus on 8 November tasks you to learn with speed. To turn your empathetic mind and listening abilities into a pool of knowledge and share it with others. You will be asked to respond in the group chat. You won’t be able to remain a silent observer as you often prefer. 

The chaos of lunar action at the beginning of November is tempered as the month goes on and you’re able to focus on stepping up to your own plate. To lean into what you’re responsible for as a means of grounding yourself. To have that career moment you deserve, and refresh your fiscal goals and leadership abilities.