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gal-dem horoscopes: this Spring Equinox, move forward with clarity and intention

The biggest astrological event of the year is a chance for us to reset and start fresh.

22 Mar 2023

Nadia Akingbule

The astrology of March holds momentous astrological events that everyone has been anticipating in 2023.

On 7 March, Saturn moves into Pisces after a two and a half year transit through Aquarius, and many millennials are beginning their first Saturn returns; a time where Saturn, planet of restriction and containment, returns to the same sign and place it was when you’re born. This when shit gets really real. Life suddenly moves into a very “adult” sphere and big decisions need to be made about which path you will choose in pretty much all areas of life. The lessons that find you during this time stay with you forever; shaping you into a more whole and wise version of yourself. With Saturn in Pisces, this will all especially apply to our dreams, shadow selves, creativity, and connection to the collective.

From 15 March onwards for the next five years, Saturn and whimsical Neptune are going to be co-present with one another in watery Pisces, too. This adds a fogginess to our tough Saturnian journeys. Foster patience as time unfolds new futures for you, and trust that truths will evince themselves over time. Throughout these years, don’t forget the Thomas theorum: What is perceived as real is real in its consequence.

“The lessons that find you during this time stay with you forever; shaping you into a more whole and wise version of yourself”

And so there’s a stern tone to this month’s sky. Life is moving quickly, and with a very tense type of intention. Finding moments to laugh between the severity of each event is so essential as we pour over the overarching theme that unifies this time: how control and power are inextricably linked. Speak with authority but temper your flames when communication planet Mercury moves into Aries on 19 March

The ongoing tussle between taking/accepting responsibility, versus taking control of a situation from a fear-based standpoint thematically arises over and over this month, too. When you plan for the future, how much space do you give your dreams to surprise you? Where do you crave control when other areas of your life are in chaos mode? Let the Equinox help you figure out what part of your scales need balancing in this realm on 21 March. On this same day, the firey new moon in Aries finds us ready to hard restart our engines and move into the new astrological year with our boundaries firm and motivations high.

Generational planet Pluto makes its big move on 23 March, shifting into eccentric Aquarius after spending 15 years in steadfast Capricorn. This transition brings us into a new technologically focused era where the real and surreal merge, and AI becomes more ubiquitous throughout our lives. Revolution and unexpected glitches are forthcoming.

“Dip into the watery Piscean nostalgia and wisdom of the retrospect”

Right now we need to find a balance between the whimsical and structured; the dates we’ve penciled into our calendars and how we actually feel on the day. The aggregation of unknowns and surprises we collect as time ticks on chips away at the vision we construct around our future. It is the beautiful inevitable in life. The fantasies we use as lifeblood to keep going mutate, and generate something completely new that we might hate or love more simply because we didn’t know it was possible. 

Dip into the watery Piscean nostalgia and wisdom of the retrospect.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

You are eternal and known for being so, Pisces. What spaces in your mind and physically in the world allow you to be your limitless self?

With Saturn now in your sign, life lessons about being your unapologetic self are about to feel spicier than they did before. As tears flow through these changes, revert back to checking in with your body and mind. What parts of you are closed off to enable the comfort of others? How can you move out of that zone? Your scales are tougher than you think, dear fish. Let the Aries new moon on 21 March give you the chance to balance your bank accounts and set intentions regarding where you want your coins to land.

Aries & Aries Rising 

How much does it take for you to loosen your grip, Aries? 

This is your time to embrace letting go in a pretty earth-shattering way; especially when it comes to grudges you’re holding that are manifesting as spiritual blockages. It’s time to ask yourself what structures in your life can no longer bear the weight of what you need to carry and thus, be rebuilt. In your stubborn yet chaotic way, make space for newness. Say your goodbyes, and let them be final. Your new moon on 21 March wants you to embrace this mindset shift.

Taurus & Taurus Rising 

Where would you be without your communities, Taurus?

The motivation that drives you to connect with others is coming from a new place now. Can you locate it? Perhaps it’s a desire to reset your social world, or focus on welcoming people into your life who align on sociopolitical levels rather than acts of luxury and excess. Both are valid, so long as they’re intentional choices. There’s also a chance that you need to step down from a seat of power you’ve held for too long. How do you define yourself without that position? Scream at the moon in frustration on 21 March when new moon in Aries activates your carnal desire to say f*ck off to everyone. Be in your body and release.

Gemini & Gemini Rising 

Your sense of duty exists in multiples because you are many things to many different people, Gemini. Which roles are you changing your relationship to?

While the idea of staying in any one place or with any one person for too long gives you the ick, you’re hyper aware of where you want your morals and ethics to be. March marks you stepping up to the plate in new ways, and committing to ideas that you’ve been on the fence about actioning. When you do something, you’re doing it all the way this time. Let the 21 March new moon help you cultivate the type of values you want to be practicing on the daily.

Cancer & Cancer Rising 

Movement is what March brings you, Cancer. The safety of your duvet is not enough now that Saturn’s in your zone of travel and higher knowledges.

Now is your time to test the portability of your shell. New ethos and new horizons are driving you forward, and the catalysts might not always be the most comfortable. Focus on what’s far away from you as much as you do the detail of a dinner recipe you’re following tonight. Wherever you go, go with purpose – even if that purpose is to have no expectations at all. Set intentions around balancing your career out on the Equinox 21 March.

Leo & Leo Rising 

Do you want to wage war on your shadow self, Leo? That side of you exists as it does within all of us, regardless of how well you hide it away from others.

March’s Saturnian movement asks you to face the demons you have been running away from. They’ve been hot on your heels for a while and are finally ready to be reckoned with. As you embark on a new healing journey, prepare for messiness to erupt as you battle asking for help in specific moments. Lean into the people you trust and let your vulnerability be a guiding light. Set intentions about what books you want to read and ways you want to embrace quietness this year when the Equinox arrives on 21 March.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Do you believe that love has structure to it? Your relationship listicles won’t work anymore now that Saturn has moved into Pisces and plans on overhauling the way you do romance, dear Virgo.

March finds you questioning what lies at the core of romance for, while also reigniting a curiosity for what fate feels like. What will help you nurture your fear of interdependence? How are you exploring wanting in a longitudinal sense? Find your flow with love and fearlessly tying yourself to others. Life isn’t about doing it all alone. Let the Aries new moon on 21 March activate your insecurities and allow you set intentions with healing through those anxieties.

Libra & Libra Rising 

Within your reach is a new relationship to your body and routine. How are you ready to feel different in your skin, Libra? 

Your physical self is asking for attention and March is when it becomes unignorable, dear air sign. This doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to the wellness industrial complex or ‘hit the gym’, it’s an opportunity to let the physical part of you connect with the spiritual. Saturn’s lessons will push you to limits that require actions which are hyper individualised to you. Let the Equinox on 21 March help you balance your scales in matters of love, and the way you invest your energy into partnerships and bonds that might be feeling codependent.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

What is life without passion, Scorpio? If your answer is ‘nothing’ then you’re on the right track.

To lead life through an artistic lens means cherishing strange moments, and making unconventional decisions. Saturn’s shift this month is bringing you a new relationship to creativity and how you generate it. Whether this is in the form of writer’s block or a rut in your studio practice; embrace the scary feeling of not knowing what to make. Dig deep into what you hold passion for as inspiration. Let the Aries new moon on 21 March bring your body back to earth and put you in touch with your tactile needs.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Defining home can feel like a struggle when you connect to the transient parts of life, Sagittarius. What helps you detect a place for growing roots and staying stationary for a bit?

March’s astrology marks the beginning of a tough journey through trial and error with cultivating the right spaces for you to nest in, dear archer. As Saturn spends the next few years moving through your zone of familial bonds and safe spaces, there is a lot to be reestablished and renewed. Say yes to exploring options and gut instincts, say no to windowless rooms and flats far away from public transport. The new moon in Aries on 21 March finds you ready for a rebalancing with siblings and the playlist you’ve had on repeat lately. Start fresh.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising 

Casualness can feel like a foreign body sometimes, Capricorn. What are your friendship priorities as you endeavour towards new ways of working and learning?

Knowing when to get serious versus let things lie comfortably on the surface can be a hard balance to strike, dear earth sign. Your dutiful vibe is a force that not all are deserving of. Focus on investing in the right bonds to support you through the difficult moments of your current career incline. The new moon in Aries on 21 March asks you to nest in your space and recalibrate the vibes at home to prep you for a busy year.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

Your values have always been uniquely yours, Aquarius. How are you honing in on fostering prosperity through the unconventional ways you choose to live and believe in yourself?

Saturnian lessons are coming your way in the form of fiscal change and an acute shift in what becomes of highest value to you. You, as the rebel of the zodiac, know better than anyone that money isn’t the answer to everything. What is your answer, then, dear air sign? What are you gunning for? Ride the waves of change without shame when you have to fold your cards. Use the Equinox on 21 March to refresh your memory regarding who are the right peers to make your audience.