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BLOODROOT: the new collection from House of Aama

07 Dec 2017

“House of Aama is a culturally-inspired lifestyle brand rooted in the ethos of the African continent and diaspora” – Akua Shabaka

“Bloodroot is a rare herb used by old-time conjures and root workers as a powerful guardian for the family” – Akua Shabaka 

“The Bloodroot collection is an ode to Southern Creole spiritually and African Roots. Hidden in plain sight, these are the tales of a Rootworker, Southern Lady, and Bluesman” – Akua Shabaka“Our designs are reflective of the postbellum Southern United States.  We’re inspired by this earlier time period because we believe it’s tremendously significant and critical in black culture” – Akua Shabaka 

 “Our creative direction is drawn from the Southern experiences of Southern Parlor ladies, Conjurer women, and Blues men and their intersections” – Akua Shabaka

“We hope that Bloodroot conveys to people of colour the strength and resilience of the experience of African people in the Southern United States…our collection, Bloodroot, is an offering” – Akua Shabaka

@houseofaama – Brand
@shabakaaa – Daughter Designer Akua Shabaka + casting
@rebeccalouise1967 – Mother Designer Rebecca Henry
@jordantiberio – Photographer Jordan Tiberio
@stazidazi – Mua Stazi Genicoff – Website