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Nadia Akingbule

gal-dem monthly horoscopes: don’t text your ex this Aquarius season

Our astrologer Marissa Malik takes a look at what's in store this Aquarius Season, with Valentine's, the Leo Moon and, of course, Mercury Retrograde.

05 Feb 2020

Aquarius illustration by Nadia Akingbule

Aquarius energy is loaded with sideways glances and subtle smiles, but don’t get it twisted – these air signs are more than their resting stank-face. They’re fighters who are always ready for revolution. Ruled by unconventional Uranus, Aquarius arrives ready to subvert norms, and turn our conception of reality on its head. If there’s any sign that likes to get weird, it’s air sign Aquarius.

Acting as a cosmic bridge between their two neighbouring zodiac signs who are at the extremes of pragmatism and idealism (Capricorn and Pisces, respectively), Aquarius season is also here to remind us that both actions and ideas are crucial in a collective struggle towards liberation. Aquarius always has the “bigger picture” in mind and holds space for the emotions of others by seeking justice for the marginalised.

Aquarius is the water bearer. This air sign stands firm and resolute; holding a jug filled with the aquatic depths that Pisces swims in, but never entering it. This is because Aquarius prefers to be a guide. A breeze off of the ocean tide, but never the ocean itself.

It is with this that Aquarius teaches us to believe others. It tells us that we do not necessarily need to feel what others are going through to know that it hurts. Rather, it is often our role to look outside of our own bodies when we listen and fight against injustice, or when we are called to action.

That’s why this Aquarius Season, we’re ignoring our ex’s text messages and keeping their hoodie on principle

We’ve got a Mercury Retrograde coming up on 17 February which will last until 10 March, so we can expect them to pop back into our lives while we’re too busy riding our own wave into 2020 now that the three-year-long month that was January is over. We’ve got more important things to worry about than men’s opinions of our bodies, or finding someone to snog on Valentine’s Day. Besides, we all know that particular “holiday” is a plot set up by Scorpios to make sure they outnumber us on dating apps (V day hetero sex can lead to a lot of October babies).

Look out for Venus, planet of romantic love, entering intense Aries on 7 February. Spicy but brutal connections will be popping up everywhere. On 16 February, energetic Mars enters rule-maker Capricorn, reminding us to stay steady on our journeys; we can’t always afford distractions.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each sign this February.



Happy Solar Return, Aquarius! 

Confidence is key this month. You’re at a place where your ability to discern what you do and don’t want in life is peaking, and decision-making comes naturally. This is unusual for a Mercury Retrograde period (as they often like to stir up murky waters) but keeps with the theme of shedding that overarches across your year. You’ll find answers to ongoing questions you’ve had about yourself and what your path forward is through being confronted with past situations that made you grow. When your reaction is different this time, your true desires will show themselves unwaveringly.

February is also a time for you to rediscover your relationship to the material world. To rethink what possessions of yours matter most, and what’s worth investing your time in. What objects do you need in your life to make spiritual ends meet? 

The Full Moon in Leo asks you to bring relationships that are stagnating you to an end. This doesn’t necessarily mean a breakup or cutting off contact with someone you’ve been on the fence about for a while, but just that it’s time to establish a new way of relating to one another. Leo’s energy fused with your own blesses you with double fixed sign steadiness that allows you to bring in much-needed boundaries. 

All in all, just remember to trust yourself. Your intuition is a powerful tool to cherish. 


Peering into the past doesn’t have to be painful, Pisces.

Mercury Retrograde is going to show you so many versions of yourself that you’ve moved through; so many timelines of where you’ve been and how you arrived at where you are now. It’s your task to take these retellings, and generate them into goals and tasks – goals about who you want to be and tasks relating to how you’re going to get there.

You’re able to spend some time embracing inwardness and focusing on yourself when communication planet Mercury entered your sign on 3 February. As this playful planet sticks around an area of your chart that’s all about you, be sure you’re listening to your body when it speaks out in pain or pleasure.

The Full Moon in Leo on 9 February helps you to implement small changes in your routine and work that have the potential to build up to the results you want. If you’ve been anticipating visiting an osteopath or trying out a new skincare routine – press the trigger now! Change is welcome to all things having to do with your health and wellbeing around this time. 

Be sure to cherish the New Moon in your sign that occurs on 23 February. This is the universe pressing a reset button on anything you need it to be – even if it is in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. Use this as a deadline for whatever you’re trying to toss away and move forward without. 


When love planet Venus moves into your sign on 7 February your magnetism will be at an all-time high. It’s a great time for attracting others because Venus’ aesthetic charm brings your charisma soaring and swagger swelling. You’re able to define yourself and your needs clearly as well – an amazing opportunity to welcome fresh, new energies into your sphere with intention. 

However, even as Venus has you glowing, Mercury Retrograde arrives on 17 February and reminds you to enjoy your own company, Aries! Who are you when you’re not defining yourself through the actions of others? We often don’t ask ourselves this question enough, but checking in with this in mind is key. This retrograde is all about you finding spaces for calm and quiet; two feelings you may tend to avoid in your fire sign endeavours. Don’t be afraid to spend the last few weeks of the winter months indoors and in your own head.

The Full Moon in Leo on 9 February asks you to find your creative voice. As it occurs on the warm-up to your pensive retrograde, use it as a research period, and a chance to refresh your studio practice. Yes, you’ve been hustling hard already, but is it in the direction you want to be going?

Pisces’ incoming energy this month will ask you to heal and forgive. As people and collectives that you might associate with a past pain/trauma come back into your life, you may notice that you feel differently about it all this time. 


It’s time to take up space, Taurus. The world wants to see what you’ve been up to.

February is pushing your energy outward and upward into your social circles and passion-projects. You might be gaining recognition in your career field, or making waves amongst the groups you’re known in. Regardless of which it is, there’s an urgency here brought on by Mars’ move into powerful Capricorn on 13 February, and Venus’ move into determined Aries just before then on the 7 February. Although Mercury Retrograde is notorious for being a less than ideal time for launching ideas into the world, it’s a great period to bring something to a close that’s already underway. 

The Full Moon in fellow fixed sign Leo on 9 February gives you a moment to breathe and treat yourself to some R&R in the midst of this short yet busy month. Spend time in your home doing gentle activities that don’t centre others! Baths and essential oils are on the agenda, as well as a warm home-cooked meal to supplement your on-the-go attitude for the majority of the month.

The New Moon in Pisces on 23 February brings new connections with old friends and communities. Whether it’s bonding over a past experience or rediscovering your comradery through a random encounter while you’re out and about, relish the chance to rekindle a past flame or build on a once-waning friendship. 


Communication is key even when your ruling planet is in retrograde, Gemini.

This month, Mercury is shaking you with tests of courage and your ability to show up for yourself. Challenges will appear related to your beliefs and how they’re received by others in professional settings. You, of all signs, especially dislike being misunderstood, Gemini. February is going to be a time where you’ll need to find the right words and defend your position on important matters of knowledge and the ethos that you live by. If these concepts are related to your work, it could be that they’re put to the test in your workplace(s), or in projects that will ask you to compromise your moral fibres. Keep integrity on the brain, and don’t doubt yourself when it comes to the subject matters you know you know well. 

Luckily, in a prelude to Mercury Retrograde, the Full Moon in Leo on 9 February is loaded with clarity. Make note of whoever shows up for you around this time, and any clear messages you receive from the universe that come your way. This lunar guidance will inform any questions that pop up for you during Mercury’s chaotic retrograde transit. 

On 23 February the New Moon in Pisces reminds you that nothing is permanent. Things inevitably cycle into a new (but familiar) phase and harmony can still be found in hectic times. Take a breath when your frustrations rise and remember to cherish the excitement of messiness.


Being in touch with joy can feel difficult during Mercury Retrograde, Cancer. 

On 7 February sensual Venus moves into Aries and blesses you with a renewed passion for finding pleasure and excitement in what can feel like a monotonous time of year – even for someone who enjoys being in the comfort of their home. It’s time to ask yourself, how can you infuse excitement and satisfaction into your work, even if it’s not exactly what you’d like to be doing at the moment? The Full Moon in Leo a few days later on 9 February activates this as well, by illuminating your house of assets, materials, and money. This shows a new chapter is beginning for you in your career, so always keep your notebook nearby in case a new project idea or plan of action strikes.

On 23 February, the New Moon in fellow water sign Pisces is looking like a much-needed, tearful cleanse. This mid-retrograde moon will climax frustrations around communication and clashes of politics that may be happening in your relationships. Remember that not everything has to be sorted out with your loved ones right away, and some conversations must be left for a while, then picked back up once the retrograde is over. You can only control your own actions, so do what you need to around this time to feel adjusted and calm.


Relationships are never easy if you don’t know what you want out of them, Leo.

This Aquarius season is challenging you to look past the more superficial aspects of attachment and think about what you really value in a companion, lover, or even just your platonic bonds. Are you a stickler for a quick text back, or long phone calls in the evening? Knowing your own expectations can come across as demanding if you’re fickle with them, but when asserted with honesty and care they can establish a beautiful foundation for fun, sexy times. Spend time thinking about the deeper aspects of interest and affection this month. Action planet Mars moving into rule-maker Capricorn will aid with this, setting you up for full investigation when Mercury goes retrograde on 17 February.

The Full Moon in your sign on 9 February puts you in a position of power and shows you potential in yourself that the eclipses might have waived. Treat this time like the end of a long day, or the final step of your skincare routine; with a sigh of relief. Don’t make any specific plans to celebrate this cosmic homecoming, but rather, listen to what your body is asking you on the day it occurs.


You’re minding your business and making things happen as usual, Virgo.

Even with your ruling planet going retrograde on 17 February, this month has you on a smooth movement forward into the steady progression of 2020. You’re thinking about your routine and the rituals you rely on to keep your very tidy cocoon running smoothly. However, alongside this very earth sign approach to getting things done is a yearning to experience pleasure and sensuality in your life as well. This isn’t to say it’s time for you to rush into a new relationship, or seek out a sexy night with a stranger (although you’re always within your right to), but rather find ways of integrating spontaneity and sultry sensory experiences into the quotidian. 

On 9 February when the Full Moon occurs in Leo, you’re ready to find solitary quiet and have some spiritual experiences and deep-thinking sessions on your own. Treat this lunation with extra care, as it shines a light on an area of your chart that rules the occult and more shadowy parts of yourself. This is also a great time to forgive yourself for anything you feel is sticking to your essence and stagnating your growth. We’re all deserving of forgiveness, and your often critical eye forgets to forgive yourself, dear Virgo.


It’s time to shift gears, Libra. 

This Aquarius season is recalibrating your attachments to your work and career endeavours by showing you that new options are possible. When your ruling planet Venus moves into intense Aries on 7 February in an area of your chart that rules relationships and partnerships, your already prevalent charisma gets a karmic boost, and pushes you into new networking positions. It’s likely that you could meet a new business partner around this time – or a romantic one, if you’re searching for a bae. Whatever it may be, use your charm wisely, and try not to ghost on too many interested cuties you’re enjoying chatting to. 

A few days later on 9 February the Full Moon in Leo shines a light on your social circles and connections to groups that you’re part of. Expect to be in hot demand around this time, whether it’s for moral support or offering a discerning eye to help your friends put together the perfect Valentine’s outfit. On 23 February, the New Moon in Pisces helps you put a plan together regarding all of the new people, prospective projects and fresh energies that February has brought your way. Use this creative lunation in the middle of Mercury Retrograde to brainstorm, scheme, and plot your way into your wildest fantasies, Libra.


Passion and inspiration share common ground, Scorpio. Often, to feel one is to simultaneously feel the other. The February skies are asking you to find both this month.

Aquarius and Pisces are two signs that are notorious for their creativity – with a concentration of their energies in a part of your chart that rules artistic expression and playfulness, your life is about to level up artistically. It’s time to give into desire not just for the thrill of it, but for where that experience will bring you in your creative passions. Whether it’s cooking yourself enticing meals, or spending time with an unexpected-someone who brings you joy, stay in touch with what’s making you feel that flame light within you. Because this is a Mercury Retrograde period, it could also be that past joys come back up and bring you pleasure. This isn’t license for you to text your toxic ex, but recognise this as a chance to bring old excitement back into your sphere that may have fallen by the wayside.

The Full Moon in Leo on 9 February makes you realise that you have more to offer others than you ever thought possible. Who you are is significant, and what you bring into people’s lives is meaningful, to say the least. Remember to enjoy the spotlight when it falls on you, but also use it as a platform to express gratitude towards those who have carried you through. True support is a gift, and saying thank you goes a long way.


You’re starting Aquarius Season on a high note, Sagittarius.

February begins with action planet Mars still in your sign (spilling over from last month) and planetary energies are focusing you on communication with your community. You’re on everyone’s mind right now, and even when you’re not doing the most on the ‘gram or telling us about your latest deep experience overseas, the influence you have is still soaring. Mercury begins to retrograde between Pisces and Aquarius on 17 February, so before then, be sure to get all of your ducks in a row. Sign that contract, finalise that project, and plan upcoming holidays to your heart’s content before the murky waters of Mercury in Pisces/Aquarius wash over us.

On 7 February Venus, planet of love, moves into fellow fire sign Aries and asks you to work from home for a change. Tidy your space, and show your landing pad some love – especially being that you’re always busy rushing from one friend’s house to the next. This will be an important prelude to your Mercury Retrograde period that will call you even further into retreat and spending lots of time at home. The 23 February is an especially important moment for this when the New Moon in Pisces calls on you to show new types of tenderness and love through your interactions in spaces that feel like home. Vulnerability isn’t always your favourite, but that soft Piscean charm will definitely beg you for it, Sagittarius.


Honouring your true friends is always important to you, Capricorn.

This February, the skies are asking you to dig into your toolbox and see what you have to offer others in your climb through life. As a determined earth sign who loves seeing hard work pay off and watching your mates thrive, what could be better than contributing to their journey? As much as you operate as a lone wolf, this Mercury Retrograde is pushing you to engage with others in a new way. Collaborate and dedicate yourself to other people’s dreams as much as your own for a change, and relish the joy that your wisdom and experience can bring to others. If you’re doubting who is worth investing in, pay attention to your relationships around 9 February during the Full Moon in Leo. This lunation will expose a fake friend just as quickly as it will cast a beautiful light on a ride or die. 

On 23 February the New Moon in Pisces brings cute new connections and great chat from unexpected places. Make sure that you’re not too skeptical when people genuinely want to see what you’re about and get to know you. Your barriers are often high, but Pisces’ energy will beg you to lower them in the name of cultivating both career moves for you, as well as friendships that will feel nourishing and fulfilling. 

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