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gal-dem horoscopes: Don’t sidestep the truth this Cancer season

Cancer season reminds us that truly feeling what we’re going through is an act of power and courage.

01 Jul 2021

Illustration by Nadia Akingbule

The softness of Cancer season is something we all desperately need right now, as we recover from last month’s tumultuous energy. From eclipses to rocky retrogrades, June of 2021 threw at us (astrologically) everything it had in its artillery; leaving us to pick up the pieces from aspects of our lives that became scattered and undone. So yes, it’s time to ugly cry to our teenage playlists and reminisce on life events that we probably didn’t enjoy that much in person. In classic Cancer season fashion, I encourage you to spend too much time in the bath and parade around your house wearing your duvet as a cape! At the same time, I want you to think about how the emotional depth of Cancer’s energetic spectrum is far from a sign of weakness. 

Cancer is a sign with long memory, and often spiteful motivations because of it. It reminds us that to truly feel what it is we’re going through is an act of power and courage. Many of us spend our lives running away from a feeling, living in the delusion that our emotional reactions can be staved off forever. Cancer tells us loudly and clearly that it can’t. Rather, focusing on healing and self soothing is just as vital as our willingness to fight back.

This July I want you to remember that glass is still sharp even when it’s submerged under water, and that just because water bends doesn’t mean it’s not a powerful force.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the signs! 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Happy Solar return, Cancer! Your month ahead is returning you to your truest form, and lighting a fire under how you put action towards your financial aspirations.

July begins with workhorse planets Mars and Saturn standing across the sky from each other in a battle of timescales. While Mars wants you to take quick and generative action towards achieving the money moves you have planned for the future, Saturn reminds you to play the long game. Be sure to take your time with decision making while also fulfilling your intuitive desires with purchasing items/investing in your dreams. On 10 July, the new moon in Cancer energises your zone of selfhood and puts you back in touch with your individuality. Your uniqueness is often something you downplay, making it easy for you to lose yourself in cheerleading others. Thankfully, the soft and empowering nature of this moon is providing you with confidence in any new aesthetic you want to embrace in your wardrobe, or major life shifts you’re keen to make.

The next day on 11 July, communication planet Mercury joins up with the moon and begins its journey through Cancerian waters as well! With Mercury here, you’re more able to speak from a place of self interest and articulate your thoughts in a clear way. This is an especially great time for you to make some changes to your appearance by following through with the shifts you felt during the new moon. On 23 July, the full moon in Aquarius puts emphasis on the relationships you’ve been working on cultivating for years on end. Whether they’re financial ties with business partners or matters that are happening between you and your long term partner; expect exciting events around what the future of your partnership means. This is also a time when you’re likely to receive ancestral messages. Keep your spirit open to hearing them out.

Leo & Leo Rising

To welcome in new connections, you might need to let go of a few, Leo. July is here to help you regain a steady pace in understanding whose energy is compatible with your own.

Your month begins with tension flaring up in your sky between action planet Mars and steadfast Saturn on 1 July. These power-players are equally concerned with the action you’re putting in towards your own healing, but pull you in different directions. Saturn asks you to face the truth of how you’re romantically connecting with others, while Mars wants you to address how you feel in your body physically. Both are important aspects of releasing old habits and cultivating new routines, but may feel overwhelming as a combined task. Luckily the new moon in Cancer on 10 July arrives as a vital self-care moment for you. This lunation is a purging moment. While it completely exhausts you physically and emotionally, its gentle and encouraging nature helps guide you towards letting go of people/emotions that you can’t carry forward anymore.

On 23 July, the full moon in Aquarius blesses your zone of relationships and partnerships, calling attention to endings and manifestations that you’ve been working towards in the love department. Now is a great time to start anew in matters of love, and welcome in the type of energy you’ve been looking for from someone! Keep in mind that with this Aquarius energy, the moon is quite blunt. You can expect someone to approach you in a frank, honest way about what they want around this time. Then, on 27 July, communication planet Mercury moves into your zone of selfhood and individualistic thinking; helping you cultivate boundaries that are crucial to driving home standards that you’ve set for anyone entering your life with hopes of being more than just a friend. 

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Are you building a new community around you, Virgo? July’s sky wants you to pay attention to the way people make you feel in your body, and the ideas that connect you in your interpersonal bonds.

Your month begins with power-players Mars and Saturn rumbling your sky in a way that awakens you to your physical form. While Mars pulls you towards activities that make your body feel good in the moment, Saturn keeps you prioritising your overall routine instead. It’s a cosmic tug of war! For the first few weeks of July, ask yourself if your daily routine caters to you feeling centered and grounded in your body. If the answer is no, consider if it’s more movement or rest that you need. Just because the world is opening up doesn’t mean that Zoom yoga isn’t a great option! On 10 July, the new moon in Cancer brings you a new relationship to people you consider part of your community. Whether you’re unified by mutual passions or politics, now is a moment to redefine how you relate to that sphere of your life.

When romantic and aesthetically driven Venus moves into earthy Virgo on 21 July, you’re faced with a glow up moment. This is your time to focus on self care, refreshing your wardrobe and charming up a storm with anyone/everyone you fancy! Let your intuition guide you when it comes to all things luxurious and pleasure-focused. Then, the full moon in Aquarius a few days later on 23 July is an important time for you to get organised, Virgo. This lunation directs your attention to daily habits you’ve been cultivating over the course of the last six months, and the meaning that they hold. What unconscious rituals and daily tasks have you been compiling? Take stock of where you’re at and reduce your screen time if need be.

Libra & Libra Rising

Cancer season might be about crab energy, but it’s time to come out of your shell, Libra. July’s sky wants you to harness the softness of your social circles to make more honest connections, and be seen by your peers.

The month begins with tension brewing in your creative world as action planet Mars clashes with heavyweight Saturn. When these planets stand across the sky from each other on 1 July, they set a tone for renegotiating how you approach art, making things and being someone with hobbies/passions. Is it time for an insular retreat into your studio, or an organised group critique of each other’s brands? Try not to get caught up with how everyone else is running their own agenda, rather, tailor yours to the needs of your practice. On 10 July the new moon in Cancer brings a burst of energy to a career-focused zone of your sky and encourages you to be seen in new ways! This is a great time to do a reintroduction on social media, make a big decision in your work, or just generally get out and about. The uninhibited energy of this moon is ready to help you welcome in new onlookers to the glory that is all things you.

When Venus moves into practical Virgo on 21 July, you’re called into a more pensive zone with your looks and aesthetic, Libra. Perhaps it’s time to retire some of your staple wardrobe pieces, or do a proper closet cleanse? Let yourself sit in these decisions for a hot minute before donating everything you own. The Aquarius full moon on 23 July illuminates your zone of playfulness and joy, bringing your attention to how you interact with all of the people you’ve made social connections with over the course of the month. Let this be a moment of celebration and extroverted adventure. Turn up to an unconventional event with your crew and be as vivacious as you please in new spaces.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Concepts that you once accepted as foundational truths in your life are evolving and/or falling to your feet this Cancer season, Scorpio. July’s sky finds you renegotiating your relationship to your home as a result.

Your month begins with Mars and Saturn (two very hardworking planets) clashing in your zones of family and career! While Mars wants you to make some quick work progressions, Saturn asks you to consider the long term impact it has in your home/family related environments for you to be working such late hours and maintaining a high level of stress. Finding that balance is set to be a source of tension in the first week of your month! Luckily on 10 July, the new moon in Cancer helps you to center yourself in what your overall goals are thanks to Jupiter’s influence, as well as this lunation bringing a boost of energy to the part of your sky that helps you situate yourself within systems and structures. You may also find yourself itching with wanderlust during this time. Making a quick escape to visit a body of water you love dearly is highly recommended.

23 July brings the full moon in Aquarius into your zone of home and ancestral connection. This lunation is cold and calculated, but holds an important place in your sky. It reminds you to relate to your culture and conception of family on your own terms, Scorpio. Don’t let diaspora narratives dictate what you should or shouldn’t be doing in how you cultivate your relationship to lineage and heritage. When Mercury follows the sun into the fiery terrain of Leo on 27 July, you find yourself speaking with a newfound confidence that becomes your greatest tool in persuasion and charming your way through workplace events. Let words flow out of you rather than planning any speeches you need to deliver or important calls you need to make. 

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The relationships that you’ve always been able to rest your head (and heart) on are deepening this Cancer season, Sagittarius. Whose energy are you realising you’re tangled within?

Your July begins with a tense moment regarding how you relate to learning, follow different codes of ethics or spiritual practices and address authority figures in your life. As Mars moves through your zone of higher knowledge and clashes with Saturn along the way, you may find that old systems you onced used to guide you through moral decisions aren’t flowing with your mental space as they once did. This renegotiation might look and feel clunky, or cause arguments with your mates. Give yourself lots of space to think in the first week of the month; not preach. The new moon on 10 July energises your zone of ancestral connection and the deepest facets of love you’re capable of. Cancerian energy moves through emotions and bonding with people on a transcendent level. On this lunation, make it a point to welcome people into the part of your life where they become “Ride or Dies”. Vocal vulnerability is your best tool with this task.

On 23 July the full moon in Aquarius showers your zone of communications with a serious but forward-looking energy. This lunation is a manifesting moment for you to find new books and research materials for the projects you’re working on, and flourish in new friendships! Let this cycle guide you towards connections and concepts that make sense for where you’re at in life now. Unfinished business resurfaces later in the week on 28 July as destiny-focused Jupiter starts to retrograde back into air sign Aquarius, where the practical aspects of your dreams start to crash down as a reality. Trust that you’re on the right path in achieving your goals, but let this retrograde remind you that there’s still people to contact and work to be done.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Finding a new pace in your partnerships becomes a priority this Cancer season, Leo. July’s sky is full of emotion that directs you towards new relationships, and more meaningful ways of connecting.

Your month begins with a shake up happening in your world of shared finances, inheritance, and monetary matters. As Mars and Saturn stand across the sky in a cosmic clash, you’re called to think about any impulsive purchases you’ve made over the course of Cancer season, and how they interrelate to your long term fiscal goals. Equally, it might be time to address removing yourself from some joint investments you’ve made with people who are swiftly exiting your life! Create a roadmap for money readjustments you’re making, then lean on that plan when feeling overwhelmed overall. On 10 July, the new moon in Cancer wipes the slate clean in your zone of partnerships and imbues a special type of hope around your future in relationships – both romantic and platonic! Look out for new love connections around this time, which are likely to ramp up a few days later on 13 July when Mars and Venus cross paths. 

Just one day after the new moon, communication planet Mercury moves into your opposite sign Cancer as well! This helps you speak your mind tenderly and with emotional honesty, whilst also prioritising other people’s feelings. Just be sure you’re not sugar coating past the point of being honest, especially with romantic partners. 23 July brings the full moon in Aquarius into a fiscally-focused zone of your sky! This moment is one where work opportunities and clear financial paths forward readily present themselves. Keep an eye out for new business deals and moments where you can adjust your workflow into a perfect, unconventional zone that fits your specific needs.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Your routine is undergoing a major shift this Cancer season, Aquarius. Are the people you’re seeing on a daily basis starting to represent home more than the location itself?

July begins with a cosmic clash between power-planets Mars and Saturn! For you, this manifests as tension and transformation in your personal relationships and the boundaries you set in partnerships. It’s time to start being more cognisant of the collective needs within your relationship, and how your desire for space to get on with your work/career fit into them. When arguments rise to the surface, face them with a sensitive touch. The new moon in Cancer on 10 July arrives in your zone of daily routine and helps you to take a step back from the machine-like way you’ve been navigating the world. This is a bodily lunation for you that’s about starting a new relationship with how you move your physical self every single day. It’s likely that you’ll need a big cry to wipe the slate clean and release what’s pent up in your spirit!

Later in the month on 23 July, the new moon in Aquarius lights up your zone of self and brings you a beautiful manifesting moment. This moon is influenced by Saturn’s stern energy, so work related endeavours and actions relating to your individual pathway in matters of career are prioritised. Let yourself be seen, heard and unapologetically celebrated in the space around this time. Expansive Jupiter starts its retrograde path through Aquarius on 28 July and positions a few problems that have been left unresolved since winter of last year back at the forefront of your vision! These obstacles may not be ideal to face, but are crucial to work through in order to make the wider vision for your dreams accessible.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

The spaces of joy you inhabit are increasingly built on tenderness this Cancer season, Pisces. Can you feel a shift in the connections you have with peers and more peripheral friendships into deeper relationships?

Your month begins with a flash of tension bursting into your sky via Mars’s clash with power-shifter Saturn on 1 July. These planets are all about control, but operate on different timescales. Saturn wants you to think of the bigger picture in your ethics and knowledge, while Mars wants you to focus on rapid fire questions and finding solutions to your problems in the now. Make sure you’re taking your time with frustrations related to this for the first week of your month! On 10 July, the new moon in Cancer brings you gentle inspiration in the form of flirtatious encounters. Try hanging out with people who make you think outside of the box around this time and keep your mind (and body) open to new love/lust connections, too. If you felt a spark with someone, follow up on 13 July when things heat up due to Mars’s collision with romantic Venus!

23 July brings the hard-edged full moon in Aquarius to heighten your senses and dramatically draw some conclusions to a very harsh (and very final) close! Full moons bring us manifestation moments and the boost of energy that we need to really make something happen. For you, this Aquarius lunation is framed around ultimate levels of letting go. Now is a good moment for break ups, closing doors and saying no. The past resurfaces on 28 July as Jupiter, who has been retrograde for a few weeks now, starts to move through air sign Aquarius, too. Expect unresolved issues between you and people you thought you’d be able to avoid for the rest of your life to come back into sight! Don’t even attempt to dodge them this time around…

Aries & Aries Rising

Who makes you feel at home, Aries? July’s sky brings up questions about how you cultivate shared joy with your community, and which new faces you’re ready to welcome into your inner circle. 

Your month begins with power planets Mars and Saturn bringing tension to your sky in the form of friendship feuds and confrontations regarding how your ethos differs to the people you care about. Ask yourself – what do you need from people in order to grow deeper bonds with them? How do you foster boundaries with people whose politics don’t match your own? Your own shifting values could trigger a shift in how you run your home environment, too. On 10 July, the Cancer new moon allows space for you to address new ways of running your space and cultivating coziness generally in your environment. Use this as a moment of relief and respite from lingering feuds and fights that haven’t quite been resolved. New moons are a great time for forgiveness as well. If you’re open to wiping the slate clean, do it.

On 21 July, aesthetic Venus moves into practical earth sign Virgo, where it’s able to cultivate a more logically driven approach to your purchases and daily routine! This transit screams “everything in moderation” for you. Tap into what your health essentials are and get frugal with your shopping. The full moon in Aquarius on 23 July brings you into a steadfast space with the wider communities you’re part of, Aries. This is a social moment for you! Enter into conversations and events where you’re aligned through common politics and shared dreams. This moon wants you to take jabs at the patriarchy, sit in solidarity with your siblings, and manifest the future you’d like for the world.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

How do you tend to your desire for new knowledge, Taurus? July’s sky triggers a curious spark within you that could lead to some innovative creative moments.

Your month starts with a moment of intensity caused by serious players Mars and Saturn. Their standoff in the sky on 1 July reveals some major work that needs to be done in order to balance your career/home life! Take action in the tasks you need to complete around your frequently inhabited spaces, instead of muddling through work regardless of how the setting you’re in feels. Even small tasks like wiping a table or making the bed will make all of the difference in keeping your headspace clear. On 10 July, the new moon in Cancer asks you to welcome in new friendships that feed your desire to learn more about the world around you. What you’re used to connecting with people over is in need of alteration. Rather than keeping things shallow, try opening up conversations with a vulnerable side of yourself. 

Romantic Venus moves into earth sign Virgo on 21 July and lights a fire under your need for creative exploration and flirtatious encounters! Although Venus exploring Virgo’s energy is more practical than it was in Leo, there’s space for playfulness amongst this more straightforward approach to love and passions. The full moon in Aquarius on 23 July is a socially exuberant lunation for you, Taurus. As the moon shines its light at the top of your sky, you’re called to enter the spotlight and dance under this airy vibe! Expect career projects to reach a climax around this time, too. Be wary of your ability to err on the harsh side when delivering your thoughts to people around this time, though. The Aquarian energy of this moon is unforgiving in its tone.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Which of your material possessions empower you to traverse the world boldly and help you feel spiritually protected, Gemini? July is about considering how you imbue objects with meaning.

Your month begins with a massive moment of questioning as workhorse planet Mars stands across the sky from serious Saturn. This clash brings to light the truth of matters having to do with knowledges you once hinged your ethos on and may feel like an existential crisis moment! As a natural born researcher, this could manifest in long, winding internet holes and/or  a documentary binge. Be sure to pace yourself in whatever you’re uncovering, and acknowledge the importance of moving through past ideals. On 10 July, the new moon in Cancer brings a soft, tender moment for you to check in on your material world. This is a great time to tend to your finances, and make sure that your physical needs (ranging from food in the fridge to the fit of your clothes) are accounted for. Don’t put pressure on being overly productive on this day, though. New moons are for sowing seeds, not completing a whole plan of action.

Romantic Venus makes a move into earthy Virgo on 21 July and jumps up the timescale of cuffing season for you, Gemini. This homely vibe might encourage you to get serious with a bae or flirtatious fling you’re in now. Make sure you pace yourself before wifing someone mid-summer! Focus on beautifying your home if that’s not on the cards for you. 23 July brings the full moon in airy Aquarius into your zone of travel and the code of ethics you often follow. Cast manifestations around where you hope your humanitarian dreams can take you, and release antiquated ideas about social issues you’re holding onto just because it feels more comfortable than learning what the contemporary discourse is. This moon is blunt and harsh in how we feel it, so prepare for some hard truths!