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Nadia Akingbule

gal-dem horoscopes: Take yourself seriously this Virgo season

This September we are settling down and into the realities of where summer has left us.

01 Sep 2021

Virgo season arrives into our lives with the stern look of an aunty who knows you haven’t eaten yet today, and the sweet simplicity of a glass of water. 

Although this earth sign’s energy is not known for being lighthearted nor particularly whimsical, there is a loving intention behind what it offers us. Ultimately, it’s a vibe that’s ruled by the drive to do better. To care, and do more for both ourselves and the people we love. 

“Virgo season arrives into our lives with the stern look of an aunty who knows you haven’t eaten yet today”

Without Virgo energy, the calculation and criticality we use to analyse structures around us would dull with the harshness of Capricorn’s tongue, and tarnish with Taurus’s averseness to change. Virgo’s modality as an earth sign that is mutable gives us enough space to keep logic at the forefront of how we cultivate consistency, rather than just sticking to what we know. It’s the beautiful apex of where ritual, routine, and an ability to adapt, meet.

There are lots of transits happening this month that support Virgo’s serious vibes, while also challenging them through Libra’s propensity for whimsy and chat. From Venus entering ever-intense Scorpio on 10 September, to the Pisces full moon bringing us all to tears on the 20th; we’re all settling down and into the realities of where summer has left us.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this September!

Aries & Aries Rising 

Will releasing your fear of being boring help you get your routine back, Aries?

Your month picks up speed when the new moon in Virgo on 7 September arrives ready to help you restructure and reorganise your day-to-day life. While this energy might feel more mundane than other cosmic events, remember that how you function within your schedule is the bedrock to grounding yourself in your body. Use this fresh lunar cycle to establish a new relationship with your physical form. Take a quiet moment to check in with what your body is asking for; especially after the end of the summer, which may have brought in a period of pushing your capacity to its limits. A week later on 14 September, Mars, planet of sex and taking action, moves into Libra in your zone of partnerships and romantically-inclined bonds. This movement helps you weigh your options more equally, reflecting before jumping straight into new relationships, and exercising care before hasty decisions that involve your partner. You might notice yourself thinking out loud more than usual, too.

20 September brings the full moon in sensual dreamer Pisces, and sets you up for the ultimate release. You feel this lunation viscerally in your body, Aries. The Pisces full moon wants you to let go and mourn the losses you’re witnessing around you. This is your permission to cry as much as you need. Remember, just because you decide to let something go doesn’t mean it’s not painful. Your month wraps up with another Mercury retrograde cycle arriving to rock your reality with some blasts from this past. This retrograde cycle is focused around lessons you may need to learn again in your relationships and partnerships. Expect exes to resurface, and have a game plan ready to execute when they do.

Taurus & Taurus Rising 

Are you in touch with which type of ‘fun’ is most nourishing for you right now, Taurus?

Your month is defined by a shift that your creative flow and connection to playfulness is undergoing. You can feel this start to pick up speed when the Virgo new moon occurs on 7 September; bringing a new pace into the type of artistic work and pleasure you’re drawn to and interested in generating. This lunation also starts a fresh cycle into the way you approach and organise your unconventional outputs. Remember that new moons are about wiping the slate clean, then moving forward with intention and clarity. Let this earthy vibe help simmer your ideas, and put practical actions behind them. A few days later on 10 September, romance planet Venus moves into your shadowy opposite sign, Scorpio, and activates the depths of your passions. Refocus on sensual pleasures, and incorporate the concepts or intentions you set around the Virgo new moon into what you decide to explore. This is a great time to treat yourself to a new sex toy, and release shame around how you enjoy your body, especially in relation to others.

The Pisces full moon lights up your zone of community and collective vision on 20 September, stimulating your desire for celebration, Taurus. This watery lunation seeks the company of others, and asks for creative ways of spending time with the groups you’re part of. Dance under the moon with your best mates and peers you feel a calming comradery with. Release anxieties related to loneliness and manifest trust that you are embraced by others. September rounds off with another Mercury retrograde cycle that’s set to bring back old memories and patterns that still live within your body. Take note of habits you might be slipping back into, and revisit routines that you used to explore which are related to your physical health.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

All roads lead back to places you call home and your ancestral yearnings this month, Gemini.

Can you feel yourself seeking steadiness rather than ongoing escape at the moment? On 7 September, the new moon in Virgo brings out your introverted side, and has you craving familiar comforts. This lunation asks you to slow your pace and welcome in a new routine and relationship with your home. If you’ve been on a slew of social moments this summer, let this earthy energy invite you to reestablish the way you create sanctuary in your own abode, and get in touch with what grounds you. Make decisions and plans that all relate back to the question: how do I want to feel in my space? As the month continues, the lunar cycle builds up to a full moon in gentle Pisces on 20 September. This moment slowly helps you emerge from the cocoon you’ve been building and allows you to enjoy the stability it provides you. The Pisces moon is about leaning into your leadership positions, and being a guiding light of responsibility towards others. Look out for big career opportunities around this time, too.

Libra season begins a few days later on 22 September, falling on the same day as the Autumnal Equinox in the northern hemisphere. This Solar motion invites you to both welcome and seek equilibrium in your sense of playfulness, and honour the creative ideas you’re growing. Take risks, and avoid looking at any situation from just one side. September rounds off with Mercury entering another infamous retrograde cycle on 27 September. This time, Mercury is moving through air sign Libra, asking you to bring out the old sketchbooks you’re drawn to, and reminisce with cult classic movies you enjoyed as a teen. Old flames are likely to hit your inbox around this time as well…and your craving a bit of attention unfortunately isn’t a good enough excuse to simply let them walk back into your life.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Are there untapped friendships you’re keen to put energy towards nurturing, Cancer?

Your month is lined with a unique curiosity that helps you to be comfortable in how you navigate new social spaces. The new moon in Virgo on 7 September asks you to extend your nest farther than the lines of your current comfort zone. While you’re adept at cultivating a strong sense of belonging in your space, it’s time to insert that same vibe into your local sphere. This is a great time to switch up your usual walking routes, get to know the clerk at your street’s bodega, and make a plan for how you’re going to maintain the new bonds you’ve created lately. Then, when the full moon in fellow water sign Pisces blesses your sky on 20 September, you’re able to connect some dots and realise the way your ethos have shifted over the last six months. Let this lunation be a moment of fearlessness when it comes to spontaneous travel plans, and decisions you make related to writing, publishing, and cross-cultural exploration. If you can sense your wanderlust is in need of satiating – follow it far away from home.

22 September marks the Autumnal Equinox and beginning of air sign Libra’s season, where balance and the connection we hold to our ethos like to sit in the driver’s seat. This Equinox asks you questions about how order is manifesting in your home right now. Have you been so wrapped up with your world outside of your space that laundry is stacking up, or are your interpersonal vibes are off? Take some time to slow down and tend to what your nest needs. When Mercury starts to retrograde through Libra on 27 September, this rings especially true. Retrogrades also like to resurface the past, so expect to hear from a family member you’ve not connected with recently, or someone from a place you used to call home.

Leo & Leo Rising 

Are you putting enough intention behind what you’re bringing into your life materially, Leo? 

Saying no to shiny objects that satiate an impulsive whim is no easy feat. However, your month ahead harnesses an energy that asks you to crack down and streamline your investments. September picks up speed when your sky welcomes a blessed lunation for manifesting on 7 September. This is when the new moon in earth sign Virgo adds a boost of responsibility and planning to your zone of material possessions and value. This renewing energy allows you to reformat your work endeavours, and aids in the creation of a solid foundation for those schemes. Always be clear, and write down every detail when asking the skies to bless you with abundance. From this moment, the moon starts building up again and eventually brings you to the loving Pisces full moon on 20 September. This is a day for you to release interpersonal bonds that have kept you feeling bound or restricted into certain types of submission, and reconnect with your ancestors. Give yourself space to mourn, cry, and disentangle yourself from what could be years of messy interconnectedness. 

The Autumnal Equinox and beginning of Libra season occur on 22 September, bringing with them a desire for balance and order to be restored to your friendships and relationship to your local community. In the windswept flames of your summer, did your connection to staying curious and fostering the bonds that are right in front of you fall away? Check in with your local shops and say hi to presences around you that make your neighbourhood feel like home. 27 September marks the beginning of another Mercury retrograde cycle, which holds the potential to throw some words you’ve said in the past back at you. Put in effort towards clearing up misunderstandings, as well as taking ownership for ways you may have hurt others.

Virgo & Virgo Rising 

Even if you’re not the loudest in the room, people can read your energy, Virgo.

As your season takes the reins for the better part of September, it’s important to put caps on how much energy you devote to social performance. What you’re developing the most in this moment is your relationship to self. This becomes ever apparent when the new moon in your sign arrives on 7 September; shifting you deeply from within, and prepping your body for clarity about how you want to visually express yourself to others. Brace for ‘aha’ moments where you can visualise yourself navigating space looking (and feeling) reborn into your own skin. Let this be a time for laying down intentions that have to do with personal boundaries, and the strategy you’ll use to implement them. From this lunation, the moon begins building back up to its brightest phase and brings you to the watery depths of your emotions on 20 September. This is when the Pisces full moon will light up your zone of partnerships and relationships; asking you to gently release people, patterns, and expectations in relation to your romantic bonds. Forgiveness becomes easier with this lunation, however, make sure you’re maintaining the hard lines of what you decide. 

22 September marks the beginning of Libra season as well as the day the Autumnal Equinox occurs. With this new solar energy blessing your sky, your ability to take socially connected approaches to manifesting material resources for both yourself and others expand. Allow yourself to be more confident and curious when entering serious negotiations. However, contract signing will not be ideal after 27 September when Mercury begins to retrograde through this same area of your sky! Mercury retrograde in Libra asks you to revisit fiscally impactful lessons from your past, and exercise care before committing to big purchases.

Libra & Libra Rising 

Sometimes you need to turn the volume all the way down, Libra.

Your body calls you to retreat on 7 September when the new moon in Virgo darkens an already shadowy zone of your sky. This is a period for solitude and rest, dear Libra. While executing this might not come naturally to your social self, lean into your desire for quiet and stillness. Meditation and slow, ritual-like movements are favoured. Burn a candle if you need help clearing your mind. A few days later, action planet Mars moves into your sign and helps you in this turn inwards. While the new moon feels like a shedding period, Mars brings you clarity and armour to wear that helps you keep whatever you’re expelling far away. Be conscious of your tendency to people-please around this time, and be honest with the reality of how much time and capacity you have for others. After this, the moon begins building back up to its brightest phase until it lights up your zone of routine, scheduling, and relationship to your body on 20 September. This is when the Pisces full moon spreads its gentle, healing energy and allows space for you to release pent up frustrations and guilt that lingers in your muscles and bones. Our bodies have memories just like our mind does, so allow yourself to quite literally ‘shake it off’.

Your season finally arrives on the same day as the Autumnal Equinox on 22 September. With the sun now focusing its power in airy Libra, everyone’s minds are buzzing with questions, concerns and, most of all, comments about what life is set to look like through to the end of the astrological year in March. For you, Libra, this is a period of innovating how you express your identity to others. However, it might not be the best time for a haircut or new wardrobe! Mercury begins its retrograde cycle through Libra as well on 27 September; calling you into reflection about your day-to-day looks and appearance. Avoid impulse shopping, and try reworking your existing wardrobe instead. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising 

There’s undeniable power behind how you visualise your dreams, Scorpio. Are you laying down the groundwork to make them happen?

The new moon in Virgo on 7 September asks you to take pause, and formulate a plan that will bring you closer towards achieving the goals you have which go beyond just career endeavours. Think ethical drive, bucket list, and collective aspirations with a politically similar community.  This steady lunation occurs in a zone of your sky that considers the bigger picture of your spiritual journey, and how it interrelates to your connection to peers. Remember that new moons are all about embracing a new beginning. Let this beginning be well planned, and executed with detail. A week later on 14 September, action planet Mars moves into Libra in a mystic zone of your sky; calling you into an intense period of release. Look out for signs from your ancestors (and spirit generally) to guide you through what you need to do. Don’t stress out if you can’t exactly articulate where this discomfort comes from. Mars in Libra means many truths and pathways forward will materialise. 

The releasing cycle continues on 20 September with the full moon in dream-keeper Pisces. This is set to be one of your most creative moments of the year, Scorpio. Allow yourself to cultivate self trust when it comes to what you’re inspired to create, and release the inhibition that people just won’t get it. Pisces energy is gentle, but packs a willingness to accept the absurd in a strangely unique way. Lean into that vibe when it’s offered to you. Your month rounds off with Mercury beginning to retrograde through air sign Libra on 27 September, resurfacing intense past events that you might not be feeling completely recovered from yet. Keep in mind that healing is not a linear journey, and relish moments where you do have to confront yourself and occasional unwillingness to change.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

How do you navigate the public-facing side of your life, Sagittarius? Not everything lies within your control.

Spiritually, you’re sitting at the head of the table this month. The new moon in earthy Virgo on 7 September calls renewal into a zone of your sky that defines arcs in your career, and dictates how you navigate your relationship to leadership positions. Virgo energy is all about strategizing and grounding yourself in a microcosm of your own vibes. Embrace moments where you fearlessly take your place in the spotlight, but also assess desires that have to do with cultivating a widely-received reputation. Do you want to be revered, but inaccessible on a personal level? Or is your spotlight something you want others to see in themselves? These questions take some mulling over, so be careful not to get lost in public performance this month. Luckily, the full moon in gentle Pisces calls you to cocoon yourself deep within your home, and embrace going ‘off the grid’ for a moment – especially digitally. Celebrate this lunation by being in the company of close mates (if anyone at all), inhabiting familiar spaces, and listening to your favourite album as a teen.

Your relationship to your community undergoes a major shift as the sun moves into Libra on the same day as the Autumnal Equinox on 22 September. This moment shifts focus away from aspects of life that you’ve been devoting more time to (career and maintaining equilibrium at home) and calls you into the chatty crowds of people you’re surrounded by. The groups you’re part of are keen to hear what you’ve been up to, and are seeking more consistent communication with you. A few days later, Mercury retrograde begins once again on 27 September in this same zone of community for you. Expect old friendship dramas to re-enter your life, and familiar misunderstandings between you and the groups you’re part of to rise once again.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising 

What’s the catalyst for your next great escape, Capricorn?

New beginnings arrive in the zone of your sky that rules cross-cultural travel, and how you cultivate your ethical code this month. On 7 September, the new moon in fellow earth sign Virgo brings you into a space where movement feels more possible than before. Look out for events that have to do with hopping on planes; especially if they relate to your ongoing research practice. This is a time for sowing the seeds of starting again in ways that bring the horizons you escape to mentally on the map closer than before. As the month progresses, and the moon begins to rebuild itself to its brightest phase once again, take steps towards making your adventure come to fruition. On 20 September, the Pisces full moon illuminates the zone of your sky that rules communication and local community building; lining your words in softness and care. Let this moment help you celebrate wherever you’re in at the time, and the beauty in your platonic bonds. Surround yourself with people who are just as curious about the universe as you are.

Libra season arrives on 22 September on the same day as the Autumnal Equinox in the northern hemisphere. This solar shift brings you into a new headspace with work and career arcs you’re experiencing at the moment. Allow yourself time and space to grow your networks, as well as get more comfortable in the leadership positions you’re locked into at the moment. Your month wraps up with another Mercury retrograde cycle starting on 27 September in this same zone of career; asking you to slow down your pace in order to evaluate the path you’re on with more detail and openness. Take care before saying yes to new positions, and avoid signing onto new contracts during this period.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Are there loose ends looming in front of you in need of tying up, Aquarius? 

The heaviness sitting in your sky this month has you taking action in tending to ongoing turmoil that’s built up. The Virgo new moon occurs on 7 September and invites you to re-devote yourself to consistency in your long term bonds. As much as you love living (and acting) on whims that help you express your intense sense of authenticity, there’s a lot to be said for your ability to be loyal and know what’s ‘right’. In this new lunar cycle, set intentions with how you want to help and nurture your dynamics with folks you know are sticking around for a while, and whose connection with you is spiritual. As your month progresses, notice the ways you struggle to confront things head on, and take note of the ways you’d like to continue working on them. 20 September brings the full moon in Pisces shining its light in your zone of material manifest and work-orientated endeavours. This lunation inspires you to manifest in new directions, and check in with what your checking account is saying! Extend your new moon intentions by making offerings to the people you care about most around this time.

The sun shifts into airy Libra on 22 September on the same day that the Autumnal Equinox occurs! Here, Libra energy invites you to seek out new horizons to call home and alter your view of the world once again. Ask questions rather than asserting you know the answer, and revisit old ways you used to think when Mercury retrograde begins again on 27 September. This retrograde cycle is moving through Libra as well, and might be calling you to travel to somewhere you’ve already been, but are ready to experience as a new person.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

How have the boundaries in your partnerships been holding up lately, Pisces?

As the Virgo new moon brings structure and care into your zone of relationships (both platonic and romantic) on 7 September, new patterns/rituals are ready to be set in how you express yourself interpersonally. If you’ve been trying to toss old habits aside in how you relate to lovers, this is your potent moment to set intentions for the new ways you’re ready to move forward. As the month progresses and the moon moves into its next phase of full illumination, your partnership-focused goals evolve and grow; leading up to a big manifesting moment on 20 September when the moon lights up your zone of personal development and selfhood. This is your full moon, Pisces. That means that whatever false narratives have attached to you through the unsavoury opinions of others, or difficulties in how you’ve been feeling in your body are ready to be left behind and replaced with pure self love and forgiveness. Extend grace to yourself in the same way that you constantly do unto others.

The Autumnal equinox occurs on the same day that Libra season begins on 22 September. Both arrive with the intention to restore balance into your life, if only for a moment. For you, Libra energy connects you to ancestral yearning and the strong sense of responsibility you feel towards others. Simmer with these feelings, especially when Mercury enters another retrograde cycle in Libra on 27 September, just five days after the equinox. Allow old connections with people you had intense relationships with to resurface as a means of reminding yourself about why they need to stay in the past.