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Nadia Akingbule

gal-dem horoscopes: What comes back isn’t always meant to be kept this Libra season

As we enter the colder season, deep unearthing energies will be pulling us into hibernation. Use this opportunity wisely.

01 Oct 2021

There’s a delicate balance between considering as many perspectives as we can in the struggle towards justice and honouring our own truths. 

Libra season is about embracing nuance. Holding space for multiple narratives and genuinely hearing people out. Allowing ourselves to be messy and hypocritical at times in the recognition that we’re all just doing our best – but also apologising from the heart along the way. 

This October, our minds are racing through the past as quickly as they are into speculating the future. It’s a tumultuous time to be any type of critical thinker. Mercury is retrograde for most of the month, putting six planets in retrograde (!) and Pluto, the ruler of the underworld and power shifting, is very active in our skies. 

These are deep, unearthing energies that drag us through the mud so that we can appreciate the value of a clean shirt. Lean on your friends for support. Give yourself time to cry and accept that you will miss the train here and there. Most of all, forgive others as much as you’re forgiving yourself this season.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs!

Aries & Aries Rising 

There are grey areas in every relationship, Aries. How are you exploring the power dynamics of your partnerships?

October begins amidst the throes of another Mercury retrograde cycle, where your relationships are being put to the test! There’s heat emanating from your mind over the unresolved interpersonal issues you’ve been bottling up. On 6 October, the new moon in Libra darkens your sky and asks you to begin again with your bonds. Have that difficult conversation with your boo or close platonic mate to progress forward into a more honest space where love can be shared without awkward limits. Mercury is finally released from its retrograde phase on 18 October, giving you space to exhale and process what was unearthed during that time. Spend some time away from people to collect your thoughts if at all possible.

The full moon in Aries illuminates your zone of selfhood and the way you connect with your spirit on 20 October. This is your full moon, Aries! Full moons are about letting go and beginning a new, cleansed phase. They’re manifesting moments. Do activities that honour your body, and adorn it in authentic ways. There’s no room for self-doubt anymore. Finally, your month rounds off with action planet Mars moving into sneaky Scorpio; bringing a dark flavour to the way you do conflict. Be sure revenge is far from your mind before acting against others. Let your actions stay pure and honest.

Taurus & Taurus Rising 

It’s time to get your routine back, Taurus. Are you ready to start re-sensitising yourself to addressing your physical needs?

Your month begins with the whirl of Mercury’s retrograde nostalgia bringing commotion to the zone of your sky that rules scheduling, your body, and how you address your health. Retrogrades are about returning to past moments, and relearning certain lessons. When the full moon in Libra occurs on 6 October amidst this retrograde (which is also happening in air sign Libra), harness old habits you’re ready to resurrect in order to carve out a new path. Prioritise what your entire body is seeking in the process. The next day, aesthetically inclined Venus makes a move into Sagittarius. Here, Venus helps you get in touch with trying new things that bring you sensual pleasure. Integrate this with Mercury’s backwards-looking perspective by mixing the old with the new. 

Thankfully. On 18 October, Mercury’s retrograde phase ends, and brings relief to your body and schedule. Being on time is finally a feasible task! Now is your moment to catch up on your mundane tasks and clear out your inboxes. The full moon in Aries on 20 October is an introspective one for you, Taurus. Seek silence and spiritual alignment above all else. Do rituals that clear away energies you’re carrying that need to be returned to those who attached them to you or banished altogether. This is your moment to howl at the moon.

Gemini & Gemini Rising 

Where do the types of joy you cherish most derive from in your life, Gemini? Are they in the fleeting moments of connection you share with others, or when you’re standing in front of a loud sound system with your eyes closed?

Your month begins with a strong flavour and sentimental soundtrack! Mercury retrograde in air sign Libra is in full swing from the get-go. As this planet of communications, travel and wit moves through the zone of your sky that centres playfulness and creativity, you’re called to dig into the archives of your artistic interests. On 6 October, the new moon in Libra brings a fresh start to how you embrace this sense of naivety, however the key to unlocking this potential lies within reflecting on what’s helped you truly feel that sense of freedom in the past. Consider what makes you feel empowered enough to release control. Mercury ends its retrograde phase on 18 October and lots of artistic “ah-ha!” moments flood into your sky. Keep a journal to hand, and let yourself process out loud. Let yourself regain speed at your own pace, though, so as not to lose steam.

A few days later, the full moon in Aries blazes into your zone of community connection and the dreams you have for your future (as well as the future of the world you share with others). This is a shining moment in your sky, Gemini. Spend it celebrating with friends and comrades. Release any inhibition around how much love you offer to others, and who offers love to you. Your month rounds off with energetic Mars moving into the sultry water sign Scorpio, where revenge is a common narrative in how it moves. Don’t let your body move with spite during this time. Be clear and honest with how you show others your intention through your physical tone.

Cancer & Cancer Rising 

Creating a sense of home wherever you go comes more naturally to you than you think, Cancer. What bedtime stories have you been whispering to yourself lately?

October begins with Mercury retrograding through the zone of your sky that connects you to ancestors, family, and the spaces you feel safest within. As this brings up past feelings, fights, and friends who used to be part of this sphere of your life, you’re called to evaluate your relationship to comfort. Are you letting people back in just because it feels like solace in the moment? 6 October brings the new moon in Libra; helping you to begin again in how you define ‘home’ and who comprises this fresh iteration of it. As lessons from this moon reveal themselves over the next few weeks, take note that Mercury’s retrograde phase ends on 18 October. This is a moment for you to finally begin new tasks that involve writing, getting on the same page as your family members with what’s going on at home, and being more present in your space.

20 October brings the full moon in Aries into the very top of your sky, Cancer. As this lunation illuminates your public-facing self and who you long to be seen as, you’re given a beautiful extroverted moment with others. Spend this time expressing yourself without inhibition. Be honest, clear, and excited to show off exactly who you are! Humility can stay at home on that evening. Your month rounds off with active Mars moving into fellow water sign Scorpio on 30 October, stimulating your need to have naughty fun. Grant yourself space to indulge in some saucy escapades…

Leo & Leo Rising 

Being tongue-tied isn’t always a bad thing, Leo. It’s unrealistic to constantly expect yourself to process your thoughts in real-time. 

Your October starts off with Mercury amidst a retrograde cycle through the zone of your sky that rules communication with peers in your local sphere, and the ways you synthesize new information. As your mind floats through past lessons you learned through your friendship, and toxic communication patterns you’re trying to break, embrace the darker side of what you confront. The new moon in Libra on 6 October helps you wipe the slate clean in this area of your life, but in order to begin again you must release guilt and shame around what’s gone down. Later in the month on 18 October, Mercury ends its retrograde cycle and provides space for you to move at a speed that feels more natural. Let yourself build back up to the level of socialising and communicating you normally embrace slowly, though. There’s no rush to find new connections. Trust they’ll come your way.

The full moon in Aries on 20 October brightens the knowledge-seeking zone of your sky that encourages you to let your mind (and body) travel far from where you limit it to without thinking. Mercury retrograde is over, so it’s a great time for a spontaneous trip, or new adventure to unfold quickly. Your month rounds off with energetic Mars moving into sneak Scorpio on 30 October, where it calls in action to your zone of home and family. Check in with your ancestors and the spaces you inhabit most – they’ll be speaking to you a lot during this time.

Virgo & Virgo Rising 

What are you placing the most value in these days, Virgo? Is it a home cooked meal with mates, or someone who consistently shows up for you? 

Impulse spending isn’t the quick-fix you need this Libra season. October starts off mid-Mercury retrograde through the zone of your sky that focuses on the material objects you keep around you, and the pleasures you derive from possessions. As much as you might be drawn to shiny objects during this time, it’s better to interrogate what brings true meaning into your life, and how to create more abundance in that realm. 6 October brings the new moon in Libra, when you’re called to start a new path forward through the discoveries you make in these areas throughout the retrograde. Set intentions around how you want to manifest more fulfillment that transcends aesthetic means of showing “you’ve made it”. 18 October marks when Mercury ends its retrograde phase, and finally provides space for you to flex your purchasing power and invest in the right places.

20 October brings the full moon in Aries into an ancestral zone of your sky, Virgo. Here, this lunation brings some secrets to light that connect you to paths you didn’t realise were yours to tread as well. Look out for exciting news and unexpected events to occur that concern how you connect to some of your long-term mates. Finally, your month rounds off with Mars entering watery Scorpio on 30 October; a movement that stimulates your need to communicate with people in your local sphere on a new level. Get chatting, but don’t let your keenness to connect go into overdrive.

Libra & Libra Rising 

Your season is in full swing, Libra. Ready to make it one no one will forget?

Happy solar return! Your month begins with intensity and swirling cosmic energy blessing your sky as Mercury retrogrades through your sign. As you’re plunged into introspection about how far you’ve come this last year, and the way your sense of self has changed, it can all feel a bit much at times! The key is to make sure you’re reinforcing the boundaries you’ve put in place with others (and yourself) that you know ultimately help in the long term. The new moon in Libra on 6 October is your moment to refresh and reassert your power, dear Libra. Give yourself the grace to spend it as you please, and be sure you’re setting intentions for what you want this next year of life to offer you. The next day aesthetically-inclined Venus makes a move into Sagittarius, where your social batteries get a lush recharge! Use this transit to charm your way through every awkward social situation, and have some hot (but non-committal) escapades.

18 October marks when Mercury ends its retrograde phase through airy Libra, and allows you to evolve into whatever iteration of yourself you most desire. Haircuts, new wardrobes, and fresh social media photos are all on the table! Just be careful not to overdo it right away – tempting though it may be. Your ‘rebrand’ must be calculated and sustainable. The new moon in Aries on 20 October is your moment to release old relationship patterns that no longer serve you, and cultivate a better relationship with your self worth. Honour this day by spending it with people you know care about you, and whose dynamic you don’t doubt for a second. You deserve nothing less!

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising 

Staying present isn’t an easy task this October, Scorpio. What keeps you grounded in the moment?

Your month begins with communication planet Mercury retrograding through the zone of your sky that unearths feelings about past events you thought you’d laid to rest. As this resurrection occurs, where does your mind go? Are you at peace with yourself and your decisions, or still seeking closure? On 6 October, the new moon in air sign Libra, helps you start anew before you enter your season. It’s a spiritual moment for you that’s best spent either alone  or in the company of people who are on the same wavelength as you. Consider the type of alignment you’d like to cultivate in this coming year above all else. Mercury finally ends its retrograde on 18 October, and breathes a sigh of cosmic relief into your mind. Now is a great time to finally process the underbelly of your thoughts with mates and partners. Be honest and clear with where you’re at. 

The full moon in Aries on 20 October is all about your body. This lunation calls you to release patterns and behaviours that don’t suit your physical needs and the stability in your routines. It’s a serious conversation that the sky wants to have with you, so don’t look the other way! Your month rounds off with Mars entering your sign on 30 October; giving you a burst of energy to accomplish pretty much anything. No holds are barred now, Scorpio. Give it everything you got.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

Where do your dreams roam when you relinquish the barriers of thought surrounding what your life could be, Sagittarius?

October begins with you retracing your steps as Mercury retrograde moves through air sign Libra in full swing. You’re called to interrogate past relationships to social groups and communities your part of; reframing the role you play and who you bring with you on your ever-evolving journey. Who were you once a role model to? Are the groups you admire still holding that position now? The new moon in Libra on 6 October asks you to define a new way forward in how you navigate these spaces, or potentially let them go completely. Use this air sign’s exuberance to see the potential new social connections hold. There are so many fish (and schools of fish) in the sea! The next day, Venus moves into your sign! This is a blessed time for you, where you’re attracting people based on the truest version of who you are. Embrace people’s love of your authenticity and push yourself to spill all.

18 October brings the end to Mercury’s retrograde cycle (phew!). Now that this communication planet is moving forward again, you’re able to gain more clarity as to who and what you gain joy from. Put your dreams into motion and make it a collaborative effort. The full moon in Aries on 20 October asks you to have some silly fun and indulge in some impulsive activities with your creative peers, Sag. Halloween has come early! Let yourself get up to naughty activities around this time, and jot down exciting ideas you have for your artistic practices along the way.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising 

Being visible in your achievements requires letting go of imposter syndrome, Capricorn. Ready to let yourself shine?

October brings you into a space where you’re called to evaluate how the work you’ve put into cultivating your passions has added up and put you in the position you’re in now. Take a breath, and pat yourself on the back! The Mercury retrograde this month starts with is best spent reflecting and reformulating how you make yourself seen. On 6 October, the new moon in Libra brings a burst of energy to the public facing area of your sky, and helps you embody a new energy when you walk into a room. Work on growing your confidence and speaking honestly about what you’ve achieved. A few days later, hard-working Saturn ends it’s long retrograde through Aquarius, and helps you move monetary matters in your life towards a more sustainable direction. 

Look out though – it’s still Mercury retrograde during this time. Avoid signing contracts until after 18 October when Mercury ends its retrograde phase. This isn’t to say you can’t do this at all during this time; just be sure you understand what terms you’re signing up to, read everything twice, and ask all the questions you have. The full moon on 20 October calls you to release energies that are built up in your home and family environments and honour your space, Capricorn. Bring energy into making your room, studio, or even just the places you inhabit most as hospitable a place as possible. You deserve comfort and cosiness!

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

Where do you want your eternal curiosity to take you now, Aquarius? Your sights are set far away from wherever you call home.

Your month begins amidst a Mercury retrograde in air sign Libra; calling you to retrace where you’ve been over the past year both emotionally and physically. A relocation might be on the cards, but that’s not to be decided now – only considered with care. On 6 October, the new moon in Libra builds this energy and helps you move forward with new ethos that bring clarity to why you’ve got the wanderlust you do. Use it to set intentions about how you occupy space, and how you plan on making an escape. A few days later, Saturn finishes its retrograde through Aquarius where it’s been for quite a few months! This is exciting news for your sky, Aquarius. Saturn rules hard work and long term commitments. In your zone of selfhood, this helps tackle more unpleasant tasks and motivates you to honour your responsibilities.

18 October brings the end to Mercury’s retrograde through Libra, and leaves you with many answered questions. Keep processing those lessons, and where you know they’re supposed to take you. It’s finally a good time to book flights, and make moves based on where you need to go. The full moon in Aries on 20 October brings you a boost of extroverted vibes that help you welcome in new friendships! Spend this lunation in the presence of people you’re keen to get to know more, and see what knowledge they offer. Go into these encounters with an open mind and heart.

Pisces & Pisces Rising 

Organising the past away in a tidy, clear way is harder than it seems, Pisces. You love letting emotions linger, and for paths to cross again.

October begins in the high tides of a Mercury retrograde through air sign Libra, who loves justice and nuance. As this planet moves through the zone of your sky that calls in ancestral yearnings and brings up deep, spiritual ties you have to people, things can feel heavy! Tread lightly, but don’t shy away from the confrontations. On 6 October, the new moon in Libra helps you gain clarity about what these lessons seek to teach you, and what to address with your spiritual guides. Set intentions around clearing away the people who wish you anything less but the best. Mercury finally finishes its retrograde phase on 18 October and helps you to release what the new moon allowed you to set intentions for. Just like the leaves from the trees – it’s shedding season. Make your boundaries clear.

20 October brings the full moon in fiery Aries to a fiscally motivated zone of your sky. Although the material often doesn’t concern you, Pisces, this is a moment for you to do some monetary manifesting. Think about what types of material abundance you crave, and ask the universe for it! Your month rounds off with Mars entering fellow water sign Scorpio on 30 October, and helps you suss out some escape routes for the coming months. Let your feet and mind wander with this scheming energy. Leave behind the places you know you’d rather not reenter.