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gal-dem’s monthly horoscopes: in Taurus season we’re boldly helping ourselves to a second plate

30 Apr 2019

Illustration by Nadia Akingbule

May is here, Taurus season is upon us, and congratulations – you survived Aries season!

As I write to you from my astro-office (aka living room table covered in books) I can tell it’s Taurus season not only from looking at my ephemeris, but because I’ve just noticed that my aloe plant needs repotting, I’m craving a mango ice pop, and my usual house-cat tendencies have evolved into balcony-cat who wants to bask in the sun. The sense of calm that I found difficult to locate during Aries season has finally returned, and with it, the urge to recenter caring for my physical body in my routine.

While Aries (the ram) and Taurus (the bull) are both stubborn, horned creatures, the crucial differences between them are the speed at which they move; making their season shift feel like a cosmic tempo-change. Fire sign Aries moves fast and hot, while Earth sign Taurus prefers a steadier pace. It’s like getting on public transport at rush hour versus off-peak times – the latter being a slower journey, but a more relaxed one.

Symbolised by a regal bull, sturdy Taurus is forever ready to hold their ground. Taurus is the nurturing zodiac sign that anchors us to the earth with their confidently asserted tenderness. We can always rely on Taurus to provide us with a steadfast, sensual confidence that embodies what it means to listen to your gut feeling. Their ruling planet Venus, goddxss of love and pleasure, guides them from one indulgence to the next.

This Taurus season, it’s time to slow down, cook a favourite meal, and step into your body’s power. Guide yourself to being present, and appreciate your body as you are in this moment. Literally, stop to smell the flowers (which are blooming in many parts of the northern hemisphere) and help yourself to a second plate of food if you’re still hungry! This rings especially true if you live in a city where your sense of smell is something you’d rather ignore as you go about your day.

On the 4 May we have the New Moon in Taurus asking us to think about how we hold ambition. As passionate planet Mars clashes with Jupiter on the same day as this lunation, we’re confronted with the difficulty of having unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Whether this comes from comparing your journey to others or generational guilt clinging to your psyche, be sure to frame any New Moon intentions you set gently.

This month Mercury and Venus both move into Taurus on the 6 and 15 respectively; amplifying the Earth sign energy in how we communicate with one another, as well as express love and care. Usually aggy Mars moves into water sign Cancer on the 16 May, blessing the sky with a non-confrontational vibe.

This Taurus season we’re taking joy in the simple things life gives us, and honouring ourselves the way we deserve. Here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs!

A gentle reminder to readers – I encourage you to learn your Rising and Moon signs in addition to your Sun sign, and read those predictions as well. Your relationship to the universe is a deep, ancestral one built on all planetary positions when you were born.



Happy Solar return, Taurus! This month, you’re stepping into your power and spending time considering the ways you express who you are. There’s so much comfort to be found in this energy of self love and appreciation and with it, a willingness to take risks. Since there are a lot of planets gathering in your sign throughout the month, along with a New Moon on the 4 May, decisions around changing your appearance seem less daunting. Indulge in a new haircut or a wardrobe change, and play with the endless possibilities that your appearance presents you with. When Mercury moves into Taurus a few days later around the 6 May, you’re readying to speak your truth with others and share any personal revelations.

Your chattiness is amplified further around the 16 May when action Mars moves into dreamy Cancer, activating an area of your chart that loves communication and learning. Some of your best ideas around this time will come from deep conversations you have with friends and peers, so keep yourself open to exchanges. When the Scorpio Full Moon arrives around the 18 May, there’s a sexy synergy between you and your partner(s) or potential partner(s) in the air. Use the last few days of your season to make a move if the vibe feels right – there’s nothing like a Full Moon meeting to heat things up in your personal life and bring you pleasure!


Your mind is moving into existential places this month, Gemini. As the May sky shifts cosmic forces into an area of your chart which has to do with spirituality, the occult and endings, you’re presented with an amazing opportunity to get in touch with your gut feelings, and new physical activities. For you, the New Moon in Taurus on the 5 May is all about embodying fresh feelings, rhythms, and unspoken energies that can’t always manifest in words. This may feel alien to you as a naturally chatty, social sign, but use it to listen to more than what people are saying to you. Feel their presence, and decode their actions with a clear lense of intuition. If you’re meeting new people around this time, working with nonverbal creative mediums like painting, music, meditation or dancing may be the key to getting to know someone rather than a long drawn out conversation!

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18 May reminds you to listen to your body and indulge in Taurus season’s sensual pleasures. Pay attention to what your physical and mental health looks like around this time, and listen to what your body is asking for. Do you need to attend to some old injuries? Maybe throughout May you discovered something beautiful about your body that you want to work with further? Don’t be afraid to try new avenues of expression or healing, and help others by sharing where you’re at on your journey.


Your sights are set on socialising this month, Cancer! It’s time to crawl out of your shell and show your community what you’ve been up to. When the New Moon in Taurus occurs on the 4 May, you might find changes occurring in the way you relate to others and in your group spaces.

Don’t be surprised when any new relationships (platonic or otherwise) or communities carry an undertone of shared political goals and dreams. However enter these spaces with caution. As a water sign that loves deep emotional bonds, it can be easy to rush into relationships that feel revolutionary and soul bonding, but overlook red flags in the process. Use love-planet Venus’s energy as it moves into Taurus on the 15 May to scope out if this new bond is true by asking poignant but compassionate questions.

The New Moon in Scorpio on 18 May brings you whimsy and joy that’s worth celebrating. As this lunation shines a light on pleasure and uninhibited creativity, use its energy to release anything that isn’t bringing you happiness. This time is great for a night out with friends and healing through laughter; especially if other areas of your life feel chaotic and out of your control. Also, if the cosmos has brought new folx into your life, use this time to meet up and show them the multifaceted person that you are!


Taurus season is doing the most for your career and reputation, Leo. As the Sun in Taurus moves through the top of your chart, which has to do with your life path, public facing self and work, confidence and clarity will come to you. The New Moon in Taurus on the 4 May becomes a hugely important time to (re)set some of your goals and plan out any career changes, no matter how big or small. Because of the way this New Moon is in conversation with Mars and Jupiter, don’t forget to dream but keep your goals true to who you are. You often put a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed, Leo, so don’t amplify this inner dialogue so much that you feel trapped under the pressure of your own mind!

On the 16 May, Mars pushes you do some soul searching, and find moments for quiet reflection. Do some activities that put you in your ancestral power. This may involve cooking, doing some mystical rituals, or moving your body. This will set you up well for the introverted vibes that wash through you under the light of the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18 May. This lunation occurs in an area of your chart that loves being at home, with your chosen family, and honour your forebears. Let yourself take pause during this time, and if your energies are restless and eager to see folx, consider hosting a dinner party!


May has you living your best bookworm life, Virgo. This Taurus season, energies are allowing your mind wander freely as you delve into new subjects that hold your interest.  When the New Moon occurs on the 4 May, allow yourself to indulge in as many new reading materials, visual essays, and podcasts as you like. When action planet Mars moves into gentle Cancer around the 16 May, you’re reminded of a human need for connection with your community. Let your favourite research topics guide you into social interaction so that you don’t inadvertently isolate yourself. Attending book launches, public lectures, and performances are great ways to feed your mind and get your fill of human interaction, too.

The Full Moon in Scorpio around 18 May shines a light on a part of your sky that has to do with thinking and communicating. Full Moons signify endings, so use this lunation to try and break any thought patterns that have been weighing down your mental health. .Write down some positive affirmations, and be sure to do lots of anxiety-soothing tasks should you start to feel overwhelmed. It’s important to clear your mind of clutter that can easily build up into anxiety during this astrologically powerful time. Offload with journaling, confide your truths in close friends, and even try traveling with little objects to fiddle with and keep your hands occupied.


The May skies have you wading through the deep waters, Libra. As a fairly conflict avoidant sign who loves understanding every perspective, the heavy ancestral energy this month may dizzy you with information. Inheritances, assets, marriages and deep partnerships are all themes you’re working with this Taurus season. Take some time to fixate on one element of information at a time to avoid losing yourself in thought. Let your gut feeling guide you through any decision making processes, and trust your deeply rooted sense of justice.

Mars’ move into Cancer around the 16 May has you manifesting big in matters of your career and reputation. If your work involves public-facing performances or communication with a wider community, spend some time stepping into this spotlight. Mars is the planet of passion and action, and with this energy moving through a part of your sky to do with extroversion and hard work, there’s lots of potential for an amazing opportunity to come your way. This also coincides well with the Full Moon in Scorpio a few days later on the 18 May, which shines a light on a part of your sky to do with material possessions and finances. This is a great time to finalise a business deal, cleanse your wardrobe, or decide what the next move is for you to financially support yourself in achieving your goals.


May is bringing you some time for reflection on your relationships, Scorpio. When the New Moon in Taurus occurs on the 4 May you might gain a fresh perspective on partnerships in your life that have started to feel stagnant. The catalyst for this change may come from your love of action and “working through” things, or a heart-to-heart initiated by a friend or coworker. Should you find them calling you out for being stubborn this Taurus season, try not to get immediately defensive! With Taurus’s fellow fixed sign energy in the air, it’s important to take a step back and remember that we don’t always have all of the answers. Mars’s move into in fellow water sign Cancer around the 16 May is bringing lots of compassion to your interactions as well, so harness this not only when speaking to others, but when having conversations with yourself.

Later in the month there’s a Full Moon in your sign on the 18 May. This lunation is asking you to shift the focus onto yourself for a moment, Scorpio. Since you’re doing lots of work to hold space for others and consider their feelings this month, the Full Moon gives a space for pause where you can synthesise your role in helping navigate your relationships to more fulfilling places. In addition to this, the period of time around the Full Moon is also great for making some decisions about your appearance you’ve been sitting on. Indulge in a haircut or even a new piercing if the vibe feels right; Taurus season is the perfect time to focus on aesthetics!


Self love can be cultivated in many different forms, Sagittarius, and this May you’re ready to focus on nurturing your physical body. It’s time to remember exactly what it is you adore about your form, the one and only vessel that carries you through this life, and even call yourself in on any aches and pains you’ve been ignoring. As the teacher and traveller of the zodiac, you’d often rather take quick-fixes to keep your body moving and performing for others rather than spend serious time on healing old wounds. Try to switch this up when the New Moon in Taurus occurs on the 4 May. Practice self massage, take an epsom salt bath, and if you’re always at the gym take a few days off! Don’t pressure yourself into influencer-endorsed diet plans or replicating commercialised images of “health”, but rather spend extra time answering your bodies needs when it’s calling out.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18 May is an ancestral one for you, Sag. As the moon’s light shines on an area of your chart to do with the occult, endings, and spirituality, you may find your mind turning inward. Pay attention to your dreams, and look out for any omens or messages around this time. This lunation arrives to remind you that even as you forge paths that no one in your family has been down before, you’re never alone in your journey. Your support network extends beyond this realm!


New projects are on the horizon, dear Capricorn! You’re not one to shy away from hard work as it is, but with the May skies illuminating a part of your chart full of creativity and inspiration, you’re ready to scheme fresh ideas. The key to channeling these vibes is to make sure you’re infusing unstructured activities that bring you joy into your time. When the New Moon in Taurus occurs on the 4 May ask yourself – do I allow space for creative projects that don’t just work in a utilitarian sense?

If the answer is no, it’s time to do things that bring you joy and hold no expectation in relation to others. Whimsy is key! Dance in your room, listen to your favourite album on repeat, and experience pleasure.

On the 16 May when action-planet Mars moves into Cancer, it’s time to put some energy into speaking with your partner(s) in life: business, romantic, platonic and otherwise. The tenderness of water sign Cancer adds a gentleness to your interactions and allows for calm, careful exchange in ideas and considered apologies. This becomes especially important around the 18 May when the Full Moon in Scorpio shines a light on wrapping up any past dramas or feuds within communities or friendship groups. Take the lead as usual, and don’t be afraid to apologise first if the situation calls for it.


Your energies are focused on grounding yourself in quiet spaces that feel like home this month, Aquarius. When the New Moon in Taurus occurs on the 4 May, you’re pushed to switch things up in these spaces Because you’re so good at being in your own head, spending time on curating your environment(s) can feel like an extra burden sometimes. However, the small amount of effort you devote to spreading your inner comfort outwards could seriously aid in finding creative inspiration in the month. Whether it’s changing around the furniture, hanging up some prints by your favourite artists, or even just finding new awareness in how you navigate the area, try to embrace these “spring cleaning” vibes. On the 6 May when Venus, planet of love and aesthetics, enters Taurus as well, there’s so much potential for you to feel fulfilled and grounded.

Things start to fall into a steady rhythm around the 16 May when Mars enters gentle Cancer. During this time, really hone in on your routine – even if it might feel mundane. Mars is all about taking action, and as it moves through a part of your chart that centers the body, work and schedules, you’re able to find respite from the distractions of other people’s chaotic energies.

Use the stability you’re manifesting this month to anchor your confidence when the Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on the 18 May, and if the universe signals to make moves towards a big career shift, go with it!


May is all about new connections, new people, and new ideas for you, Pisces! This Taurus season, there are lots of energies moving through a part of your sky that emphasises how you communicate with others, and the way you connect with people in your immediate surroundings. As they wash over you, will you embrace the social times, or shy away from extroversion? As a more sensitive water sign, it can be difficult to constantly interact with others without feeling overwhelmed, but your love of deep connection over the more esoteric aspects of life can be fulfilled in a unique way when you’re spending time with interesting folx. Lean into nourishing this, especially when Venus enters Taurus on the 15 May – there’s a great chance that new amorous relationships could find their way to you, and that they’re closer by than you’d expect!

Your artistic juices start flowing on the 16 May when Mars moves into Cancer, harmonizing with your chatty inner child. Then, when the Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on the 18 May, it illuminates a part of your sky that craves knowledge, and seeks travel. Now, don’t forget that Full Moons are all about endings, so this lunation may culminate in a final decision for a trip you’ve been planning. However, since sultry Scorpio is involved, it could also air in the direction of restorative justice, so keep an eye out for any cycles that come to an end around this time!


What gifts do you bring to this world, Aries? This month, the May skies are presenting you with big opportunities to develop a relationship between your hobbies, passions and financial earnings. Perhaps it’s time to take up some freelance projects that have to do with your creative outlets, and experiment with centering those activities in your life? Taurus season has people eager to see what you’re up to, so don’t be afraid to take up space showing us what you’re good at. Use the New Moon in Taurus on the 4 May to try some new outlets with your hobbies, and don’t be afraid to take risks. If your daily work already incorporates ideas and material you’re passionate about, think about expanding the areas that parts of your process that feel the most fulfilling to you.

When action-planet Mars moves into Cancer on the 16 May, you’re called to pay attention to what’s happening in your home. It’s easy to get distracted by fun, invigorating energies this Taurus season so you might find that your room has become cluttered, or the washing up has been sitting for slightly too long! Put time into pampering your space, and fill it with fragrant aromas that stimulate the senses. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18 May is set to be a sultry time for you, so it’s in your best interest to keep tabs on whether or not your home is ready to entertain guests!

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