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Nadia Akingbule

gal-dem horoscopes: Harness your emotions this Libra season

It’s spooky season, and a time to embrace often conflicting emotions together.

11 Oct 2022

Have you ever regretted saying something in the heat of the moment? Perhaps it was because it carried too much un-sugar coated truth within it. Or was it a hyperbolic statement? Maybe you said something only to hurt the person in front of you.

Anger and diplomacy are often seen to exist in conflict with one another. The veil is thin, and Libra season is here. As we’re welcoming in the spookiest time of year, it’s important to remember that feeling our feelings in full helps us to learn more about our desires and triggers, as well as find the clear pathways towards ‘rational’ action.

As much as we’re surrounded by whispers of the quick-witted and justice-seeking glory that Libra’s energy brings, there’s a furious tone to October too. This is because fighter-planet Mars rules the roost as it prepares to go retrograde. Mars is the God of war: of outsider enemies, sex and passion. As it moves through airy Gemini all month who, like Libra, prefers endless chat and less confrontation, it can be difficult to express the bubbling energies within us that need to erupt. 

“October asks us to allow emotion and resolution to exist in harmony with one another”

Ask yourself: How have you rejected your own emotions in search of “truth”? Have you treated them like a veil you must lift to get to the core of your own knowledge? October asks us to allow emotion and resolution to exist in harmony with one another. For one to catalyse the other. The patriarchal concept that hysterical expressions of our feelings disable rationale is continually pushed onto us in an anaesthetising way. Yet history has repeatedly shown us that successful protests have not always been peaceful, and uproar often catalyses diplomatic action. 

So, wail into your pillows and let both of the wolves within you howl at the moon. Wave away attempts to follow a perceivable middle road until after you’ve let yourself fall into a puddle on the floor. Lean into the dramaturgy of your own life.

We begin this month with Mercury, planet of communication and travel, leaving the retrograde phase it was in for most of September on 2 October. As it slowly gains speed moving forward again, we are reapproached with clarity and conclusions to stories that reopened during this time. That being said, don’t expect everything to be fixed in an instant! Neptune is doing a great job of fogging over facts at the beginning of the month. Let everything unfold in time.

Then, on 9 October, the full moon in Aries brings an enticing and excitable energy into our sky. There’s a glowing vibe to this fiery lunation as Venus and Jupiter boost its hopeful outlook, and provide a positive manifestation moment which helps edge us towards addressing tension in our personal lives. Activate that drive to express yourself in a cathartic and crucial way: now is the time to get your ducks in a row before eclipses are upon us and things feel less stable than they do now.

“Write down all of your deepest desires”

22 October brings a lush moment between Venus and the Sun called a Cazimi, where these two planets engulf one another in the sign of Libra. When this occurs, wisdom is accessible to us that would not otherwise be present. Use this as a valuable problem-solving moment and a means of manifesting the love you know you deserve. Write down all of your deepest desires.

A few days later on 25 October, a tumultuous and revealing solar eclipse in Scorpio occurs. Eclipses shake us to our core: they rip rugs out from under us that we had assumed would always be there and force us to roll with the punches. In Scorpio, this solar eclipse has us confronting scarcity and lack in our lives. What will you do when an emptiness begins to grow inside you? Bad habits die hard during this time.

Finally, 30 October brings the spookiest transit of the month – Mars retrograde! As Mars begins to move backwards in the sky through Gemini, there’s a new level of frustration that we’ll have to sit with over the next few months. What angers us isn’t about to go away as easily as it usually does. Now is your time to learn new lessons in navigating the ways you handle conflict, and validate your anger. 

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the signs this October.

Aries & Aries Rising 

October brings you your full moon, Aries. What will you do with this magical moment? As Luna becomes full and asks you to wield your power, what are you appreciating about yourself? What can you recognise as your strengths? 

Keep in mind that making choices which hold your best interests may not always be received well by others. Do your best to uphold your boundaries whilst also being kind and considerate of other people’s feelings of rejection. The solar eclipse in Scorpio on 25 October arrives with the intention of rocking your reality and doing what eclipses do best: surprising you with extremes. Expect this one to slide some slippery situations into your seemingly steady, long-term relationships. Chaos pokes its head around every corner for you during the Scorpio eclipse, so seeking peace should become a priority. 

Your Mars retrograde is framed around how you hold and solve conflict with your teachers and peer groups. If you need alone time to figure yourself out, always take it.

Taurus & Taurus Rising 

Letting go has never been easy for you, Taurus. As a sign that loves consistency and companionship through turbulent terrain, October challenges the foundation of your attachment to people who ground you.

The full moon in Aries on 9 October evokes the zone of your sky that rules endings and occult stirrings. This is likely to bring a dramatic conclusion to a storyline you thought would always reside in the ether, haunting you in strange waves. Embrace what it means to let go and give yourself space to process its loss. The Scorpio solar eclipse on 25 October rattles unexpected changes into your partnerships and personal bonds; rocking the boat in strange but aligned ways with your boo or situationship(s). Embrace the spirit of spooky season and take seriously what (or who) makes a swift exit or entrance during this time.

Mars retrograde has you in a state of analysis and frustration with fiscal commitments you’ve made and what the material consequences of your spending are. Invest wisely during this time and set financial boundaries.  

Gemini & Gemini Rising 

October is a month that really makes an impression on your physical vitality, Gemini. Are you ready to make sure self care is always on the agenda? Your limits are about to be tested.

The full moon in Aries on 9 October grants you some much-needed decision making power when it comes to conflicts within your wider political community. Get ready for an “a-ha” moment regarding who (and what) you want to invest your energy in on a macro scale. Make sure you’re not shying away from confrontation with the people you’re building those projects with, too. Red flags are not to be ignored. The solar eclipse in Scorpio on 25 October is an electrifying yet exhausting lunation that traverses your zone of physicality, rituals and routines. As it brings shocking news to these areas of your life, be conscious of how much rest you’re getting; you may need it more than you think. It’s okay to be late to the party if you need to sleep.

Mars retrograde is happening in your sign, Gemini. This further contributes to the exhaustion that eclipses are bringing and might reduce the energy you often have for healthy debate and problem solving.

Cancer & Cancer Rising 

How comfortable are you with being visible, Cancer? Your recluse tendencies fluctuate this month as you’re pulled in and out of the public eye. Libra-esque drama and Venusian vibes are upon you.

The full moon in Aries on 9 October is a force to be reckoned with in your sky. As it illuminates your zone of responsibility and career, get ready for major realisations around your role as a leader and the sense of responsibility you hold towards others to become clearer. It’s time to put yourself out there! Don’t be afraid to assert your power and flex your nurturing hand. Then, when the solar eclipse in Scorpio occurs on 25 October, unexpected occurrences in your creative life and romantic sphere enter with a bang. Lean into salacious behaviour if you feel called towards it, but be cautious. This is a particularly unhinged time for all astral beings, so scandalous events are afoot everywhere. 

Mars retrograde in Gemini might make you feel a need to retreat and slow the pace of your life after such an eventful month. Lean into this without lording guilt over others for wanting to push you on more quickly. Instead, just assert and own up to your energetic boundaries.

Leo & Leo Rising 

When faced with ethical questions that shift your perspective and challenge your value system, how do you usually react, Leo? No one is forcing your hand down the road you take next. Libra season is simply asking if you want to tackle internal and external conflict differently.

The full moon in Aries on 9 October shines its light onto your zone of philosophical knowledge and overseas endeavours. Do you seek escape in the charm of a new city, or on a train towards a familiar lover’s arms? Ask yourself why. Ask your lover why, too. Let this lunation bring you more questions than answers. On 25 October, the solar eclipse in Scorpio brings a burst of energy into the zone of your sky that rules familial bonds and the spaces you hold sacred/comforting. Watch as the unexpected occurs. Don’t force your way out of the changes and losses that stem from it. 

Mars begins to retrograde through Gemini at the end of October, the pace of your social life begins to change. Are you in need of more time alone? How much are you devoting to “causes” rather than your own personal goals? Joint ventures will need to be recalculated.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

October finds you in even deeper thought and analysis than usual, Virgo. What are you holding onto that feels like it’s ready to boil over? Is there a way you want to be seen by the general public that you’re working on curating?

On 9 October, the full moon in Aries walks you down a fiery path that holds tense conversations and explosive dynamics. Be weary of this before jumping into a deep chat with your day-one bestie, or revisiting an old beef with your partner. Assumptions are fuel to the flame. The solar eclipse in Scorpio on 25 October shakes up the foundation of friendships you’ve been building in recent days. Unexpected scenarios bubbling within your peer group will either force you to develop a stronger connection, or result in a cataclysmic ending. Watch as secrets are revealed.

Mars retrograde through Gemini begins at the tail end of the month and asks you to reshape the pace you’re moving at in matters of career and public visibility. You’re not responsible for solving everyone’s problems. 

Libra & Libra Rising

It’s your season, Libra! There’s not a dull moment in store this October as your sweet Venusian energy situates us amongst turbulent eclipses and Martian moves.

The full moon on 9 October generates a major turning point in your partnerships, flirtatious flings and potential romantic interests. This chaotic (but catalysing) moment asks you to be brutally honest with yourself and others about the boundaries and needs you have in order to be your full self when you’re in love. Structure those boundaries now and be loud about them! If you feel like a situation is make-or-break, don’t ignore that intuitive vibe. On 25 October, the solar eclipse in Scorpio shakes the structures of stability and material grounding that you rely on in day-to-day life. How is your relationship to finances and investment forced to change now? Get ready for secretive scenarios surrounding money to come to light.

Your Mars retrograde, which begins at the end of October, asks you to evaluate the type of emotion and drive you have towards ethical questions and moralistic values. What hill are you willing to die on? Are there small red flags you’re ignoring that point to wider patterns?

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Being stern and introspective is almost second nature to you, Scorpio. Can you feel this part of yourself dominating the way you communicate this October? So much of your passion feels more bottled than usual.

On 9 October, the full moon in Aries brightens up the zone of your sky that rules bodily vibes, routines and rituals. What are you conjuring with this lightning bolt energy? If you notice yourself moving with more speed than usual, enjoy it without leaning too hard into that reckless vibe. Let it be the moment of manifesting and catharsis that you’ve felt distant from. The solar eclipse in your sign on 25 October isn’t one you can do much to prepare for. It’s a hectic and inexplicable moment in your sky; bringing rapid change into your construction of self. As it encourages you to reveal secrets that have been lying dormant in your heart, don’t panic. It’s time for part of your soul to be shown to the world. 

Mars retrograde begins on 30 October and revolves around the way you’ve held your tongue for too long. Focus on letting go of discomforts you’ve sat with for too long.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Salacious selfies and gothy aesthetics are on your mind, Sagittarius. Are you behind the camera or in front of it this Libra season?

On 9 October, the full moon in Aries brings a lustful flavour into your life that pushes you towards some sexy, spontaneous activities. Given that it’s mixed in with a creative sense of whimsy, this wistful yet determined lunar vibe is great for collaborating on an art project, and/or a night of hot, hot pleasure. Then, on 25 October when the Scorpio solar eclipse barrels into our lives, there’s an exciting yet exhaustive tone to everything occurring. Unexpected events to do with final goodbyes and submitting to your favourite rituals arrive whether you’re ready or not. Buckle in.

Mars retrograde through Gemini begins on 30 October and is all about addressing your ways of communicating frustration and anger in relationships. Are you going to keep escaping from those feelings or tackle them head on?

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Responsibility is always in your vocabulary, Capricorn. What are you prioritising your responsible roles within this month? Eclipses are shaking up where you want to place them.

On 9 October, the full moon in Aries energises you to seek out pleasure rooted in what you hold near and dear. Take a sibling out for a whimsical day of wandering or have a passionate phone call debating something trivial with a parental figure! Manifest the changes that you’re ready to experience at home. Equally, this lunation could work wonders for reconfiguring your home space if it needs a vibe-reset. The solar eclipse in Scorpio on 25 October shakes up your social world and brings messy (but necessary) shifts within your social dynamics. This entrance into the final eclipse season of the year is loud and proud, calling you to own up to what your future dreams are, and stop ignoring pathways towards them. 

You can’t be a workhorse all the time and when Mars begins to retrograde through Gemini on 30 October, a serious phase of slowing down arrives. Will you fight it or force it?

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

You’re unafraid of saying something, and then saying it again this month, Aquarius. What are you excited about asking the world? Or teaching the world about? Socialisation feels easier right now.

On 9 October, the full moon in Aries blesses the zone of your sky that seeks friendships and new learning opportunities around every corner. Look out for an exciting bond to form between you and someone you’ve met in an unexpected place. A fresh passion project might unfold, too, as your thirst for knowledge grows. The solar eclipse in Scorpio on 25 October wheels you towards a major career moment that will likely come packaged with some messy moves! Be weary about getting your wires crossed during this time. Let the dust settle before you pick up what’s being placed in front of you. Eclipse changes feel surreal and final, but if something seems too good to be true, listen to your pristine intuition.

Your Mars retrograde is about sex and lust. As it begins on 30 October, questions around what drives your desires and passions arise; ebbing and flowing in and out of view. Don’t judge yourself for feeling listless at times.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

You are mutability at its core, Pisces. A true shapeshifter. Are you ready to evolve and bend at every corner this month?

On 9 October, the full moon in fiery Aries illuminates the part of your sky which rules value and fiscal motivation. Is there a purchase that you’re ready to give into despite its trivial nature? A big decision regarding money matters might be on the table and it’s yours for the taking. It’s okay to accept that your spending will always look different to others based on your unique, childlike sense of wonder and needs. The solar eclipse in Scorpio on 25 October activates the part of your sky that requires movement and cross-cultural reference points; devotion to the unknown. Expect unexpected news or travel plans around this time to unfold –you could be being surprisingly pulled towards somewhere far from home.

Mars retrograde begins on 30 October and pulls you towards home. You’ll be aching for your own bed more than usual. Bring a piece of home with you wherever you go.

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