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gal-dem’s monthly horoscopes: knowing Aries is knowing unapologetic feminist rage and courage

02 Apr 2019

illustration by Nadia Akingbule

Happy Astrological new year! I’m your astrologer Marissa (Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, Gemini Rising) writing to you from the fervid flames of Aries Season.

The period of movement from Pisces to Aries season always feels more intense for me than other astrological transitions. Part of this is attributed to the minor existential crisis I have with each passing solar return (birthday) I experience, but it’s also because Aries and Pisces energies could not be more opposite from one another.

Pisces is the old zodiac soul that wanders aimlessly, and Aries is the youthful preteen that insists you don’t need to babysit him. With the added Mercury Retrograde March, things got deep. Fortunately, 36 unwanted DMs from men I haven’t spoken to since 1943 and six too many takeaway orders later, I did manage to survive the month and am happy to be moving forward with the fuel of this fiery April.

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries comes packed with all of the excitement and vigour we need to begin again. To be present, and take any leaps of faith we’ve been resisting. In the zodiac, Aries (a cardinal fire sign) is symbolised by a Ram dipping its horns low in preparation to charge; unafraid of what lies ahead.

Aries season looks like the glimmer and flash of a sparked flame, and feels like the urgency of a late night phone call from your best friend. It provides us with momentum that pushes us out of bed in the morning, and euphoric energy that stings us when we send risky text messages. This April, skies are harnessing Aries to push us towards owning our decisions. They’re reminding us to not become paralysed by our mistakes, and to keep moving forward, especially in moments when we’re tempted to look back.

While at times the messages Aries delivers can feel harsh and direct, we begin the month with Venus, planet of love and romance, in dreamy Pisces. This placement underscores our interactions with empathy and healing, transforming the jarring flames of Aries energy into steam.

On 5 April, the New Moon in Aries has us finding renewal through strife. As we confront difficult dynamics of power that might be undermining our goals, this time becomes crucial for release.

Communication heats up around 17 April when Mercury enters Aries, adding spice to our conversations and communication! Be careful that your takes don’t get too hot around this time though, the Full Moon in Libra a few days later on the 19 April is set to be full of drama and sultry side-eyes, so try to pick your battles.

Finally, we’ve got Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn all going retrograde in the second half of the month! Don’t worry, though. Even though retrogrades are mythologised as difficult periods in time, because these planets sit farther away from Earth than others (like Mercury and Venus), we feel their retrograde energies with a bit less immediacy.

However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention. Saturn rules our support structures and career goals, Pluto rules revolution and endings, while Jupiter is all about luck and belief systems. Take time in the coming weeks to consider what questions are coming up in these areas.

In the spirit of Aries season, let’s cut to the chase. Here are my thoughts for each of the 12 zodiac signs!

A gentle reminder to readers – I encourage you to learn your Rising and Moon signs, and read those predictions as well. Your relationship to the universe is a deep, ancestral one built on all planetary positions when you were born.



Happy solar return, Aries! This month’s sky has you speaking your truth and ready to charge full-speed into all matters of self. While capitalism is constantly trying to pigeonhole us into tidy boxes that limit the multifaceted nature of who we are, Mars (your ruling planet) has other ideas. We begin the month with this warrior-planet in Gemini, which loves variety and change. Use the energy to let your mind wander into creative ideas and unconventional concepts that inspire you – especially in matters of sex and interpersonal relationships.

When the New Moon occurs in your sign on the 5 April, you’re able to meditate on your relationship to your body and spirit. Perhaps it’s time for a new haircut or a good old fashioned wardrobe purge? However, it could also be that the Moon sparks a deeper questioning about how you appreciate yourself. Think about times when you’ve accomplished your goals or overcome hardships. Do you give yourself enough space to sit and embrace your hard work afterwards? When Venus, planet of love and indulgence, enters your sign around the 21 April, it’s time to enjoy some intentional self admiration, and show some love to the most important person in your life: you!


As the seasons turn and flowers begin to bloom, you’re called into a spiritual space, Taurus. April is a great time to begin sifting through research materials and nourishing yourself with physical movement. You’re especially in tune with activities that involve non-verbal communication, like massage, swimming, or tending to houseplants.When communication planet Mercury enters fiery powerhouse Aries on the 17 April, your desire to share what’s been feeding your soul will soar. Don’t be afraid to discuss new rituals and spiritual passions that you’re exploring with your friends and community! Whether it’s telling people about the salt lines you’ve been drawing in your windows, or the new amulet you’ve added to your altar, this will also help to stave off any twinges of loneliness before your season rolls around in the last few weeks of the month.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 19 April finds you yearning to dance and connect with your body. It’s time to shake off any residual pain that’s followed you through from March’s Mercury Retrograde. Build a dreamy playlist for yourself and let loose in your room, or plan a night out at your favourite local venue. If you’ve been waiting for any signs from your ancestors, they might arrive around this time. Keep your mind as open as your eyes.


Extroverted energies are rushing through your sky in a flurry of new opportunities in friendships and community this month, Gemini! As a sign ruled by Mercury, planet of communication and the mind, it can be easy to get caught up in the chaos of your own thoughts. However, with your ruling planet moving direct motion again, it’s time to transcend the fog that fell upon us in March and charge into new social terrains.

Use the freshness of the New Moon in Aries around the 5 April to formulate any creative collaborations or career shifts that you’ve been letting simmer on the backburner. As much as people are rushing around with the fire of Aries season lit under them, the soft vibes of Venus in Pisces that greet us at the beginning of the month have folx looking for deep connections.

The Full Moon in Libra arrives around the 19 April bringing relaxed, carefree vibes to balance out all of the serious networking happening in the first few weeks of April. During this time, find spaces where you can flex your chameleon personality, enjoy casual conversations, or even indulge in a flirty fling! Now that the retrograde is over and you’re feeling more understood, the pleasure you gain by connecting with others is ready to be fulfilled.


The April sky has you moving between energies of deep introspection and extroverted social engagements. We begin the month with Mars, planet of war and passion, in inquisitive Gemini. As she moves through an area of your chart that rules the occult and spirituality, it may feel difficult to allow fire-fueled Aries season energies to pass by you without hanging onto them.

This rings true because as a water sign, emotions are often felt, heard, and seen throughout every facet of your life. However, now is a great time to ask yourself  which emotions you’re carrying that are yours to hold, and which ones you are absorbing on behalf of others. Give yourself permission to take a step back and focus on your own journey.

Luckily, the New Moon in Aries on the 5 April provides you with extroverted vibes, bringing you out of your shell and into the arms of new friends and peers. If you’ve been formulating pitches for new ideas, now is an ideal time to put yourself out there and take up space in the spotlight! Aries is a fellow cardinal sign, which means your energies together stimulate movement and change. Embrace this burst of liveliness, then takes some time around the Full Moon in Libra on the 19 April to retreat and relax at home.


You’ve really got love on the brain this month, Leo! April begins with romance planet Venus swimming in the nurturing depths of Pisces. As it moves through an area of your chart that explores practices of unconventional love, financial bonds, kink and sensuality, you’re ready to feed your mind and body with pleasure. Whether you’re exploring these energies with partner(s) or yourself, practices of intimacy hold immense potential for healing and rejuvenation. When the New Moon occurs on the 5 April, use this time to research new techniques for expressing your passions – sexual or otherwise! Under the light of the Sun in fellow fire sign Aries, you’ve got speed on your side, so any projects that need hasty managing and researching are likely to bode well.

When Mercury enters Aries around the 17 April, check your calendar for spaces that allow time to local or international? travel. Perhaps there’s places and people you need to (re)visit with a fresh perspective! Even if you’re unsure of the purpose of the adventure, trust that your gut feeling and connection to passion will make it worth your while. Plus, if you end up traveling after Venus moves into feisty Aries around the 21 April, the lusty energies might bring you straight into the arms of an amorous affair!


Your hustle is on point this month, Virgo! You’re stepping into the astrological new year glowing with a special type of magnetism that has people keen to know what you’ve been up to. The ever-intense planet Mars is spending April at the top of your chart, shining a light on your ability to engage with public facing work and put yourself in the spotlight; something you’re not always keen to do! Utilise this energy by taking some risks when it comes to matters of your career. When the New Moon occurs on the 5 April and you’re inspired to delve deeper into thinking about how you infuse passion into the more mundane aspects of life, karmic reward might be waiting in your areas of work.

The Full Moon in Libra around the 19 April is a great time for you to take stock of your personal belongings, and to shed some of the things you’ve accumulated. Think about the intention behind each of your objects, and whether its presence in your life is fulfilling for you. Spring is here, so now is as lovely a time as ever to make room for new presences in your life! Libra is also a sign that brings endings and revolution to this world love fairness and equality, so when it combines forces with the Full Moon, your power to make considered judgements and purge what’s no longer needed or wanted , is strong


As the April sky stimulates energies in your chart to do with work, routine, and relationships, you’re buzzing with excitement, Libra. New social circles are opening up for you, and energetic Mars is sending you affirming vibes that show you how the hard work you’ve been committing yourself to is paying off. Your ruling planet Venus, goddxss of love and romance, starts the month by moving through compassionate Pisces, and you’re able to channel a type of tenderness that so many folx are seeking right now! Use your composure to be there for others, even if it’s a small as a check-in text message. The harshness of Aries season can be overwhelming, but your focus is driving you head first into the astrological new year.

As an air sign, you love floating from one place to the next and immersing yourself in the attitudes of people from vastly different walks of life. When the Full Moon occurs in your sign the 19 April, check in with your body and sense of self. While this month’s energies are social and jubilant, you don’t want to lose track of your personal needs. Give yourself a refresher on crucial boundaries that you rely on to maintain your mental health, and don’t be afraid to say “no” to an invitation for a night out – your friends won’t forget about you and there’s always next time.


April has you itching to get to work, Scorpio. After a foggy Mercury retrograde period, Aries season feel like the stimulant you need to tie up loose ends and move forward. As warrior -planet Mars (one of your ruling planets), moves through an area of your chart that has to do with passion and financial stability, you’re searching for systems that can sustain you, and new ideas to feed your soul. On top of this, the New Moon on the 5 April has you thinking about the future even more than usual. It’s time to explore your options when it comes to structured outlets of expression and work; career based or otherwise! Maybe it’s time to join a group fitness class, or begin training yourself for a long-anticipated career shift .

When the Full Moon occurs around the 19 April in Libra, whatever aches and pains you’ve been ignoring in your body will demand your attention. You might be a water sign, dear Scorpio, but you move quickly at the beck and call of your passions! This can sometimes come at the cost of paying attention to your physical needs, so use this Moon’s light to feel every aspect of your beautiful body. Show it some care, and remind yourself why you’re thankful for all that it does.


Springtime is here, Mercury Retrograde is over, and you’re ready to soak up carefree, extroverted energies, Sag! When Mercury, planet of communication and travel, moves into fellow fire sign Aries around the 17 of April, it’s an ideal moment to explore creative ideas that you’ve been struggling to express prior to the beginning of the astrological new year. It’s also a great time to embrace your inner child, and put intention behind projects that bring you pleasure rather than serious financial or social stability. Not everything has to be a hustle, and it’s easy to forget the importance of reserving certain activities as hobbies so that some aspects of our lives can stay a bit less constricted by the vice-grip of capitalism.

On the 10 April, your ruling planet Jupiter, which rules luck and strength, goes retrograde until the beginning of August 2019. Now, don’t panic – while retrogrades can put us in some difficult positions, they offer us a chance to reach higher growth and learn lessons that we wouldn’t otherwise confront. Use this period to think about where you want to be in five years; is it in a new city, or with a new partner? It might be as simple as wanting to be in a different place with your mental health! Set your intentions for this retrograde around the 5 April to align its power with the New Moon in Aries, and remember to keep breathing.


It’s time for some Spring cleaning, Capricorn. As Aries season directs it’s fiery energies into an area of your chart concerning the home and family, you’re ready to do lots of behind the scenes work on your life. This rings especially true for those of you who work as  freelancers, or often find yourself merging professional and home spaces. The New Moon in Aries on the 5 April is all about cultivating new beginnings.

It could be time to look into getting a studio, or even just rearranging your furniture at home! Because this New Moon brings up questions of power and agency, it’s possible that this cleaning might cause you to confront some difficulties with housemates, partner(s), or family members. If your abilities and time are limited when it comes to altering your environment, simply tidying your desk can make a world of different in simultaneously decluttering the space of your home and mind.

When the Full Moon in Libra occurs around the 19 April, allow yourself to emerge from your Aries season cocoon to see what your community is up to. Chances are that people miss your composure and guidance, so plan some time to socialise and spend time with friends and chosen family.


You’re curious this month, Aquarius. For a sign that tends to keep their finger on the pulse of news and politics, you’re generally comfortable sitting with your own thoughts and watching from afar. However, Aries season is galvanising you to communicate with your peers and see if they’re on the same page as you. When the New Moon in Aries occurs around the 5 April, make space for you to swim through your thoughts with others. Organise a meet up or coffee-date where you can ask crucial questions that have been burning in your mind with your chosen family, and be open to embracing unlikely perspectives they will inevitably bring.

When the Full Moon in Libra occurs around the 19 April, the time you spent earlier in the month communicating with folx your respect and care for about pressing issues will culminate in greater realisations about your research practice, goals, and future as a whole. Show them some love by hosting a cute dinner party, or even making some homemade gifts. When you let your creativity flow in the direction of those who nourish you, the karmic reward always comes back sweeter.


You’re in manifesting-mode this month, Pisces! As you emerge from your season in all of its dreamy fog, you’ve got your eyes set on the more practical elements of life.

Matters in money, finance, and your material possessions are all on your mind, as well as your relationship to confidence. As a water sign that loves investing themselves in others, it can be easy to mistakenly place too much emphasis on defining yourself through who or what is around you.

When the New Moon in Aries occurs on the 5 April ask yourself: who am I when no one is here? Do I still love myself just as much? Try to also spend some time doing a bit of boring “life-admin” as well (emails, banking, cleaning). If this doesn’t send you down a rabbit-hole of pensive planning, maybe even throw away some objects that are keeping you grounded to elements of your past that you’d rather not carry.

On the 19 April, the Full Moon in Libra blesses you with sexy synergies guided by messages from your ancestors. If you’re open to meeting new people and find yourself out and about around this time, look for signs to guide you in matters of love and flirtation. The sky is giving you great potential to find the deep connections you crave, so make sure you’re feeling yourself in whatever outfit you choose!

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