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gal-dem’s monthly horoscopes: Pisces season is here and tears are falling!

07 Mar 2019

Illustration by Nadia Akingbule

Pisces season is the scenic route along an ocean coast where our best ideas are born. It’s a time that gives us permission to find respite from the world; even if it’s just for a moment.

Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac. Symbolised by two fish swimming around each other in a cosmic dance, this dreamy water sign is the keeper of the unknown. She harnesses Neptune’s soft energy to teach us how to feel deeply, and with every fibre of our being. Pisces wants us to love without fear, and cry without shame. To let structure fall away, and allow the gentle nudge of our intuition guide us.

However, as the ruler of the occult and other-worldly occurrences, Pisces energy is more than simple pleasantries and softness! The lessons this mutable water sign bears involve surrendering to the fact that we don’t always have the answers and embracing the unpredictable aspects of life.

When we take this lesson on board, it becomes a beautiful exercise in humility and flexibility. Anyone can benefit from being served a Piscean slice of humble pie, especially given our landscape of ego-filled social media where it’s easy to lose sight of a collective struggle towards liberation. Intimidating as this may be, we have to acknowledge that the world is more than the limits of individual bodies, minds, and routines. Pisces wants us to remember that we live and breathe together, and both the joy and pain which echoes in our lungs is often that of our ancestors.

The planetary movements this March are imbued with deep, revolutionary undertones, and with the Sun in Pisces, there’s almost no better time for us to embrace the change they’ll bring.

Around the 5 March when Mercury retrogrades in Pisces, we’ll find our lives slowing down in order to explore how we communicate care. It will show us that we need to care for people the way they want to be cared for and that when we work through miscommunications, there can be clarity waiting on the other side.

The retrograde will continue until around 28 March and manifest in some dismay and delay. During this time, keep in mind that the most meaningful and effective introspections are never easy, and that part of the beauty in retrogrades is that they make us take pause that capitalism often doesn’t permit.

Some other major transits to look out for this month are the New Moon in Pisces, and Uranus entering Taurus; both occurring around 6 March. These energies weave together to create a fresh start in exploring matters of creativity and earthly cycles. They encourage us to try new outlets for expression which can range from cultivating a herb box on your window sill to honing in on your sleep schedule.

Finally, we bring in the spring equinox on 20 March; the last day of Pisces season. We’ll be celebrating these final moments of the astrological year under the light of the Full Moon in Libra, which has us considering how we harness balance in our lives before catapulting us into fiery, impulsive Aries season the next day.

Our heads are swimming in the depths of the past and inspiration is awaiting us at every turn this Pisces season! With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

A gentle reminder to readers – I encourage you to learn your Rising and Moon signs, and read those predictions as well. Your relationship to the universe is a deep, ancestral one built on all planetary positions when you were born.




Happy solar return, Pisces! This month’s sky truly has you and your empathetic, water sign energies front and center for all to experience. This is your season, and it’s no surprise that we find you meditating on your sense of self, spiritual practices, as well as reaching some major breakthroughs with future plans. Creative possibilities seem endless as Venus, planet of love, enters unconventional Aquarius during the first week of the month. Your  open mind is eager to innovate and create; so don’t hold back! Especially when it comes to new rituals, physical aspects of your appearance, or medicinal recipes you may be working on. This compliments well with Mars, ruler of passion and lust, as they hang out in a part of your chart that’s eager to research and share these ideas with others.

However, March’s Mercury retrograde in your sign may run the risk of amplifying a frustrating feeling that sits in the undercurrent of your mind – the feeling that no one really understands you. Should this occur when your ideas are misinterpreted or undervalued in the coming weeks, remember that you’re a shimmering chameleon with the ability to channel the endless adaptability of Rihanna’s wardrobe, dear Pisces. If people try to take down your ideas for being too fantastical, trust your gut to tell you when their criticism is valid, or just noise around you. If the latter is true, let those comments roll off of you like water on wellies! If there was ever a time to trust your gut, it’s during the psychic-ness of your season.


You’re spending time thinking about your place in the community this month, Aries. February’s work-flow oriented energies had you putting in hours towards your career, and now it’s time to pick your head up from the desk to see who’s around for a chat! Venus, planet of love and aesthetics, is nudging you to prioritise friends, people you campaign with, and/or organisations you’re involved in. The empathetic vibes in March make it a great time to hold space with others, so try not to recoil when people start offering you the same care and support you’re giving them. It’s Pisces season after all, and during this feels-y time everyone loves a bit of respite and reflection. Although you’re hyper-independent there’s always room to receive some nurturing from friends or peers.

When Uranus, planet of spontaneity and revolution, moves out of your sign and into Taurus around the 6 March, it’s a great time to look at your material belongings and income. After spending the past seven years or so in your sign, Uranus’ movement symbolizes a fresh beginning with finances. Don’t be afraid to draw up some mind maps to help you renegotiate money management, or even begin the process of planning a new side-hustle. When the full moon occurs in Libra around the 20th of the month, the seeds you’ve sown socialising with your community will allow you to strut into Aries season feeling energised.


The Mercury retrograde in Pisces has you reflecting on your politics, Taurus. As significant people or events from your past float into view, and you begin to reminisce on key moments that changed your perspectives on life, how will you process these memories? Can you still feel the pain or pride that they once brought you? Use the new moon in Pisces on the 6 March to release any shame or disappointment you’re holding towards your past selves. Remember that none of us are born “woke”, and recognising our own flaws is an important step towards healing.

Making space for this emotional processing will clear a beautiful path for you to harness Mars and Uranus’ influence into the astrological new year, Taurus! With both of these energetic planets in your first house of the mind, self and body, the potential to overcome any negative inner dialogues have you in mental quicksand is looking positive. To aid in this process, try to spend some free time at home or in a space where you feel emotionally protected. The cosmos are putting a lot on your plate, so treat your body well while your mind is hard at work!



You’re stepping into a new willingness to be vulnerable with others, Gemini! As your ruling planet, Mercury, retrogrades through the top of your chart this month, you’re able to embrace a Piscean sense of vulnerability by putting more of your heart into your interactions with your friends, peers, and colleagues. It’s also a lovely time check-in, and make sure that your happiness is at the centre of your life as much as possible.  Listen to your intuition, deepen bonds with people you love, and fill the columns of your diary with affirmations to quiet your imposter syndrome. Embracing this level of confidence might feel uncomfortable, but the potential it holds for you to level up your position within your place(s) of work and community will make the endeavour worth it.

When the full moon in Libra occurs on 20 March, it lights up an area of your chart that centres joy and playfulness. This whimsical lunation asks you to get in touch with the physical senses that you feel most connected to, and poses the perfect opportunity to release pent up stress by dancing under the moonlight! Also, if you’re open to new types of romance or lusty flings, the days around the equinox on the 20th are a great time to explore physical expressions of love and sensuality. However, don’t be surprised if someone from your past pops up in your DMs as well. Retrogrades are notorious for stirring nostalgias that lead to us receiving messages from a past lover, so spend some time thinking about where your boundaries stand.



March finds you wading through esoteric energies as you search to quiet your mind, Cancer. The Mercury retrograde beginning around the 5 March in fellow water sign Pisces is occurring in an area of your chart that rules cross-cultural learning, travel, and life philosophies. This has your mind buzzing with reflections on your personal ethics, and the places life has taken you so far. You may find this overwhelming at times, dear crab, as the added sensitivity of so much Pisces energy already has us all on the verge of tears! Luckily, enigmatic Neptune and cheeky Venus will be hanging out in this area of your sky to help you to find solace and sensual solutions to calm chaotic thoughts.  

Try to put aside time this month to indulge your escapist tendencies, and remember what puts you in touch with your body. Perhaps it’s a warm bath filled with dried lavender buds, or a meal cooked from scratch? Although Mercury retrograde isn’t the easiest time to travel due to the difficulty it causes with transport, it’s a great period to do a serious internal check-in. When the full moon in Libra shines its light on your fourth house of the home and family on 20 March, don’t be afraid to meet up with friends, or even host a dinner party. This day marks a big transition into Aries season which is set to be an extroverted time for you, so use it to emerge from your shell!


There’s a shift happening in your life, Leo, and it’s got everything to do with your work and career. When Uranus, planet of revolution and spontaneity, joins up with action-planet Mars at the top of your chart around 6 March, you’re suddenly able to piece together the puzzle that makes up your ambitions. This also involves feelings about your reputation and career prospects. There’s lots of untapped energy and excitement waiting for you here, but patience is key. As much as you might feel an engine starting inside you that wants to charge full speed ahead into your new ideas, take time to plan your new ideas. Ultimately, we’re still in a Mercury retrograde season this month, so research must take priority.

You can release your need to share your realisations towards the end of the month, hard-working Leo. The full moon occurring in air sign Libra on the 20th has you chatty and ready to socialise, so use this time as an opportunity to bounce new ideas off your community. You’re lucky enough to be surrounded by people who respect you, so try not to worry excessively about protecting your intellectual property either. If your potential projects or ideas have anything to do with building community and sharing space, getting lots of opinions can be helpful to see what everyone feels is missing. There’s lots of yearning and introspection in the air this Pisces season, so expect plenty of folx to be in their feelings and full of opinions; you included!


You love your alone time, Virgo, but this March has you reflecting a lot on how you relate to others. As Piscean energy floods your 7th house of relationships and partnerships, you’re pulled back and forth between the tides of renewed passion for existing bonds you may have and memories of love from your past. You may even be questioning the endurance of some long-term bonds that seem relatively solid. This questioning doesn’t necessarily come from a place of dissatisfaction but is related to the influence of the passion-planet Mars residing in your 9th house of learning and philosophy. This aspect drives you to seek knowledge, and improve the way you communicate your needs.

No one’s a fan of being misunderstood, dear Virgo, but you specifically value clarity and structure. Because this Pisces season is especially foggy with the added Mercury retrograde movement, it’s possible that you’ll be confronted with some moments of frustration. Prepare yourself for the March transits by holding space for delays and technological breakdowns. Pisces always wants us to surrender to forces greater than us, so keep this lesson at the back of your mind. Plus, when the full moon in Libra occurs on the 20th, some clarity will finally reveal itself on a situation that has to do with your finances and material possessions, to remind you that life isn’t always completely chaotic!



There’s lots of joy to be had this month, Libra! As your ruling planet Venus enters an area of your chart that rules whimsy and romance, you’re nourished by a cosmic validation to move from one moment of pleasure to another. To partake in activities that bring you joy, and be unapologetically indulgent. This lighthearted vibe is also supported by the energy this Mercury retrograde shares with you, which is a major slow-down in areas of your work and routine. Through harnessing Piscean randomness and spontaneity, March becomes a time for you to evaluate habitual activities that aren’t really working in favour of your wellbeing. This could range from strict self-imposed dietary restrictions that could be loosened up, to giving your natural nails a break from gel acrylics! In any case, consider what it is you want out of the routines you keep if the way they impact your body aligns with your goals.

When the full moon occurs in your sign on 20 March, try to celebrate with a grand act of self-care. You’ve got your body and your emotional needs on the mind, so take this moment to bring in the astrological new year by spending some time with you. As a sign that’s constantly engaging with others and bouncing thoughts off of people, having some time can make all the difference in how collected and confident you feel.


When you think of home, what does it look like, Scorpio? Is it a person who always held your head in their lap, or the walls you got in trouble for scribbling on as a child? You wade through the depths of Pisces season with a soft reminder of your roots. Venus transits an area of your chart that has you appreciating your ancestors on March 2nd, then on the 5th of March Mercury retrograde occurs in Pisces; illuminating aspects of your life relating to power and pleasure. You’re pushed to look within, and deeply question if letting sensuality and joy into your life are high enough on your priority list.

Energies encourage you to connect with some unconventional folx as Uranus, planet of spontaneity and revolution, moves into Taurus on the 6 March. She meets up with warrior planet Mars in an impulsive union that makes March a perfect storm of networking, lusty hookups, and expanding your toolkit of go-to, pleasure-based activities. When the full moon in Libra occurs on 20 March, celebrate the simultaneous astrological new year and spring equinox by being still and processing some of the realisations this Mercury retrograde has brought you to. So much of the March sky has you in close proximity to other people, so finding quietness will provide respite.


There’s a serious tone to your sky this month, Sag. Although you’re not much of a homebody, March has you spending lots of time meditating on your living space and sorting through family connections. The Mercury retrograde in Pisces is slowing down the pace of life for everyone, but for you especially, dear Archer, it’s important to treat this time as a retreat. To write in your journal, cleanse your space, and try to find joy in mundane tasks that you normally do without thinking twice. This may feel constricting, as you’re a lover of movement and extroverted activities, but think of it as an exercise in directing the fire within you. The days around the Pisces new moon on the 6th are a great time to reinforce new ways you want to harness your power as well, so set some intentions around how/where you want your efforts to manifest over the next month.

As Venus, planet of love and aesthetics, transits through your 3rd house of communication until around the 26 March, you’re reminded of apologies that you both owe and are owed by others. If any unresolved beefs are lingering the air, think about ways to approach a resolution. Although Mercury retrograde is a time of miscommunication and delays, you’re abilities to do some deep listening and thorough research are keen this month. Just remember to sit with your words carefully before you reach out to others. When the full moon in Libra occurs on the 20th in a social area of your chart, the hard work you’ve done to restore and repair relationships will manifest in karmic reward as you celebrate the astrological new year!


Mercury retrogrades can feel like an annoying bump in the road. You’re used to moving steadily through life with an intricate plan, so when this planet of communication and travel begins to move backwards through the sky, your frustrations seem like they’re constantly surrounding you. However, you’re also not one to shy away from a challenge, Cap! This month is presenting you with lessons on how you speak to others and the value in weaving empathy into your words. As someone who often finds themselves in charge and looking for effective ways to get their crew on the same page, this Pisces season poses as the perfect time to check in with others and test the waters in new, heartfelt exchanges with friends.

You’re also ready to get back in tune with old hobbies this month! When Uranus, planet of spontaneity and revolution, joins passionate planet Mars in Taurus around the 6th of the month, you’re suddenly reminded of activities you used to do that made you feel good and really brought you into your body. Often as we get older, things that we once made time for fall off of our radar, so use this transit as a cosmic reminder to dust off your running shoes or break out your favourite recipe book! Uranus and Mars are a nudging you to laugh with your whole body, remember what you love, and embrace playfulness.


Your ruling planet is making some major movements this month, Aquarius! On the 6th of March, Uranus, planet of revolution and spontaneity, moves into Taurus. Now, Uranus is a fairly slow-moving planet, so when it does finally change signs, you feel it’s power at your core. It imbues you with a sense of restlessness, and it begins its transit through Taurus by sending you messages about your home and families. Is it time to move? Are dynamics shifting in your chosen family? Your air sign tendencies may cause you to get in your head about it, but remember that the most effective actions need a plan. Use the pensive Mercury retrograde energies that begin on 5 March to consider how your relationship to money and finances impacts your home. Maybe the changes you yearn for can be solved with some saving or spending!

You also crave freedom, Aquarius, and the full moon in Libra on 20 March reminds you of this. As this lunation lights up your 9th house, feed your need to wander by planning a holiday, weekend adventure, or even just a moment of escape into a new book. Retrogrades are a great period to research and reflect, but can be chaotic for travel and transport! Try to hold out on starting any new journeys until after it finishes on 28 March; your vibes for mid-Aries season are looking much more social anyway, and hold the potential put important new friendships in your path.

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