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gal-dem’s monthly horoscopes: Gemini season is saying it louder for the people at the back

05 Jun 2019

June is finally here, and Gemini season is upon us! I often find myself struggling to accept the transition between Taurus and Gemini season more so than other cosmic shifts during the year. As a Pisces Sun, it’s hard for me to leave behind the sensual, steady flow of Taurus energy when my very watery chart struggles to generate that earth sign stability. However, the love I have for the fervid excitement of Gemini season never fails to pacify this longing, and then some.

Gemini is an especially feisty member of the zodiac. Symbolised in the stars by twins holding hands, this air sign showers us with energies that kiss us on the forehead yet simultaneously give us a shady side-eye. Confusing? Yes – but boring? Never.

The beauty that Geminis brings is found in their willingness to recognise and hold space for all parts of ourselves. They embody contradictions, transformations, and brillances. Their flexibility and shapeshifting have such a needed place in the world; especially in matters of imagining new political landscapes, and personal metamorphosis we grow through. Gemini energy tells us (in many words) that there’s always another perspective to consider. That we exist beyond binaries, and that laughter is one of the best ancestral recipes we can utilise.

This Gemini season it’s time to embrace our messiness, and jog happily behind our racing thoughts; allowing ideas to flow without judgement. There’s no message too long nor speculation too far-fetched, as my inbox full of hilariously half-baked thoughts from friends and colleagues is a testament to

Around 3 June we step out of stagnance and onto a path that fills us with joy and excitement.

The inquisitive New Moon in Gemini gives us a chance to recalibrate our boundaries and goals, and with it happening in this communication loving sign, writing and speaking any new desires and affirmations is key.

The next day, on 4 June, communication planet Mercury enters compassionate Cancer, underlining empathy and care in our communication with others. Be sure to harness this within yourself if any drama has you on a slight spiral. When love planet Venus moves into Gemini around 9 June, it a perfect time to distract yourself by finding new inspiration in your hobbies, routine, and relationships.

As we ramp up for the Full Moon in Sagittarius on 17 June, our need to escape routine and let our minds wander into new terrains swells with mischievous vibes.

Anything goes this Gemini season, so tuck in and enjoy the journey. Here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs!

A gentle reminder to readers – I encourage you to learn your Rising and Moon signs in addition to your Sun sign, and read those predictions as well. Your relationship to the universe is a deep, ancestral one built on all planetary positions when you were born.



Happy solar return, Gemini! This June the buzz of your season has you treating your body with care and finding respite from routines that have been wearing you out over the past few months. Rest, pampering and massage are all on the agenda, however so are tough conversations that you’ve been contemplating having with friends, family, or love interests. The New Moon around 3 June reminds you that this is your season, and now is the best time to let your truth be heard – and will be worth getting out of the way before we enter erratic eclipse season in July – even if the potential repercussions seem daunting. Trust that the conversations will clear the path for new adventures.

When amorous planet Venus joins the Sun in your sign on 9 June, your magnetism and charm manifests beautifully into friendships and work you’re doing in your community. While you’re not one to struggle at winning people over, there’s a special type of attraction you’re capable of right now, Gemini. Harness this to explore the potential of any love interests in your life, as well as financial opportunities presented on you. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut instinct when it comes to signing contracts or making agreements. When the Full Moon occurs in fire sign Sagittarius on 17 June, the fearlessness you embrace at the beginning of the month will culminate in some satisfying, social rewards!


Your head is in the clouds and heart is deep in nostalgia this June, Cancer. As you sit at this at the precipice of your season in the midst of Gemini’s chirpy vibes, it’s time to embrace letting go,  and reflect on what’s been holding you back. The Sun is in an area of your chart that asks you to embrace endings to make room for new growth, however being the non-confrontational water sign you are, welcoming endings might be easier said than done! Let the New Moon in playful Gemini around 3 June guide you to see these ending from new, optimistic perspectives, and don’t be afraid to ask your friends for advice. When communication planet Mercury enters your sign the next day, you may even find yourself reaching out to others in bold ways that you’ve not given yourself space to utilise before.

While your nostalgia is running deep this month, your work ethic is still keeping up the pace. Because passionate powerhouse Mars is spending all of June in your sign, your self-motivation is in top form; granting you the extra boost you need to complete some projects and cross things off lingering lists that accumulated during the more laid-back Taurus season. The Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius happening around 17 June will shine a light on the accomplishments you’ve committed to during this time, and give you space for some recalibration before stepping into your dreamy season just after the solstice!


Your social circles and connection to community are expanding this month, Leo. As the buzz of Gemini season has everyone’s phones vibrating constantly, you’ve got the energy to reply and people really appreciate it. The New Moon on 3 June has you reflecting on what you can give back to folks close to you, as well as those involved in similar work and causes. Spend some time asking yourself and others what resources you have that you can offer to help their journeys (besides your natural charm!) and what would feel the most rewarding to you. When communication planet Mercury enters gentle Cancer the next day on 4 June, people will be ready and willing to share the softer side of their thoughts as well.

When love planet Venus moves into playful Gemini around 9 June, take some time to consider new passions that might have cropped up since mid-May. Now is the time to shift gears and take action by diving into them. Whether they’re hobbies, crafts or even love interests you may have been subconsciously deprioritising, keep in mind that your June sky is all about taking risks and flowing with what feels right. This will also make the Full Moon in Sagittarius around 17 June all the more exciting as it shines a light on an area of your chart to do with playfulness and pleasure. Riding the extroverted energies the universe is granting you this month is the perfect way to set yourself up for a summer aligned with the people and aspects of your life that bring you the joy you deserve.


You’re ready to commit yourself to some hard work, Virgo. This June the cosmos is shining a light on a part of your chart that pushes you forward into the public eye and asserts your role as a valued contributor to the projects and groups you’re involved in. This bodes especially well because of the busy Gemini Season energy in the air. Both you and fellow mutable sign Gemini share a ruling planet (the planet that has the most influence over you) Mercury, so its strong presence is here to help you communicate your place in relation to others. However, be sure to keep your mind open and hold space for other’s emotions during this time! It’s easy to get tunnel vision when your eye is on the prize. Don’t worry though, this will become easier when Mercury moves into gentle Cancer around 4 June and this tender water sign’s influence guides us to give and receive empathy with ease.

If you find yourself losing steam for social interaction around the Full Moon in Sagittarius on 17 June, take some time in comfortable environments that restore your energy. Whether it’s your own home or being in the presence of people who feel like home, don’t be afraid to retreat back into your hermit-like tendencies. Cancer season is set to be full of eclipse surprises and teary-eyed situation-ships, so use this lunation for some sweet escapism and getting back in touch with a sustainable spiritual rhythm.


Your mind is far away this month, Libra! June has you planning trips and exploring new, deeper terrains connected to your passions. As Gemini season’s winds whip and churn the currents of your thoughts, you’re ready to interrogate some of the philosophical frameworks in your life. It’s time to see if your relationships to learning, academic institutions, and spiritual routine link up positively to what you love. Be sure to keep a pen nearby you, and give yourself lots of space for incubating ideas. When setting intentions and reflecting around the New Moon in Gemini on 3 June, don’t be surprised if you find yourself booking flights, or thinking about where your future might take you. Your lusty ruling planet Venus pushes at this feeling again when she moves into Gemini on 9 June, adding a restlessness, but mostly renewed excitement.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius around 17 June lights a fire under your already chatty nature, and shines a light on how language plays a role in your life. As a sign that naturally seeks justice and peace in your interpersonal relationships, you may find yourself in the role of mediator or go-between on various occasions, Libra. However, this lunation is pushing you to place more emphasis on using language that centers your ideas and opinions so that your sense of selfhood isn’t lost in the fray. Indulge this Gemini Season shift so that by the time Cancer season rolls around and communication planet Mercury enters Leo on 27 June, you’ll be ready for sharp tongues and short tempers!


Gemini season has you in deep introspection this month, Scorpio. As the Sun moves through an enigmatic area of your chart that loves investigating relationships, seeking deeper love, and getting in touch with ancestors, you find yourself ready to create space for your own healing. Gemini season loves stirring up drama and approaching situations from all angles, so when difficult past events that still haunt you crop back up in some way, embrace the flexible flow of this air sign’s energy. Try not to judge past versions of yourself and ruminate in anxiety. Rather, keep yourself open to new perspectives on what happened, and let your mind explore future frameworks for change. Spend some time with teachers and mentors when lovely Venus moves into gentle Cancer around 9 June. Energies will allow you to embrace new ideas and philosophies that could make all the difference to your journey through pain.

When the Full Moon in listful Sagittarius rolls around on the 17 June, give yourself space to think about how your material possessions and relationship to financial institutions align with what you want to manifest going into the Summer months. Maybe it’s time to apply for some grants, get rid of clutter, or even take some quick freelance work that’ll help you set yourself up for funding.


Do your friends show up for you when you need them, Sagittarius? With the Sun in your opposite sign (Gemini) this month, you’re thinking about how you relate to others and the role that communication plays in your relationships. When the New Moon in Gemini on the 3 June asks you to be honest in your intimate relationships, take the request seriously! The air sign energy floating around may be pressing the pedal on some of your flighty tendencies, but try to resist those escapist urges. Have those difficult conversations, and express gratitude to those who have supported your journey. Being present during this time will also help to set you up for a pensive eclipse season next month; full of ancestral messages and deep emotional connection with others.

Transformation and growth is a never ending adventure, and you’re always up for a good ride, Sag! Let the Full Moon in your sign on 17 June be an opportunity to embrace new forms of personal expression and care. When you start a sentence with “I am”, what phrases/words follow? Think about how your style, posture, hair, or even the way you present yourself online align with your desires and visual preferences. Give yourself space to shapeshift as you like, and do some mutability rituals around the solstice on 21 June to show the universe you’re ready.


You’re on your grind this month, Capricorn. This June you’re especially ready to push yourself deep into new projects and steer head-on into your current commitments. The New Moon in Gemini on 3 June brings you into fresh energy that really hones in on the routines that help you stay productive, while also granting you some space to think about how your physical health and body factor into the bigger picture. Whether it’s writing down affirmations of love dedicated to your body or signing up for a new dance class, try to check in with your physical self as often as you can. Showing your body consistent gratitude and attention is difficult in the capitalist system we traverse, but when we make the effort to defy that grasp, the rewards are felt all the way down our ancestral lineages.

Energetic planet Mars is spending all of June in compassionate Cancer, and as it moves through an area of your chart that rules partnerships, the universe asks you to take action in tending to romantic and platonic relationships. As much as I know you’d like to flow with the industrious Gemini season energies, it’s important to not get tunnel vision and lose sight of the feelings of people you share your life with. When the Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on 17 June, look out for any spiritual signs that indicate whether it’s time to put in the time mending a turbulent partnership, or let it go completely.


You’re truly in tune with the shifting seasons this month, Aquarius. Fellow air sign Gemini is blessing you with energies that feel like a warm embrace, and permission to take a quick holiday or stay-cation. The New Moon on 3 June makes you pause to consider what’s been bringing you joy lately, and acknowledge if your usual outlets have changed. If they have, use Gemini’s bold vibration to explore them and the potential they have to start your Summer on a wholesome path. As you spend much of this month experimenting with newfound playfulness and/or activities that feel fulfilling, think about how they impact both who you’re interacting with and how you communicate with others. When chatty planet Mercury moves into considerate Cancer on 4 June, you’ll know when to hold your tongue, and when to share your thoughts.

The Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius occurs on 17 June, and brings you the energy to socialise with friends and participate in activities based on the communities you’re part of; both old and new. If you find yourself in deep conversation at a dinner party or wandering around as a group on a night out, don’t be afraid to share the sources of inspiration that have been guiding you with others. You never know when your journey could help someone else out of feelings of stagnance, or spark an opportunity to collaborate.


Home doesn’t have to be in just one place, Pisces. The multivalence of Gemini Season is here to remind you of this, and allow you to find it in as many spaces, people and ideas possible. As you swim through ever-shifting air sign energies this June, think about what centring yourself in your home(s) might mean, and what helps you get there. When the New Moon in Gemini occurs around 3 June, meditate on what makes you feel held and comfortable in a space or someone’s presence. How can you recreate that in your own life, and what resources do you need to attain it? Luckily, action-planet Mars is spending the month in a part of your chart that seeks playfulness and creativity, giving you boosts of inspiration that might help manifest stability.

When the Full Moon in social Sagittarius occurs around 17 June, it shines a light on the way you find balance between your career and outward facing self vs. the relationship you have to home life you’ve been exploring earlier in the month. Full Moons are all about endings, so if you feel a chapter of your work or career coming to a close, see it as a way for the universe to guide you towards balance. Sagittarius is also a fire sign that loves escaping reality, so if you plan to travel during this time, keep yourself grounded by taking reminders of home and your usual routines with you. It’s easy for you to float away, dear Pisces, but we need you here on earth for all of your soft, emotional insights!


Gemini season is ripping and roaring through your mind, Aries. As the winds of June stoke your thoughts and ignite ideas you’re passionate about, you’re confronted with some of the harsher methods of communication you use to be heard. As a fire sign, speaking from a place of intuition and care comes to you more easily than others, but anticipating the right moment for that outlet to be expressed might not always be a priority. Use the New Moon around 3 June to set intentions around how you might want to change your communication styles or find new methods of letting off steam. When Mercury enters soft-spoken Cancer the next day, pay close attention to any feelings that compel you to embrace your peers through messaging or talking, too.

The Full Moon occurs in fellow fire sign Sagittarius on 17 June, bringing with it a readiness for you to dive deep into new types of philosophies and learning. Allow the light of this lunation to streamline your bustling Gemini season thoughts, and focus you on the questions that feel truly important to personal reflection and transformation. There are some eclipses on the horizon in the coming Cancer season, so pacing yourself with new books and media might provide a fresh framework for any changes in life.


It’s time to do some Spring cleaning, Taurus. Gemini season is gleefully (but slightly annoyingly) buzzing in your ear to remind you that it’s time to make space for new materials and projects. As the Sun moves through an area of your chart that involves your relationships to finance, objects, and sense of value, energies push you to purge what’s no longer working to make room (physically and mentally) for new, exciting unknowns. Use the New Moon on 3 June to set intentions about what you’d like to leave behind. It can be hard to say goodbye to things because of the meaning we attach to them, even if rationally we know they’re frivolous. Just be sure to stay kind to yourself in the process and simultaneously express that you trust new wealth. Memories will come your way as you say goodbye to the old.

When attraction planet Venus enters Gemini on 9 June, your charm has the potential to benefit you financially in matters of work and your career. Pay attention to who’s around you during this time, and take extra care to thoroughly look over contracts or business opportunities that you’re presented with. The ever-sassy Full Moon in Sagittarius on 17 June will shine a light on any unclear money matters which occur earlier in the month, so again, trust not only your gut but any signs that you feel the universe is directing you towards for advice on which route to take!

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