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gal-dem monthly horoscopes: get touchy-feely and in tune with your senses this Taurus season

Live in the now, put on your cosiest sweatpants and focus on love.

06 May 2020

Taurus illustration by Nadia Akingbule

In the zodiac, Taurus is symbolised by a strong and steadfast bull. Each motion she makes is deliberate and full of intention. If Aries Season is the sprint out of the gate of the astrological new year, Taurus energy checks in and finds equilibrium in our pace. It helps us settle into a more comfortable rhythm that we can sustain and enjoy without judgement, and puts us in touch with every crevice of our bodies. 

This May, as time lurches on and we begin to embrace our inner bulls in this unpredictable global landscape, there are different ways Taurus energy plays out. We’re settling into the familiar indents on our sofas, and prioritising grounding ourselves in a new reality.

Because we’ve entered a time where the monotony of looking at our space and fraughtness of touching one another dominates our minds, it’s crucial to keep feeding every sensory experience our bodies ask of us! Fill your home with aromatic smells as you cook ancestral recipes. Stretch your limbs, and clutch your softest pillows. Think about what sensations bring you back into the room when your mind is far away. Our need for both gentleness and tactility is even more crucial given that retrograde season is here, too.

On 14 May, Venus, planet of love and aesthetics, enters another retrograde cycle until 25 June. As she begins to move backwards in the sky through the sign Gemini, get ready for a period of spontaneous flings, texts from our exes, and transformation in our relationships. Retrogrades are all about inwardness and recalculation, and given the way that notoriously ambiguous Neptune is interacting with this transit, we might be left with more questions than answers. Anything goes, and anything is possible, but the one hard and fast rule during this time is not to make any drastic changes to your appearance!

Ask yourself these questions during Venus Retrograde: how am I giving love to myself and others even when it’s difficult because there’s no telling what the future holds? Am I fully aware of the power of my words? How am I balancing self care with contributions to collective care? What does the love I know I’m worthy of look and feel like?

There’s power in recognising and pursuing what feels good right now. In emphasising what we can offer ourselves and each other in this moment when every other moment is uncertain. As retrogrades strike and our minds are pulled into the past, let Taurus energy keep you connected to this moment

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the signs this May:




As much as you might want to navigate May through a lens of practicality, emotions and desire are at the forefront of what’s driving your astrological agenda. When the full Moon in Scorpio illuminates the sky on 7 May, get ready for a deep release. Full Moons are a time for letting go, and this particular one lights up an area of your sky that rules intimacy, sex, and long term committment. Although the feelings that crop up for you around the Scorpio Moon will be nothing short of intense, they’re a necessary trial in your journey towards connecting with your most profound desires. Do some emotional housekeeping in these areas! Let this cosmic moment help you find closure. This is a crucial move given that the tides of Venus Retrograde which arrive on 14 May will tempt you with nostalgia that could pull you into unnecessary dialogue with people who are meant to stay in your past (ie. that shitty ex who isn’t worth your time). 

On 13 May, your ruling planet Mars moves into dreamy Pisces, and curbs some of your usual inclination for directness and clarity. Enjoy the dose of empathy, and practice sitting with questions that you don’t immediately know the answer to. Then, when the inquisitive new Moon in Gemini occurs on 22 May you can relish the playful energy in the air by diving down rabbit holes of Youtube tutorials, watching DIY documentaries, and generally treating life like an exciting, never-ending puzzle. 



Happy solar return, Taurus!

It’s your season, and the May skies have an active month planned for you. As you meditate on who you’ve become over the past year, you’re called to put new values and lessons you’ve learned into practice with your intimate relationships. This kicks off with the full moon in Scorpio on 7 May, which lights up your zone of partnerships and bonds. It’s a lunation that’s sexy and heavily anticipated, to say the least, so channel Scorpio’s intensity into your interactions with lovers and love interests. The outcomes from this time will set a tone for when your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde a week later on 14 May! As this planet of amorous encounters appears to move backwards through the sky until 25 June, make sure you’re receiving as much as you give. Reflect on what you’re worth, and what you simply won’t put up with in your relationship(s).

On 22 May there’s a new Moon in Gemini that’s helping you find moments of clarity and inspiration through the murky waters of this retrograde season. It’s a lunation that asks you to spend some time sitting with your finances, researching and scheming your next career move – even if that plan seems like it’ll only be able to come into fruition impossibly far off in the future. Remember that this year is still about you taking active steps towards getting to a higher place of knowledge, regardless of the limitations of the lockdown. 



There are few things in this world that take you by surprise, Gemini. Your adaptability and willingness to accept new realities is a strength, however you also deserve elements of consistency and structure in your days! Your month kicks off when the full Moon in Scorpio on 7 May calls your attention into your space, routine, and rituals. During this time, treat the voice of your intuition with as much authority as you do your greatest life mentors. There are cycles that need to end, and new habits that you should be introducing into your day, but only you know which ones they are (and why you need them!). If you’re struggling to hear what your inner voice is saying, try doing some stretching to activate parts of your body that might get frequently ignored to hear it more clearly.

Your season begins on 20 May, and is fully defined by loving Venus going retrograde in your sign! As it moves backwards through the sky until 25 June, it’s time to ask yourself some tough questions about the person you are today. Are there things you’ve been lying (to yourself) about for the sake of maintaining a pretty facade to others? Think about how in this moment of lockdown, people aren’t watching you the same they usually do. How has this now changed your view of yourself? This isn’t exactly an easy task, so use the New Moon in your sign on 22 May to really check in with yourself with some journaling or self-care!



The only thing that you love more than feeding yourself is feeding others, Cancer. This month, you’re letting the nurturing vibes of Taurus’s energy drive you to nourish your community and friends in a way that feels more spiritual than usual. Your month kicks off with a fierce full Moon in Scorpio in an area of your sky that wants nothing more than to sack off work and play in the sun with your mates and lover(s). While you might be limited on certain fronts in doing this, this lunation is still one that brings out your more creative side. Rearrange your furniture to create optimal space for dancing, and make plans to get everyone in the group chat into a Zoom party! If you’re feeling Venus’s more ethereal influence during this time, channel your energy into cooking an old dish that you miss dearly, and drop some off to a friend.

Venus retrograde in Gemini begins on 14 May and boy, do you have some closet cleaning to do! This transit brings your mind to the past even more so than it traverses already. As a nostalgic water sign, it’ll feel like a lot, but focus on reconfiguring your relationship to those memories. You might even want to question the accuracy by which you retell the story. That slip up with your ex probably wasn’t as bad as you thought, and the main thing is that you learned an important lesson, right? The New Moon in Gemini on 22 May reinforces this, as well as provides you with an air of confidence in cutting someone/something off that you’ve finally realised absolutely needs to leave your life. Snip snip!



If you’ve planned on burying your head in your work and hustling through the next month, it might be time to recalibrate, Leo. Retrograde season is here, and as much as Taurus’s stable energy is providing you some semblance of control over your work and career, there’s so much else for you to emotionally address! The Full Moon in ever intense Scorpio on 7 May brings you farther inward into your own home and mind than you usually go. Check in with family members, and make sure you’re comfortable in your space during this lunation. A cycle is ending, and it’s important to be in tune with precisely which one it is. 

Then, when Venus begins to retrograde through Gemini on 14 May, the really tough questions come up. This transit is digging into the morals, values, and ethics that you live by. How have you shown up for them in your actions, and do you feel aligned with being the “best” person you want to be? Rise to the occasion of being honest with yourself, even when foggy Neptune makes it difficult throughout the month. The New Moon in Gemini on 22 May is a time for you to take up space in the public eye. Come forward with new ideas and projects you’ve been working on; especially ones that involve getting members of the greater communities you’re part of involved.



You’re great at getting serious when needed, Virgo. Just make sure there’s still space for some creative risk-taking along the way this May! The skies have your attention focused on the balance you cultivate between inwardness and outwardness in your research and skills you’re learning. What do you choose to share with the world? How do you feel about it becoming something you’re ‘known for’? The Full Moon in Scorpio on 7 May lights up an area of your sky that activates your curiosity and willingness to discuss your ideas with others. If letting loose and spilling your life story feels right at the time, do it. This lunation is about connecting with others more deeply than you often allow yourself. 

When Venus Retrograde arrives on 14 May in Gemini, you’re delving into thoughts about the journey with your career, and the skills that you want to revisit and grow. Just remember that not everything has to be broadcasted to the world during this time. It’s actually the perfect moment to quietly incubate at home, and be intentional with what you take up the spotlight doing. Embrace your inner hermit, and nourish your creative side on your own terms. 



Life is composed of a never-ending cycle of learning and unlearning. Luckily for you, Libra, you’re receptive to new ideas and concepts (although you keep tight stock on which are your favourites). Your style and life ethos are whatever you want them to be, and the May skies are here to remind you of this. The Full Moon in Scorpio on 7 May calls your attention to money matters and investments you’ve made that are coming to fruition. Look out for messages showing that something is quite literally paying off, or that a big project is finally coming to a close! A few days later on 11 May Mercury enters curious Gemini in your zone of higher knowledge and learning, pushing you to embrace being a student again. Guide your own learning and advance your knowledge in areas connected to what happened to you around the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Your ruling planet Venus stations retrograde on 14 May in Gemini, bringing you a chance to really evaluate learning moments from your past. Whether they manifest in difficult times or blissful adventures, take note of any events occurring around you now that feel similar. Sometimes we need to make the same mistake two or three times before the lesson really settles into our minds. Let the New Moon in Gemini on 22 May set your sights far into the future. Dream up your fantasy holiday! Also, if you’ve been meaning to publish something, go for it.



Taurus season is sitting as heavy as a bull for you, Scorpio. Your month kicks off with a Full Moon in your sign on 7 May which calls attention to your life as an individual and matters of your body. You’re halfway through until your next Solar return (birthday), and it’s time to take stock of what exactly has gone down! Check in with how you’re feeling in your body, and do some much-needed self-care. This lunation is a chance for you to reset your path forward if you feel you’ve veered off course, but first, you’ll need to face up to the parts of you that are feeling unfulfilled.

Be careful if you get the urge to change your look, though. Venus retrograde begins on 14 May and is a notoriously bad time to make any drastic changes to your appearance. Instead, formulate your perfect ‘lookbook’ without committing to that choppy haircut. Let items sit in your shopping cart for plenty of time before pressing the purchase button, too. The New Moon in Gemini on 22 May asks you to face some intense relationships that you’ve been dodging issues within. Whether it’s a financial bond that needs parsing out, or a long term relationship that’s reached a breaking point, don’t ignore what’s happening right in front of you. This is a moment to not only remember how your actions impact others but to face issues head-on.



Being withdrawn and enjoying your own company are two different things, Sag. This May is giving you the opportunity to embrace both and find some much needed quiet that you often don’t afford yourself. On 7 May the Scorpio Full Moon concentrates energies on cultivating wholesome moments in your routine and unplugging from the constant noise that technology throws at you. Remember that while you have words for almost any situation, sometimes it’s just about experiencing emotions and energies without articulating them. When Venus retrograde begins on 14 May, get ready for a deep dive into your romantic past and history in platonic friendship groups. However, dreamy Neptune is making it easy to romanticise people’s past behaviour right now, so be careful when getting back in touch. Journal clear boundaries related to how you know you deserve to be treated in both friendships and relationships.

The New Moon in Gemini on 22 May brings you a blank slate in matters of love and connecting with others. Maybe it’s time to say yes to that Facetime date, even if it feels weird and unnatural? Sexually charged Mars is spending the second half of the month in loving Pisces, keeping you open to new experiences and connections. Use her energy well!



You’re allowed to be playful, Capricorn. As much as people rely on you for serious stability and support, you’ve got so much creativity inside you waiting to be explored this Taurus season. This month is about pushing yourself to explore the parts of you that you subconsciously repress, and imbue pleasure and joy into your routine. Your month kicks off with the full Moon in Scorpio on 7 May in your zone of community and ethos. Take a beat to check in with your team, especially given that global circumstances are keeping you physically separated from key relationships in your life. People miss you, and you of course miss them! Let them know by organising a group Zoom call and (re)connecting everyone together. 

Amorous Venus stations retrograde on 14 May and calls attention to your day to day routine. How are your surroundings and daily feelings different from what they were a year ago? Two years ago? As you sit in past feelings (especially ones related to romantic relationships) think about what elements of your schedule could use a resurrection from your memory, and what you’re proud of yourself for doing now that you weren’t doing before. Through all of this, make sure to speak to yourself with care, and leave unproductive self-judgment at the door.



While you might be confined to your home, Aquarius, Taurus season is definitely not looking boring for you! The skies this month are asking you to do some serious internal work, to get back in touch with your desires – sexual and otherwise. As the air sign you are, you’ve no trouble dreaming up iterations of the future that you want to manifest. Now isn’t the time to stop. The month kicks off with energetic Mars in your sign, reminding you to put in effort towards working on your body and mind. Mixed with Taurus season’s sensual energy, be sure you’re doing some heavy-duty self care. The Full Moon in Scorpio on 7 May is a moment to reflect on exactly what you want your career to be, so dream big. If things are feeling up in the air, look out for indicators on what your next move could be, too.

Venus, the planet of love, stations retrograde on 14 May in your zone of pleasure and creativity. During this time, you can expect to return to places of excitement and adventure in your memories. The question then becomes, do you want to make those moments happen again? It’s up to you whether you reach out to people who memorialise those times for you, just make sure you go in with a reason, objective, or idea about what you want out of the conversation. The New Moon in Gemini on 22 May pushes you to make the most of your time in a way that nourishes your passions. Pick up old hobbies you’ve been missing, or simply allow yourself time to lounge around the house guilt-free! New Moons are about defining new norms in your life, so bring back something fun you’ve been missing.



Communication with your closest mates is key this month, Pisces. But it’s not just about lacing your words with empathy and care. It’s about asserting what you want out of your relationships, too. As much as you can be there for people during this time, you still need to show up for yourself and your own desires. Your May sky is all about remembering to be honest with yourself, what you want, and how you want it to happen. Energetic Mars moves from your zone of collective spirituality into your sign on 13 May, defining a moment for you to refocus on embracing your individual journey rather than frequently compromising for others. This ramps up on 7 May, when the Full Moon in Scorpio asks you to have some honest conversations with family members (chosen and biological) that assert the boundaries you need to live your most aligned life. 

When Venus stations retrograde on 14 May, she has plans to send your memory swirling through the past life events that defined who you are today. Keep your footing solid during this time by listening to your favourite playlists and speaking with people (yourself included) who can remind you of your power. The main purpose of this retrograde for you is to reevaluate how and why you welcome people into your life. You may find that you allow people to cross certain boundaries with you and get closer than they need to be out of a lack of clarity around your personal boundaries. Take each fall you experience this month in stride, and remember that healing is never linear.

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