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gal-dem monthly horoscopes: save some love for yourself this Pisces season

Our astrologer Marissa Malik takes a look at what’s in store this Pisces Season, talking Retrograde, creativity, reconfiguring, and self-love.

05 Mar 2020

Pisces illustration by Nadia Akingbule

March is finally here! Pisces Season has arrived off the back of choppy Aquarian winds and turbulent riptides born out of Mercury Retrograde’s backward spiral. Astrologically, the sky is anything but boring right now, and we’re welcoming in this water sign’s season with some big planetary shifts that make us question where we find stability and the depths of the love that we hold sacred for ourselves. 

Pisces energy is all intuition and missing your train because you stared into your lover’s eyes too long. It’s crying into your best friend’s jumper, losing your place while telling a story, and dreaming of a colour that doesn’t exist. Most importantly, Pisces is always felt before she’s seen or heard. 

Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac. She harnesses Neptune’s hazy energy to teach us about moving through life without deadlines dictating our actions, and fluidly finding ourselves outside the confines of the clock. Symbolized by two fish swimming around each other in a cosmic dance, she’s here one minute and gone the next. Pisces also encompasses a bit of every sign within herself, making this energy expansive and empathetic. You might never know what Pisces thinking, but it’s safe to assume that the premise will always be rife with tenderness, care, and unconventional amounts of affection.

Our lives are mutating at an unpredictable Piscean pace right now; quickly one day, then barely stirring the next. This time of year is anything but stagnant, yet can cause deep frustration with the lack of clarity Pisces brings, and the confusion of Mercury’s Retrograde path that continues on until 10 March. This is why it’s important to meditate on the lessons and love that Pisces energy offers us in order to move through the litany of feelings we’re experiencing right now – especially ones that feel like an experience from our past. 

The same type of synthesis and summarising we do during Sagittarius and Capricorn Season in “recaps” before the new calendar year begins is happening within us on a much more inward level right now. Spiritually, we’re reviewing and taking stock of everything we have and haven’t felt, deciding what needs to stay, and what needs to go. The Virgo Full Moon on 9 March just before the end of Mercury’s Retrograde period will help us organise, gather, and release what needs to be left in Pisces’ waters before the astrological new year begins on 20 March, and another infamous Aries season begins.  

On 22 March a momentous transition occurs when heavyweight planet Saturn moves into Aquarius for the first time since 1994 and challenges the structure, order, and motivation behind our actions on a large scale. Sound like the recipe for an existential crisis? Perhaps! But more importantly, it will be aligning and crucial to your personal growth. This rings especially true for folx with Saturn in Aquarius in their charts as this transit marks the beginning of their journey into experiencing a Saturn Return!

Then, finally, on 24 March when the New Moon in Aries arrives amidst Saturn’s newfound shift into Aquarius, it’s no holds barred with the truths that we’ll be revealing to ourselves.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each sign this March.




Happy solar return, Pisces! Your season is here!

At the beginning of this month, it’s important for you to step away from thoughts that could lead you down a slippery slope. Ones that put you on the brink of existential crisis where you spiral about past decisions you’ve made, and how they intersect with your current morals/ethics. Yes, Mercury Retrograde is a time for reflection, but not to the extent that it takes you away from being in your power the way you deserve during your season. Try to laugh at the chaos, and remember that it’s temporary. Venus’ move into Taurus on 5 March boosts your ability to communicate with others in a way that makes them feel seen and shows those around you just how charming you can be.

The Full Moon in Virgo arrives on 9 March ready to help you not only shed and release old tensions between your friends or lover(s) but to build and articulate crucial boundaries that you’ve needed for so long – making the fog of the retrograde finally worth it. On 22 March when Saturn’s long-awaited move into Aquarius occurs, enjoy the unconventional attitudes that you’ll find popping up in unexpected places. Test the boundaries of what people think, and test out some artistic ideas you’ve always been afraid people will perceive to be “too much to handle”. The New Moon in Aries a few days later on 24 March will show you whether or not these ideas can hold their own, as well as if you really do have the materials to make your vision come true.



You’re not usually one to put things off, Aries. 

The lead up to your season on 20 March has you really thinking about your material possessions and what they truly mean in relation to your happiness. This rings especially true when it comes to matters of your body and appearance. If you’re not happy with your look, don’t minimise the impact it has on your life! We’re often encouraged to put more value on treating our corporeal form like a utility rather than a home worth decorating and treating with nuance. Use Pisces season’s energy, and Venus’ move into Taurus on 5 March to give your body more time in your routine; whether that looks like perfecting a new makeup look, or marinating in a hot bath.

The Full Moon on 9 March brings your attention to matters of work and the structure it creates in your life. Pay attention to habits you want to release, or patterns you’re finding yourself in at work/in your career as a whole that you’d rather leave on the other side of the astrological new year. Virgo’s firm energy provides you with a great opportunity to cut through unproductive tendencies. 

When work planet Saturn moves into big-picture oriented Aquarius on 22 March, he helps you to find solutions to the matters you were thinking about during the Full Moon. Stay open to new ideas around this time, and don’t assume that there’s just one answer you need to take on board.



Where did you once find joy Taurus? 

This Pisces season greets you with tenderness in a potentially tricky way. Venus’s move into your sign on 5 March (during Mercury Retrograde) could have you searching for love in past (seemingly) “reliable” places that dredge up old vices. Try your best to challenge these feelings by seeking joy in new people and places, especially around the Full Moon in Virgo on 9 March. This lunation occurs in an area of your sky that rules playfulness and pleasure. Mixed with Virgo’s organisational Earth sign energy, this is your chance to embellish on your daily forms of enjoyment, and even explore some new sexy activities. 

On 20 March when the Equinox occurs on the first day of Aries season, you’re ready to retreat within yourself despite the forward-propelling astrological energy in the air. Aries’ cardinal fire energy is focused on bringing you to a place of comfort that doesn’t rely on other people’s input and transcends this plain of reality. When rule-maker Saturn shifts into Aquarius a few days later on 22 March, expect any oddness you’re feeling within to be reflected around you. Saturn might love structure, but Aquarius loves getting weird even more. 

The New Moon in Aries on 24 March is your time to reflect on how any spiritual adjustments you’ve undergone have manifested in your day-to-day. This is a time to assess whether you’re ready to set boundaries that help you incorporate them more permanently into your routine, or leave them in the tides of Pisces season.



Things are getting deep for you this Pisces season, Gemini. 

Spiritual transformation is on your agenda, but the form that it will take depends on how you embrace this energy. Will you keep socialising your way out of your own head, or sit with a bit of darkness? My advice would be to spend plenty of time alone in space(s) you feel you can move freely in. Stretch your body, and seek answers where you normally wouldn’t. You might find this anywhere from a long walk you take in the park, to a philosophy book you’ve been rolling your eyes at for months. When Mercury Retrograde ends and fiery Aries season arrives on 20 March, the clear atmosphere will help you return to social groups that you’re part of with new, exciting insights to both yourself and your ideas about how you can contribute to your community. 

The Full Moon in Virgo on the 9th asks you to cleanse your home and create the environment for yourself that you needed to find meditative peace. Buy yourself some air-cleaning plants, or organise the array of knick-knacks that have been taking up too much space on your desk. When restrictive Saturn moves into fellow air sign Aquarius on 22 March, there’s no telling what your routine and structure will evolve into. Get ready for transformation in any form by stabilising what you see around you.



Pisces Season’s whimsical energy has you in a social space, and really putting yourself out there, Cancer. 

Although the retrograde might be a tearful and frustrating time for you (especially financially) the release you feel when it finishes on the 10th is unrivaled. You’ll begin to feel ease arriving on 5 March when Venus enters Taurus in an area of your sky that renews your love for your friendship circles and social groups. Then, when Aries season comes around on 20 March, you’re able to settle into a familiar energy that helps you finish work projects and make clear decisions, positively impacting both your reputation and financial status. Stay optimistic, and embrace this going into the new astrological year. In typical Cancerian fashion, you’re likely to find yourself mothering your other friends around this time too; especially the mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sag).

The Full Moon in pro-communicator Virgo on 9 March helps you to connect with people in the local areas and spaces you often inhabit. As this connects to your Aries season endeavours, use it as an opportunity to plant “networking” seeds if you’re trying to build up your career field, or are seeking new connections in the astrological new year. The New Moon in Aries on 22 March is your chance to take any risks you’ve been contemplating with your material possessions (whether it’s getting rid of or replacing them), so use it well.



Your mind is far away and the retrograde has you digging through deep past emotional turmoils, Leo. 

March has likely thrown you into your career/work as a coping mechanism and sent you on ironic social quests towards solace. As you flit through your social media, dating apps, and usual hang out spots, try not to move too quickly just to escape a feeling. Use the transition into Aries season as a time for setting intentions and looking at future goals rather than tunnel-vision grinding. When Venus moves into Taurus on 5 March, you’ll receive the ego boost you need to tackle some of the darker thoughts that are trying to weigh you down.

The Full Moon in Virgo on 9 March a few days later asks you to not only evaluate your spending, but to think about what you truly value; both materially and in your relationships. What objects have gotten in the way of your fully realising a past love? Where do you prioritise desire? The tea on Virgo energy is that it’s always subtly kinky, so keep this in mind. The New Moon in Aries on 24 March tells you to hit the books and journal your way into the new astrological year. 



People don’t change overnight and you need to trust your gut, Virgo.

The retrograde between Aquarius and Pisces has likely backspun you into past relationships and lessons on how you relate to people. Keep a keen eye out for any tendencies that could be distracting you from the work you have on right now – especially vibes that resemble trauma bonding. The Full Moon on 9 March is blessing you though, because it’s in your sign! This is one of the best times for you to release and expel energies you don’t want around you going forward – in whatever shape they take. Put boundaries in place, and don’t doubt yourself if you decide to cut off people or activities that you feel have wrongfully latched onto you and simply need to go.

The spring equinox and Aries season arrives on 20 March to remind you who the “real ones” are: who your day ones and days forward are most likely to be, reminding you to lean on them for support should you need it. Lots of situations that were unclear and unresolved during Pisces season will show themselves under Aries’ fiery light, and not all of them will be easy to handle. Spend some time figuring out who you want to spend your time around, because your energy will be precious. When Saturn moves into unconventional Aquarius on 22 March, seek solace in your routine. 



Pisces season feels like hard work at first, but evolves into you really feeling celebrated, Libra.

The creative energy that Pisces is giving you is a blessing and a curse. You’re rushing around trying to fulfill so many of your artistic visions it’s uncanny, but sleeping for very few hours between the emails and studio visits. Luckily, your ruling planet Venus’ move into Taurus on 5 March has you doubling down on your closest relationships and reminiscing on how those bonds formed. It’s also possible that once the Retrograde lifts around 10 March, new ones will form out of unexpected interactions, too! Just don’t let this distract you too far from the burst of inspiration Pisces season has given to your workflow. Keep making and creating during this time; just be gentle with your body.

The Full Moon in Virgo on 9 March is a great time to take a breather from your hustle and regroup your actions. It’s an introverted time for you, so don’t overcommit yourself to others. Lean into the spiritual healing vibe that this lunation is offering. When Aries season arrives on 20 March along with the Spring equinox, you’re ready to lift your head up and fill in your friends on what you’ve been up to the past few weeks. Check your messages thoroughly, and respond to all of those unread emails. 



Pisces season wants to offer you transformative pleasure, Scorpio, but the move into Aries season is asking you to use it well. 

Harness what you’ve enjoyed, and evolve it into something you can use and rely on for stability. Whether this is monetizing a craft you’ve taken up, or starting a new project, the equinox on 20 March (also the first day of Aries season) is telling you to level up your hustle. No more flirtatious distractions, or late-night excursions (unless they’ve been thoroughly pre-planned during the retrograde, of course.) Rule-maker Saturn moves into existential air sign Aquarius a few days later on 22 March, bringing in energy that tells you to return home – wherever that may be. Whether it’s the studio or your favourite park bench, there’s something to be found there that could set you on a new course for the next few years.

30 March brings you a stronger sense of urgency around this desire to return when action planet Mars also enters Aquarius. This could easily make you uncomfortable, questioning the place you currently call home. Think about how the track you’re on is tied to where you live, and what might need to change for you to feel fulfilled and satisfied by your environment. 



Your relationship with home is changing, Sagittarius.

As Pisces season pulls you into the murky depths of reflection, you can feel your ancestors’ presence more powerfully than ever. Maybe your dreams are more vivid, or you’re finally learning to follow your intuition in a way that works for you, but with these feelings of spiritual connectivity and alignment with your roots comes a new awareness and relationship to your immediate environment. As you look around your room, studio, or workspace, you might realise that your frustrations have physically accumulated in your space during Pisces season. It’s time to cleanse it all away – especially when love planet Venus moves into Taurus in an area of your sky that seeks organisation and structure. Do some much-needed spring cleaning, and take a salt bath. 

You’re set to feel the transition into the astrological new year very intensely as we move into a fellow fire sign’s season. Make sure you don’t carry anything frivolous into Aries season. Just before rule-maker Saturn moves into Aquarius on 22 March, you’ll receive a wake-up call on what belongings and objects you need to hang on to, versus the ones that need to go. The Full Moon in Virgo on 9 March bolsters your confidence and gives you a chance to confidently share the new spiritual findings with others. Treat this social time as a celebration of self, and don’t run away from opportunities to speak openly and honestly with people who are curious about your new vibe.



Clarity is on the horizon, Capricorn.

Your communication has been loaded with passive-aggressive coding this Pisces season – and I get it. This Retrograde is frustrating, to say the least, and people aren’t being upfront with you. Perhaps you’re overthinking the small bits of information you’re getting. Although it’s hard not hanging onto every word someone says, and thinking analytically is something that comes naturally to you, it’s about preserving your time and energy for yourself. Your critical eye is a blessing and a curse, and sometimes it’s better to focus on your own headspace rather than spending time synthesizing other people’s minds. Let the focus of your transition out of Pisces season and into the astrological new year revolve around truthfulness and selective criticality. 

The Virgo Full Moon on 9 March is your chance to humble yourself, but also share joy with others. Be open and honest about what you don’t know, and open the floor for people to explain their areas of expertise with you. Not only will this inspire your current work projects, but it will also combat the annoying theme around your Mercury Retrograde where you feel out of the know. When the Equinox occurs on 20 March and Aries season begins, you’ll be fully ready to enjoy the fruits of Venus’ move into luxury-loving Taurus. This planet of love is settled in an area of your chart that seeks pleasure and play, so give yourself a break and indulge in this energy.



Decision-making hasn’t been easy this Pisces season, Aquarius.

While it has slowed you down a bit, you’re still on track for the types of material manifestation that Aquarius season set out for you. As you sit in the waters of Pisces season until 20 March, use this time to creatively re-evaluate your finances. Keep your notebook with you at all times, because at the beginning of the month, there’s no saying where and when a good idea will strike. Embellish on your work projects in ways that feel risky but just seem to work, and trust yourself in your creative vision. Then, turn outwards once the Retrograde ends (10 March), and share your plan with friends and peers in your immediate environment. You might realise that your neighbour actually has a great eye for colour, or your housemate’s voice is ringing most true when chatting about the direction you’re going! Give everyone a chance during this time but, as always, take it with a grain of salt. 

The New Moon in fiery Aries on 24 March wipes your slate clean on matters of miscommunication and random awkwardness in your friendships that developed during Aquarius season. Use this lunation as a time to confront people on what’s been upsetting you, and close off small quarrels before they turn into big ones. If these interactions don’t resolve themselves quickly, action planet Mars’ move into your sign on 30 March will resolve whatever needs to be sorted on your end – whether you’re ready or not!

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