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#SELFCARESUNDAYS: cheers to our blunt friends

26 Nov 2017

So you have a blunt friend (BF) and you’re not quite sure if they actually like you because they can never muster up enough strength to give you a little ‘ha ha’ to your jokes. We all need to learn to appreciate our direct and often always cut-throat type of friends because they are the ones who will always be genuine and real with you. So, here are some reasons why your blunt friend is your best friend:

1.They’ll tell you the truth. ALWAYS.

Yes, being honest all the time (well most of the time) does come with certain disadvantages. One being that people just cannot handle the truth, so here comes your BF to the rescue. Thinking about getting back with that good-for-nothing ex who broke your heart and got with that girl he said was just a friend? Are your ‘nicer’ friends telling you to give him another chance because everyone deserves another chance? Well, at times like this you best be happy you have a blunt friend around you. After a 20 minute phone call with your BF those fairy tales you envisioned in your head will disappear and you’ll realise you could have made a huge mistake – had it not been for your BF.

2.There is no such thing as playing a passive-aggressive game.

Frankly, it’s safe to say that blunt people are blunt because they have no intention of wasting their time by padding out a conversation. So, just rest easy knowing that you can expect a certain level of maturity from your BF because being petty takes up too much energy.

3.Their morals are taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Often people mistake the blunt friend for being rude and too straightforward, which leads to a belief that they lack morals. Don’t be fooled peeps, your blunt friend just has their own perception of what is right and what is wrong and does not waver into uncommon areas. Basically, they’re grounded enough in their beliefs and they do not feel the need to change how they are for social acceptance. Actually, this just highlights how moral your BF is because it exposes how easily people are willing to conform to the dishonesty rife in this culture.

4.Blunt people are the most fun to be around.

Blunt people are hilarious. Whether it’s hanging around and chilling, or a big, messy night out, you can count on your BF to be a source of entertainment. Ever been in a classroom with that one BF and everything they say is just so funny and shady but it’s not meant to be like that? Yeah, your BF will unintentionally have you in stitches, whilst they have that “why am I like this?” moment at least four times a day.

5.Blunt people don’t sugar coat.

You’re grown enough to get yourself into a situation, so you should be grown enough to hear that you fucked up. However, this is actually a major benefit for you – you’ve got a combination of a judge and a therapist. They will listen to you and tell you to keep talking, but will also inevitably end up deciding whether the verdict is guilty or not.

6.They teach you how to be better people and more genuine humans.

It’s public knowledge that not all humans find it easy saying what is on their mind. Well, this can’t be said for your BF. It could range from something so rude you question why you’re even friends with them, or it could be the nicest and most random compliment. (Blunt people are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. Oh the excitement). Yet, even so, it is undeniable that this characteristic is bound to rub off on you. With more people saying what’s on their mind, this could perhaps foster a kinder generation.

7.They know how to start a conversation 

You can always count on a blunt person to break the ice and start the conversation. All they need to give you is an honest opinion and the conversation gets going. Knowing when and how to point at the elephant in the room, to inform everyone about it. For example: anyone think Taylor Swift is an actual snake? *sits back and watches WW3 take place*

8.You’ll enjoy the purest version of friendship 

It may not be easy, but your blunt friend is in fact your truest friend.

Now you’re aware of some of the reasons why you should adore your BF.