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LFW: 1970s skate scene inspires Xiao Li’s A/W18 show


17 Feb 2018

Constantly aiming to push the boundaries of knitwear, Xiao Li’s A/W18 collection took inspiration from the unapologetic skate scene of 1970’s Los Angeles and photographer Hugh Holland.

It was obvious Xiao Li payed close attention to the carefree spirit of teenage skaters and the buoyancy atmosphere of LA in her aim to design pieces which paired femininity and sportswear.

We saw dramatically oversized garments matched with playful patterns, including skater figures, paired with ironic graphic slogans “car wash it” and “low daily rate” which took inspiration from LA’s road signs. The juxtaposition of clean-cut suiting and relaxed puffers resulted in architectural silhouettes, inviting conversations around cultural awareness and meaning behind each ensemble. A stand out piece consisted of an electric blue hand-embroidered two-piece skirt and jacket with large buckle detail.