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Fashion Throwback Thursdays: My Parents in the 70s-80s

15 Oct 2015

For this week’s fashion throwback, gal-dem contributor Sahar shares with us some sun-kissed photos of her parents, showing us how laid-back chic was done in the late-70s to 80s.

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My parents met at a party in Mombasa, Kenya in the early 70s, when my dad was on holiday from university – most of these photos were taken in the decade that followed. My dad went to California a few weeks after they met to finish his degree but came back to Kenya whenever he could to see my mum. They got married several years later and travelled to about 21 countries for their honeymoon. They haven’t stayed in the same place for longer than a couple of years in their entire married lives. They live in California now – my dad really wants a dog, my mum’s been circulating a petition to have them banned from their flat complex.

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