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Fashion Throwback Thursdays: Lauryn Hill in the 90s

11 Feb 2016

For your weekly dose of nostalgic fashion inspiration, here’s a throwback to the many great looks pulled off by singer, rapper, and songwriter Lauryn Hill.

Lauryn initially found success as a member of hip-hop group The Fugees during the mid-90s, after which she began her solo career. Her first, and sadly only, studio album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill won five Grammy Awards, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, and is often featured on lists of the greatest albums of all time.

Her most successful singles include the upbeat tune Everything is Everything, and the romantic ballad Ex-factor. Her most well known song is the frank Doo Wop (That Thing), a tune that never fails to get everyone singing along (but if you focus on the lyrics is perhaps quite judgmental? You decide…). My favourite Lauryn Hill song, however, is her most personal track on the album, To Zion. It spells out the emotional journey and overwhelming maternal love she experienced whilst discovering she was pregnant with her first child with Rohan Marley, Zion. I will never get over these honest and powerful lyrics outlining her personal decision:

Look at your career they said,

“Lauryn, baby, use your head.”

But instead I chose to use my heart.

At the height of her career, Lauryn Hill became a style icon due to her ability to channel a variety of ensembles and hairstyles, whilst always maintaining a unique ‘Lauryn-ness’ about them. Let’s take a look at some of her best looks to date…


Understated glamour

Few can pull off the full-length beaded ball-gown without looking too showy, but somehow Lauryn managed to inject her coolness into this look and tone it down.

slide_299191_2490052_freeImage: Lauryn in 1991 at the 33rd Annual Grammy Awards, courtesy of James Devaney/WireImage

Not only could Lauryn find the perfect balance between looking glamourous and looking overdressed, but she also rocked this corseted low-neck slip dress without looking too underdressed. She’s a magical being!

Lauryn Never UnderdressedImage: Lauryn in 1999, courtesy of



Jeans were definitely the powerhouse of the 1990s, garms-wise. Any self-respecting style icon has honed their denim look, and Lauryn is no exception. She rocked these turn-ups with a bucket hat, big slouchy shirt, hoops and white trainers with a true hip-hop attitude.

rexfeatures_272814aImages: Lauryn in performing at a concert in Haiti in 1997, courtesy of Rex

Lauryn also did cute looks, like this double-denim ensemble of wide-legged jeans with slits up the hem paired with an über-tight, über-cropped denim bolero jacket.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by BRIAN RASIC/REX Shutterstock (132495a) LAURYN HILL FROM THE FUGEES 1996

Image: Lauryn in 1996, courtesy of Brian Rasic/REX Shutterstock



An over-sized sky blue baseball jacket, long red flowy skirt, and matching red neck-tie sounds like a match made in fashion hell, but on Lauryn it came together as a fantastic mix of girly and sporty – proving that the two are not mutually exclusive!

slide_299191_2490068_freeImage: Lauryn after her performance at the 1998 Billboard Music Awards, courtesy of SGranitz/WireImage

Lauryn has also channelled a sexy-sporty look, as shown on this magazine cover taken at the beginning of her solo career, #legs for days!

LaurynHillImage: Lauryn on the cover of Rolling Stone 1999

Lauryn Hill in the 90s had a style that was as enigmatic as it was iconic. Whilst these outfits would test even the most stylish of women, Lauryn’s effortless style keeps her looking fabulous whatever she wears. I guess she just has ‘That Thing

…And she has not aged in the 20 years since! Slay Lauryn!