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Three fashionistas you need to follow on Instagram

02 Dec 2015

Do you crave some more style inspiration on your Instagram feed? Gal-dem‘s Savannah Small-Swaby has got you covered on who you need to be following.

[divider]Margaret Zhang[/divider]

Image: Margaret Zhang

Image: Margaret Zhang

Aussie babe, Margaret Zhang has been on the scene for a few years now, contributing to the fashion industry in a variety of ways with her business knowledge, beautifully curated photos on her Instagram page and her badass dress sense. Boldly pairing suede with lace, she always manages to captivate her audience whether she’s behind the camera or in front of the lens. Flicking through her images of fashion is almost like scrolling through an edition of Vogue, with her clear and crisp shots and captions that seem to reinstate her position in the industry; she appears to be more than just a blogger. Zhang has an admirable talent which pushes her to incredible heights.

The lack of intimidation that Zhang exudes whilst taking on new projects is one of the main reasons we admire her. She’s worked for publications like Nylon, Buro 24/7, Teen Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar (to name just a few). This year we’ve seen Zhang take the driver’s seat to photograph, style and direct one of her latest business ventures for Australian athleisure brand Witchery Balance. Zhang’s work within fashion, and her strong Instagram presence, shows how many portals in the fashion industry can be opened if you do things right. Always staying true to her craft, these steps have gained her a place in Business of Fashion’s BOF500 index as well as being awarded for Best Digital Influencer at the Elle Style Awards. Globally, we know it’s only the beginning for this one. Plus her name is just awesome.

You can follow Margaret here.


[divider]LaTonya Yvette[/divider]

Image: LaTonya Yvette

Image: LaTonya Yvette

We love LaTonya’s Instagram because she manages to make it feel as though she’s inviting us not just into her wardrobe, but also into her home and her life. LaTonya’s Instagram encapsulates how fashion and being stylish isn’t just about the clothes you wear (although her slightly 70’s inspired style is kooky and highly desirable). It shows us this through the textures and environments that she surrounds herself with every day, from her home to the streets of New York City. There’s a warm fuzzy sensation that we get when we find pictures of her children playing in the park or the female friends in her life that appear to continuously inspire her. There’s a strong display of solidarity of friendship, love and family (which ultimately all go hand-in-hand) that LaTonya manages to depict so coolly upon her Instagram feed.

When our Instagram homepages can sometimes be filled with nothing but half-naked women and sexist/racially stereotypical memes, profiles such as LaTonya’s make you really understand what is truly important and beautiful. Her attraction shines through in so many ways, without a butt cheek in sight. The loveliest part about it is that her husband, Pete Staubs, catches the most raw and natural pictures of her. Whether it’s her twisting her hair in the bathroom or the pictures he takes to assist with her styling projects.

You can follow LaTonya here.



Image: SensitiveBlackPerson

Image: SensitiveBlackPerson

From Zendaya to Amandla, to Willow Smith and now Mars, it feels as though our celebrity crushes are not only getting smarter but also much younger. This trend, whilst giving us faith in the next generation of young people, makes us wish we were similarly assured of ourselves and our surroundings at the height of our naïve teenage years. Mars, who also goes by the Instagram name of ‘SensitiveBlackPerson’, popped up on my ‘Explore’ page on Instagram, most likely inspired by my following of Amandla Stenberg. Mars was not so long ago featured on Dazed online being cited as one of the “five young revolutionary feminists you need to listen to.” Mars has shown how photography, fashion and feminism are all interlocked, increasing the feminine presence in each area and giving more opportunities for thought where it’s needed.

Mars’ personal Instagram page shows some of the most breath-taking portraits of themselves and those around them, and plays with the colours, lighting and angles. Their hairstyles alone give us inspiration in themselves!  Mars captures teenage life and style in America through their pictures but also through their ‘arthoecollective’ Instagram project, which aims to break the boundaries for art amongst people of colour. Mars’ desire, at only 15, to showcase art through black and other ethnic cultures, shows a power and grasp of social media that’s not only admirable but highly necessary. It’s a great place to see and understand other interpretations of art other than through white America’s eyes. It’s especially powerful as Mars is of a younger generation. They show that people of colour are also real artists. To fill a space where there’s a huge gap and create your own opportunity is awesome and highlights the positive aspects of Instagram for creative pioneers.

You can follow Mars here.