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gal-dem horoscopes: Aquarius season helps us see the bigger picture

Resident astrologer Marissa Malik reminds us to reclaim our time this February.

04 Feb 2021

Illustration: Nadia Akingbule

We’re in the midst of a visionary and calculating time of year. So many planets are moving through the rebellious sign Aquarius, bringing us the perfect concoction of care and boundaries. 

Aquarius is known as the water bearer. Its deceptive name evokes water sign imagery, which is correlated to emotions and mysticism in the astrological world, however Aquarius is an air sign. Air signs rule over thoughts, analysis and discourse. It holds onto emotion, and values the presence of those depths, but does so in a specifically boundaries way so as not to lose sight of the bigger picture. Aquarius is also a political warrior who isn’t afraid to shift systems of governance and rule without a second thought. This is the time of year where the right should rightfully be shaking in their boots.

This is why when I think of Aquarius energy, I think of the Queen of Swords tarot card, my favourite flower vase, and the absurd validation I get from someone when I state a ridiculous claim and it’s received with a calm nod, as if I’d merely told them the time. 

This month we can expect blessings from a blessed new moon in Aquarius on 11 February, allowing us to refresh and begin again without losing ourselves in the emotions that change evokes. Pisces season begins on 18 February, then just a few days later on 20 February, Mercury retrograde FINALLY ends (yay) and lifts the mental fog and discord with our technological devices that it loves to shower on us. Venus, planet of value and aesthetics, moves into dreamy Pisces on 25 February and brings us the ability to cry again – the perfect release from those pent up Mercury Retrograde emotions. On 27 February the full moon in Virgo means business and helps us rid ourselves of the skeletons in our closet in a build up to the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere. 

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this February!

Aries & Aries Rising

You’re only unstoppable when you have your community to fall back on, Aries. Can you lean into collaborative efforts without fearing the sense of vulnerability they push you into? This February, you’re pushed to face the truth about needing people; that it’s normal and should be embraced. 

As your ruling planet Mars moves through earthy Taurus all month (one of the signs it’s least comfortable in) you’re reminded of the importance of embracing discomfort. Some of the most profound transformations you experience come from turbulence, and while I’m not telling you to become a tortured artist who glamorises their trauma, I am telling you to push yourself to not do your favourite thing all of the time. 11 February is the perfect time to commit to this as the new moon in Aquarius moves through a zone of your sky that keeps you looking at the bigger picture. Set intentions oriented around shifting your focus on to the collective without losing sight of yourself or becoming resentful of who you invest stability in.

Mercury retrograde comes to an end (yay) on 20 February, and opens up the floodgates for you to embrace this new ethos around collectivity. Meditation and mindfulness are a great place to center your focus on 25 February as Venus, planet of value and romance, shifts into dreamy water sign Pisces and begins moving through a mystical area of your sky. From then through the end of the month, prioritise balancing social engagements with pure, unadulterated alone time – especially under the light of the Virgo full moon on 27 February.

Taurus & Taurus Rising 

Are you visible to your peers in a way that you feel secure in, Taurus? It’s impossible to completely control people’s perception of us, especially through screens and interfaces, which unfortunately is the main way this attention economy functions. 

February is about getting to grips with the fact that working on yourself outside of the gaze of social media doesn’t take away from the validity of that journey. Social media platforms ask us to process and share ourselves at a rate that doesn’t match the pace at which we’re able to even keep an awareness of what’s happening within ourselves. This isn’t to say that this month should be about you entering full on monk-mode, but rather reckoning with the fact that people will never see the full picture – which is okay! 

The new moon in Aquarius helps you start a new beginning with this journey. Write down intentions you have about evolving your relationship to these ideas in any way you’ve felt stuck or limited by them. Expect the tension you hold around this to ease up on 20 February when Mercury finally finishes retrograding, and brings clarity to your thoughts and sense of what you want out of your public life. Your energy can finally shift off of this battle and into your community on 25 Feb when loving Venus moves into water sign Pisces, who asks us to feel first and scrutinise second. 27 Feb marks the full moon in fellow earth sign Virgo, which is nothing short of a celebratory moment. Make sure to fill your day/night with lots of dancing, music, and (Covid-19 safe) debauchery.

Gemini & Gemini Rising 

A very specific type of restlessness rules your month, Gemini. Can you tell where it’s coming from? Chances are it’s your insatiable thirst for knowledge. You’re that rare sign that knows there’s usually more than one answer to a problem, then makes it their business to find out what every single one is.

February challenges you to consider how you absorb and cross-pollinate different types of knowledge. What role do you play in teaching and facilitation ideologies across your social sphere, or even the world? Have you been guilty of propagating ideas that you can’t get behind now? Remember that what’s perceived as real is real in its consequence, and your sense of social obligation is what drives harm reduction. On the new moon in Aquarius 11 Feb, write down every intricate thought flying through your head, then figure out what you’re trying to say after reading it all over. Look for themes, not flaws. The only wrong way to set intentions on a new moon is by being dishonest with yourself about what you want to create during the coming waxing moon phases. On 20 Feb, your ruling planet Mercury finally finishes its retrograde cycle and brings a calmness to your sky. Cherish this sense of clarity, especially on 25 February when affection-seeking Venus moves into Pisces. This is a great time to move with confidence into the spotlight, and not let fear of being wrong stop you from taking center stage. A few days later on 27 February, the full moon in Virgo calls you to celebrate the sense of newness you’re experiencing in matters of the home. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising 

Are you keeping too many secrets, Cancer? Aquarius season asks you to loosen your grip and let people prove you wrong. 

In February, it’s important that you’re unabashed about how much of a sensitive soul you are. Your urge to prove people wrong will likely lead to repressed feelings and unhelpful, untold tales being written in your head. The skies are tense enough with Mars sitting in a sign it struggles to express itself in (Taurus), and Uranus occasionally flipping the script with all of our technology. Don’t burden yourself more by keeping your emotions within. Otherwise, you’ll be clutching on tightly to your purse strings and closest bonds in ways that could be suffocating. 

On 11 February, the full moon in Aquarius arrives ready to help you out. Set intentions around openness and trust; giving people the benefit of the doubt. Then, when Mercury retrograde finally ends on 20 February, you’ll be able to breathe easier, reflect on what you’ve still left unsaid, and decide the best way to address it. A few days later on 25 February, Venus moves into fellow water sign Pisces and sheds empathy on everyone; especially you! You’ll be evaluating everything from a helpful, multifaceted place. The full moon in Virgo on 27 February is the perfect time to celebrate your friends. Celebrate by jumping on zoom or Facetime with your local favs. 

Leo & Leo Rising 

Just being aware of your boundaries and energy isn’t enough, Leo. They have to be executed to be effective. Aquarius season crashes some realities down on what you are (and aren’t) capable of doing for others in this moment. The most important thing is not to think of times where you have to say “no” to someone as a failure.

Your month kicks off with Venus moving into unconventional Aquarius, who traipses through a zone of your sky that calls you into keen awareness of others. Venus will stay in Aquaris for most of February, and during this time, it becomes clear how you physically and mentally aren’t able to show up for some of your close partnerships. Ignoring that fact won’t help. The more you betray what your energy levels are, the more people will actually get annoyed with you rather than if you’re up front and clear. This is easier said than done, especially given that Mercury is retrograding through the same area of your sky; bringing degrees of confusion along the way. Luckily this retrograde cycle ends on 20 February, and your mental acuity will mostly be restored in the impending days. 

Use the new moon in Aquarius on 11 February to set intentions around what types of love you want to cultivate during the retrograde fog, and ask for guidance about how to find it. On 25 February, Venus moves into soft and gentle Pisces in an expression of tenderness. This is a great time to reacquaint yourself with affection and love with whatever force you do have a grasp on. The full moon in Virgo on 27 February helps you to get back in gear after a long, emotional month. Hustle your way through this lunation, but have fun, too.

Virgo & Virgo Rising 

Your day to day life is begging to be reinvented, Virgo. Space might be a limitation, but a little furniture rearranging and changed mindset goes a long way.

With so much Aquarius energy moving through a zone of your chart that rules the body, your quotidian life and repetition, there’s emphasis on finding newness and evaluating the bigger picture in these areas. Activities like switching around your daily routine, ordering a new planner, or adding recurring events into your calendar suit this well. Remember that your ruling planet Mercury is also retrograding for most of this month (until 20 February)! This means that it’s important for you to embrace your inwardness and quietly scheme your way through this time rather than focusing on putting new energy and ideas out into the world. Set intentions around how you want to use this valuable Mercury retrograde energy to be good to yourself and your body on 11 February when the new moon in Aquarius darkens your sky. Ease into a more social phase after 20 February when Mercury retrograde ends, and especially when loving Venus moves into your opposite sign Pisces on 25 February. This Pisces energy helps you to express empathy and better incorporate other people’s ideas and opinions into your mindset. The month wraps up with a full moon in your sign – exciting! This full moon offers the ending to a long, difficult emotional cycle for you. Release grudges and stagnation you feel you’ve developed. Celebrate a new chapter beginning.

Libra & Libra Rising 

Are you committed to finding new avenues for pleasure, Libra? The world has done a 180 degree flip since this time last year, and the impact it’s had on your ability to flow, flirt and create hasn’t been easy to deal with.

February asks you to be inventive with satisfying yourself and carving out space in your day for artistic expression. Your ruling planet Venus moves into Aquarius right at the start of the month, and begins moving through a zone of your sky that encourages you to embrace playfulness, joy and desire. This sounds lush (and it really is!), albeit hard to execute safely given the precarious state of our world mid-pandemic. This might mean that it’s time to press the reset button on the energy you give and receive to people you live with, jump back on the Zoom horse and participate in some workshops, or transform a corner of your home into a dedicated studio area. Mercury is retrograding for most of the month (until 20 Feb), making this a time of recalculation around these themes. 

Seek guidance from the moon on 11 February when the new moon in Aquarius helps you to reset your sense of playfulness. Ask for help unblocking your creative flow if that notion resonates. On 25 February, Venus’s move into Pisces gets you on a more steady emotional course that feels solid and reliable. Just be sure that you’re making time to let those pent up emotions out and not rationalising them away! A few days later on 27 February, the full moon in earth sign Virgo illuminates a mysterious and exhausting area of your sky. Make this day a designated self-care moment void of work deadlines and email chains.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising 

Aquarius season calls you to address matters of the home, Scorpio. This is a reclusive time of year for you that’s best spent nesting, redecorating and addressing issues that have been ongoing difficulties for you in your living space and family dynamic.

Venus kicks off your month by moving into unconventional Aquarius, helping you to evaluate just how much you value the space(s) you inhabit that feel like. Whether it’s a new appreciation for your studio, bedroom or retrospective longing for a place you use to frequent, let it drive you to create change in the environments that matter to you. Communicating your needs in these areas is key, but not easy for you. On 11 February when the new moon in Aquarius darkens your sky, figure out exactly what your expectations are of your home and the people who share it with you. Communicate them boldly, but caringly. There’s no point playing the victim when there’s a chance people will understand and comply. When I say try to be clear in your communication, I really mean it. Do it to a degree that borders on excessive. Mercury retrograde is fogging over our ability to speak to others in a way that’s understandable until 20 February, so say things as plainly as you can! 

On 25 February, Venus moves into fellow water sign Pisces and spices things up in a flirtatious zone of your sky. This is a great chance for you to seek playfulness, connection with others and your artistic self. Your month wraps up with the full moon in Virgo on 27, which is a lush moment for you to embrace your community and the shared values you all hold. 

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

Platonic friendship means more than just a catch up once in a while and seeing each other around when you’re out and about in the world, Sagittarius. It also means much more than only hitting someone up when they’re of value to you! This Aquarius season calls you to address the way you engage with your mates and local community that feels more mutually satisfying.

Your month begins with Venus moving into airy Aquarius, emphasising the way you place value onto (and into) your friendships. Do you see your friendship circles and best mates as key priorities in your life? Or are you realising that everyone almost operates as a pseudo-colleague? Think about the bonds you have where the only thing you give and receive from each other is joy. Relationships that don’t hinge on clout or context to bring you together. Aquarius energy asks you to cultivate and show new gratitude for them. On 11 February when the new moon in Aquarius darkens the part of your sky that rules these ideas, challenge yourself to – dare I say – ground yourself in those relationships (?!) or take them past what they exist as now. It’s in your nature to be hyper-independent, but everyone needs people; even you.

On 20 February, Mercury retrograde finally ends and allows you the mental clarity to say exactly how you feel to the people whose presence you truly value in your life, and ask the right questions about how they’re doing. The 25 February brings a cute moment to your sky when Venus moves into dreamy Pisces. This helps you move some of your casual relationships to a more settled, grounded place. Get ready to accept some new members into your chosen family! Your month wraps up with the full moon in Virgo shining a light in your 10th house of career and reputation, bringing a big ending to a project you’ve been excitedly working on this month.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising 

You’re your own worst critic this Aquarius season, Capricorn. Where you place importance in your life is rapidly shifting, and as you see your material world shift around you because of this, it might be a bit unsettling.

Your month begins by reminding you not to hoard resources out of fear. Rather, think about how and where (or to whom) you can distribute them. The feelings of stagnation you have in your working life are coming from factors that are more external than you realise. You can’t control the industries you work within and the ways Covid-19 is ravaging them. What you can control, though, is the ways you invest in different parts of your life, and the people who inhabit them. Keep setting long-term goals, but don’t ascribe them to a specific timeline. On 11 February, the new moon in Aquarius provides you with a motivated moment to get those aspirations and dreams all down on paper, and ask the universe for exactly what you need. Add an intention in there about being gentle with yourself, too. Don’t lose sight of the care you need to devote to yourself amidst the focus on your work hustle. 

Mercury retrograde finally comes to an end on 20 February and allows you to press the gas pedal on the projects you’ve been frustratedly trying to complete. 25 February onwards is a great time for business-like negotiations and communication with friends/peers in your industry. This is because Venus, planet of value and charm, moves into empathetic Pisces in a zone of your sky that is good at listening and learning. Your month wraps up on 27 February with an intellectually curious full moon in Virgo that helps you release your attachment to old systems/ways of thinking that you simply don’t subscribe to anymore.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

Happy solar return, Aquarius! Your season is here and the sky is supporting personal transformation for you from nearly every direction. What’s important for you to do first, though, is revising situations from the past before moving forward into this new chapter of your life.

It’s rare that you experience your season with so many planets besides the sun inhabiting Aquarius energy! February kicks off with Venus moving into your sky, bringing you an ability to be charming and in tune with yourself beyond your normal levels of unique charisma. When the new moon in your sign occurs on 11 Feb too, you’re awarded a powerful ability to be self-aware and assured in your path this coming year. This is a great time to set intentions about what exactly you want, both for your mental health and physical appearance. 

However, don’t forget that Mercury is still retrograding until 20 February. This means that it’s not exactly an ideal time to switch up your look or cut yourself a lockdown fringe (even if it does compliment your face shape). Reconsider any ideas you have about switching your style until 25 February rolls around and Venus moves into dreamy Pisces. You’ll be much more materially aware and creative from this date onwards into March. On 27 February, the full moon in Virgo shines a light in an intensely spiritual area of your sky. This is your chance to put in work towards spiritually healing a line of ancestral struggle you may be part of, or do some releasing in matters related to death and the passing of loved ones. Make sure you’re gentle with yourself during this time. Don’t let yourself reach your breaking point. Stay happily aware of where that line is instead of brushing up against it.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Your intuition is rarely off, Pisces, but this February it’s reaching new bounds of accuracy in offering you guidance that’s informed by your past experiences. Are you ready to embrace your inner (and perhaps outer) inclinations towards listening to the metaphysical realm?

Your month kicks off with Venus moving into a zone of your sky that helps you feel in your bones whether a relationship is working or not. This could extend to a bond as big as your significant other(s) or some of your material possessions (clothes, books, headphones). Purge often, and without hesitation. The new moon on 11 February darkens an intense, mystical zone of your sky that begs you to surround yourself with peace and quiet. Ideally, spend some time alone journaling and expressing yourself through nonverbal forms of communication. This lunation marks a new beginning in the deep, inner workings of your mind. Let yourself explore these recesses and return informed about what from your past you’d like to make a reappearance. 

On 20 February, Mercury finally finishes its retrograde cycle through Aquarius, allowing you to be more present in your body and walk this earth with new awareness of self. A few days later on 25 February, Venus moves into your sign! This lush transition at the beginning of your season is the exact energy you want to embrace self love and place value into how you look after your mental health. It’s also a great time to begin some shifts to your physical appearance. Dye your hair, switch up your wardrobe or start a new routine that helps your physical health. On 25 February, the full moon in your opposite sign Virgo brings a boisterous surprise to your love life and issues concerning partners! If something needs to end around this time, don’t fight it.