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gal-dem horoscopes: Capricorn season reminds us to play the long game

Just like a mountain goat, sometimes you've gotta appreciate the climb.

12 Jan 2021

Happy Capricorn season! 2021 is finally here, and the heaviness of 2020’s sky has seemed to roll over into this new year. What more could we expect when in some areas of the world the global Covid pandemic is still peaking, and paradoxes about who holds political social power unfold before us while white supremacist terrorists storm the US Capitol? This isn’t me coming to you with doom and gloom about my perspective of what this year and month will hold, but rather a reminder of one of my favourite lessons that Capricorn has taught me; playing the long game.

This concept applies now more than ever as collective fatigue for continual lockdowns and social isolation wears thin and people seek an end to what current realities are. This is when I ask you this January to remember Rome wasn’t built in a night (although it was built off the bloodlust of imperialism) and that the hands of a clock are meant to indicate time, not make it real. 

As goats climb and jump around the faces of cliffs and traverse up mountains, their end point is rarely in sight. Regardless, they continue onwards because they know their journey is leading them somewhere they need to be as a matter of survival. They continue despite a visible horizon being continually fogged over by the uncertainty of atmosphere and strange weather.

Be a mountain goat this January season. Remember that you are powerful and resilient, and that this too shall pass.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each sign this January.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

You’re no stranger to knowing what you like (and how you like it) when people ask, but what about when you’re in conversation with yourself? It’s time to embrace an internal shift that shows on the outside, too.

Your month kicks off with Venus, planet of aesthetics and pleasure, moving into your sign. This transition shifts focus onto your daily mindset, as well as what you find fashionable. Expect to be inspired to change anything from your appearance to your social media presence. There’s a new moon happening in your sign as well in the early hours of 13 January this month! This lunation is a catalyst to some major rebirthing energy. Who you are is more mutable than you think and evolution that comes from deep stirrings within you are never shallow or flippant. On 28 January, the full moon in fiery Leo blazes through a zone of your sky that asks for decisions to be made about your most intimate bonds. How do you want them to evolve or remain the same? Use your voice, but mind your choice of worlds. Mercury’s connection with the moon on this day is adding an edge to your voice (and ego). 

Speaking of Mercury! A few days later on 30 January, another Mercury retrograde cycle begins in revolutionary air sign Aquarius. This is set to impact your second house of materiality and sensory experiences, bringing to your attention the ways you do (and don’t) need the resources around you. This is a great chance to recalculate your relationship to consuming and giving. Donations and depoping is on the horizon! Keep in mind that getting rid of what no longer serves you makes space for what does/will.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The theme of your month is nostalgia, Aquarius. 

How do you handle the infinite space of your memory? The new moon in Capricorn occurs in a zone of your sky that’s mysterious and nonverbal on 13 January. Expect this time to physically drain you, while also highlighting major moments from your past that you’re ready to fully heal from. The next day on 14 January, your ruling planet Uranus finishes up the retrograde cycle it’s been in since August of last year. This switch up brings you into a changed repertoire within your home, and with how you relate to people in your direct environment. Let unusual conversations and feelings about it all float in and out of your mind without judgement.

The full moon in your opposite sign Leo blazes into a relationship focused area of your sky on 28 January. Expect dynamics that you’ve been stifling in your partnerships to come to a head, and beg to be addressed. It’s best to have a row with someone now rather than in the throws of Mercury retrograde that arrive just a few days later on 30 January! When Mercury stations direct on that day in your sign, you’re set to undergo a massive questioning cycle. Why do I keep my hair this way? Is there a better way I could be thinking about my goals and how much agency I have in achieving them? Rest your thoughts on the idea that nothing is set in stone, and that the more you educate yourself about yourself through sacred alone time and meditation, the more you’re likely to figure it all out.


Pisces & Pisces Rising 

In order to be a good student, you have to accept that realities you ground yourself in will crumble before you. It’s always phoenix energy, though, Pisces. You know this. So are you ready to drop some new anchors?

The new moon on 13 January occurs in earth sign Capricorn, and shows you that the dreams you had planned for the year ahead simply can’t come to fruition the way you envisioned. It’s time to enlist the help of your unending imagination to find solace in learning new material and focusing on expanding your community. The next day on 14 January marks an end to the five months that Uranus has been retrograding through an area of your sky that rules communication with your friends and siblings. Expect this cosmic switch-up to bring in a new relationship to technology and the way you keep up with your wider community/support networks! 

The full moon in Leo on 28 January pushes you to start prioritising your body. Have you forgotten how much your form impacts your ability to stay in touch with your intuition? As your life fills to the brim with rebirth, staying in touch with everything from your feet to your shoulders is essential. In fact, unclench your jaw as you read this right now. On 30 January, Mercury stations retrograde in your favourite philosophical sign (besides yourself) Aquarius and draws your mind to mysterious parts of your past. Where are there stories that require gaps to be filled in? Take it upon yourself to uncover the truth about those histories. Act as if you’re the lead archeologist of your own life. 


Aries & Aries Rising

Your sense of responsibility is sharpening this month, Aries.

Capricorn season brings you to a new level in your career, and the path you’ll need to take in order to get there is sure to be full of surprises. A shift begins in the first week of January when your ruling planet Mars moves into earth sign Taurus, stimulating an area of your sky that allows you to focus on physically manifesting the resources you need to make those dream projects happen. However, Mars is a planet of action and doesn’t sit as easily in slow-moving Taurus, so remember that you’re playing the long game here! Those funds won’t hit your account overnight, but inch by inch, you’ll get there. 

On 13 January, the new moon in Capricorn highlights where your starting point is in this new work-oriented beginning. Pay attention to any signs from your ancestors or big realisations you get on this day, and set intentions that articulate the nuances of your future goals. Just try not to feel crushed under the weight of those big asks you’re making. You’re allowed to dream as wildly as you want to. Embrace the absurdity of what you’re seeking. Later in the month on 28 the full moon in Leo sweeps through a lustful area of your sky. If you’re on the market for new romances and fiery flings, keep yourself open around this time. Equally, this lunation could represent a creative breakthrough! Try your hand at a creative task you’ve been stuck on for a while now. 

Two days later on 30 January, another Mercury Retrograde cycle begins in a zone of your sky that asks you to question your politics from top to bottom, as well as consider the journey you’ve taken to get to where you are now. Let this be a big intellectual check in that helps you form better relationships with your like minded peers and support networks.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

Are you ready to start focusing on what you’ve yet to learn, but yearn to know? Your month is all about intellectual and physical motion this month, Taurus.

In the first week of January, Mars shifts into your sign where it doesn’t sit as easily as it did for the past six months in Aries. However, it does have every intention of pushing you to focus on your appearance and maintaining your physical health. Hone in on your hydration and wear a hair mask around the house for a few days! On 13 January the new moon in Capricorn has you reminiscing on the places you wish you could have ventured to in 2020, as well as the ways you made things work to your benefit despite the disjuncture of it all! How did this cause you to grow (roots) or find new ways forward? Now is your chance to set intentions about different schools of thought you’re going to dive into this year, and the ways you plan on staying in tune with movement.

The full moon in Leo on 28 January brings drama to your sky in matters of the home as it clashes with communication planet Mercury. Check in with your housemates or people who frequent your space and make sure you’re getting to the bottom of any weird vibes. Just two days later on 30 January, Mercury begins to move backwards in the sky again in another retrograde cycle. This motion impacts your career and relationship to visibility, so avoid making any final decisions about these things in the new few weeks. Rather, meditate on what you really want (what you really really want).


Gemini & Gemini Rising 

Heartache doesn’t only stem from a romantic breakup, Gemini. What are you in the process of mourning right now?

The new moon in Capricorn that arrives on 13 January is a heavy one for you. This lunation occurs in a zone of your sky that dives into matters of your deepest rooted relationships; especially ones where there’s financial entanglements involved. This is a great time to reassert some new boundaries or just plain start fresh with an old friend or long term partner where things seem to have developed an “ick”. Remember that Capricorn energy is here to help you give a firm and steadfast “no” if need be, too. The next day on 14 January, Uranus, planet of surprises and technology, finishes up it’s five month long retrograde through earth sign Taurus. This means that an ongoing tie to the occult that’s been in the back of your mind is finally being released, so watch out for messages from you ancestors.

On 28 January, the full moon in Leo shines in your third house of communication and friendship, bringing to light the sense of prowess you feel about your role in those areas of your life. Look out for signs that you’ve got new ideas to consider in those realms, though. There might be some essential untold stories about your immediate community that you need to pry your way into. Mercury retrograde in air sign Aquarius rounds off the month by starting on 30 January. This means that you’re ready to reenter reclusive research mode, and hit the books about almost anything that sparks your mind. Just don’t forget to come up for air and check on your mates!


Cancer & Cancer Rising 

You’re good at focusing on others, Cancer, but it’s important not to use other people’s lives as a form of escapism. You owe it to yourself to focus on your own life, too. 

The month begins with Venus, planet of love and aesthetics, joining the sun in earth sign Capricorn. This energy pushes you to articulate boundaries with the people you love, rather than devoting yourself to them unconditionally. Then, the new moon on 13 January occurs in Capricorn too, and marks a fresh start in those partnerships. This lunation is all about balance and boundaries, so think about your more codependent tendencies and the ways you’ve leaned on others this past year. Try to parse out your healthy coping mechanisms/ways of receiving support from the ones you’d like to evolve. Prepare to be exhausted, but for all of the right reasons. 

On 28 January, the full moon in fiery Leo illuminates an area of your sky that asks you to look at your financial world and the ways you’ve been owning your relationship to the material world. This is a great moment to plan out a big investment! Just watch out for impulse spending on that day. The month rounds off with another infamous Mercury retrograde cycle that starts on 30 January. This retrograde is happening in air sign Aquarius, and it’s asking you to spend some time in nostalgia-mode about the deepest relationships from your past. Try to only text your ex if you absolutely need to!


Leo & Leo Rising 

Is structure something you can carry within you, Leo? You can’t entirely rely on the material conditions of your space to meet the needs you have for your routine, however that is a good starting point.

On 13 January, the new moon occurs in calculating Capricorn and basically tells you to get your shit together. Those lingering plans you need to iron out for your personal creative projects? That boring life admin you’ve been putting off? You simply can’t ignore them anymore. Set new intentions for your schedule and energetic drive. You’re set to feel a high level of exhaustion in your body from this cycle, so focus more on the planning aspect of what you need to do than actions. Remember that avoidance is the enemy, but don’t try to get it all done today. The next day on 14 January Uranus, planet of technology and unexpected surprises, ends its five-month-long retrograde! As it begins to move direct in the sky, you’ll find yourself in a place of finally knowing where personal revolution needs to begin; especially in your relationship to how you use technology in your work.

There’s a full moon happening in your sign on 28 January! This lunation points to the ways your body has been responding to your space, and magic you can make with it. Think of this as a final day of action/decision making before Mercury plunges into another retrograde cycle through a relationship-focused zone of your sky. That retrograde begins in air sign Aquarius on 30 January, and will stay with you through most of February. Use this time to reevaluate what you do/don’t want out of a partnership, and what you’re capable of giving at the moment.


Virgo & Virgo Rising 

Your month revolves around new creative pursuits and finding your connection to ‘fun’ again, Virgo. 

The new moon in Capricorn on 13 January is bringing you a chance to embrace your creative side, Virgo. This fresh start also applies to your romantic life, in which articulating your boundaries and needs feels easier than ever. This is simply because you have no time left for people who aren’t meeting you where you need them to. Let this new moon teach you how to love again with the confidence that you know what you’re looking for. Expect the unexpected the next day on 14 January when Uranus ends its five-month-long retrograde cycle through Taurus! This planet finally moving in direct motion is likely to bring you into a relationship with new types of technology. Keep your eyes out for what’s happening tech-wise in parts of the world you often don’t pay as much attention to.

There’s a full moon occurring on 28 January in the energetic fire sign Leo. As this lunation blazes through a mysterious zone of your sky, it evokes a need for you to reconnect with your body as a means of honouring your own growth. Closure is especially possible on this day, so don’t doubt your ability to heal. Mind the sharpness of your tongue, though. The way Mercury interacts with this lunation could have you speaking from a place of hurt. Speaking of Mercury, two days later on 30 January, another Mercury retrograde cycle begins in air sign Aquarius. This retrograde stimulates an overhaul to your routine and relationship you’ve been developing with your body. It’s time to turn your gaze outwards and see if it’s possible to incorporate new philosophies into your daily actions.


Libra & Libra Rising

You’re defining a new relationship to family this month, Libra. The composition, culmination and care that you give (and take) from it.

In the first week of January, your ruling planet Libra moved into Capricorn, joining where the Sun is, too. This helps you concentrate on the details of what you love, and what your specific needs are when it comes to giving and taking affection. Then, on 13 January, the new moon in Capricorn arrives ready to help you carve a new way forward in how you relate to matters of the home. Deep realisations about your kin, motherland or even your home are likely to find you with this lunation, and it won’t feel easy. This sense of uprooting is best handled through making a structured plan around how you’re going to implement what you know needs to change; whether it’s a cleaning rota for the kitchen or asserting clear boundaries around when you’re going to call your parents. 

Later in the month, on 28 January, the full moon in Leo lights up your eleventh house of humanitarian ethics and dreamy visions of the future. Find optimism at this moment, even if you can’t see through the fog our global pandemic shrouds the year ahead with. Honour your ability to trust others, as well as yourself. Mercury stations retrograde in fellow air sign Aquarius on 30 January and marks a moment for you to revisit past pleasure-centres that you may have been ignoring lately. Relish nostalgia about old modes of creativity you’ve forgotten, and maybe even bring them back into your life!  


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Communication has to settle into your life in a new way, Scorpio. Are you ready to accept the forms it could take?

Get ready for some major changes in your friendships and mobility within them around 13 January when the new moon in Capricorn arrives. This lunation is heavy, so when old issues or wounds resurface, it’s best to address them instead of carrying that resentment into the rest of the year. The ways you’ve had to connect with people in 2020 has altered who and what you call a friend, so keep that in mind when having tough discussions. The next day on 14 January, Uranus retrograde finally comes to an end after five long months. This planet of technology and unexpected happenings is set to bring a surprising dynamic to your partnerships and relationship to sensory experiences. 

28 January brings a full moon in fire sign Leo! This is known as the wolf moon, and just like a wolf, this is a moment for you to howl as loud as you can and attract attention to yourself and your career successes or needs. Basically, the Leo full moon is happening in a zone of your sky that seeks respect and visibility, so lean into these notions. Two days later, Mercury retrograde greets us once again in ethical air sign Aquarius. This retrograde will have you mulling over when and why you’ve turned to reclusiveness and the ways that you still maintain connection with family members; both chosen and ascribed. Consider as well the flow of your space. Look for areas that aren’t working for what you need out of your home, and change them to fit your (unconventional) desires.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

Work may feel like your entire life this month, Sag, but you’re more than the labour you give others.

The new moon in Capricorn on 13 January exposes some holes in your work rate and points to a need for renewal in your relationship to the hustle. Whether this is being more strategic in where you invest your energy or only taking on paid projects; a change needs to happen! Don’t beat yourself up if this heavy lunation exhausts you. Use it as a chance to see what you can do when operating at an energetic low point. The next day on 14 January, Uranus, planet of technology and surprises, finally finishes retrograding through earth sign Taurus. Expect to feel differently about your body today, and listen to whatever it’s asking for.

The Leo full moon illuminates your zone of intellect and cross-cultural learning on 28 January, pushing you to make magic happen in a way that you’ve not considered before. This could take the form of participating in a conversation you’ve been hesitant to share your opinion on before or allowing yourself to learn the views of someone new. Stay open-minded and mitigate your ego on this day and in the Mercury-retrograde filled weeks ahead. Speaking of! Mercury retrograde in dreamy Aquarius begins on 30 January and has plans to alter the way you communicate with your friends. It’ll also have you shifting your sight away from new concepts you’ve been learning, and towards past ones that have changed enough for you to return with fresh intrigue. If you get into a misunderstanding with your friends, make sure you ask for clarification about the meaning of their words, too. 

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