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gal-dem horoscopes: expect twists and turns this Gemini season

The tempo of June’s astrology feels like a cosmic tug of war – so, brace yourself.

07 Jun 2021

Illustration by Nadia Akingbule

While the current retrograde season slows us down in order to make us look inward, the eclipses that June is sandwiched between cause quick, chaotic events that flash before our eyes. These solar and lunar eclipses occur on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis – a place in our skies where knowledge is built and destroyed – and can make our physical and emotional recovery twice as slow than usual.

But Gemini season is finally here; a period when more than one reality can exist at the same time. It’s also a period when asking a question could result in more answers than we could ever fathom. It’s so easy to feel like you’re nearly drowning in the waves of information coming your way this month, whether it’s via the proliferation of crucial political agendas or adjusting to the re-emergence of interpersonal conflicts with the growing level of in-person interaction we’re having.

This June I want you to reflect on what your relationship is to the fickle attention economy we live in, and how you embrace silences. When is it your turn to sit and listen? What do you do (or say) when eyes fall on you? 

Ask yourself: am I able to feel confident in my truth even when no one validates it? Can I confidently sit in silence when the world is questioning me? What keeps me stable when I’m yearning to plead my case?

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this month:

Gemini & Gemini Rising 

Your month begins with Venus – the planet of aesthetics, romance and tenderness – moving into the calming waters of Cancer. Here, your romantic life is met with a softness that is much needed during the hectic retrograde and eclipse season. Be wary of your ability to be too sympathetic towards people from your past trying to reestablish a place in your life, though. Instead, focus on sensory experiences and delicious adventures. When the solar eclipse in Gemini ignites your sky on 10 June, expect a transformative moment in your personal world to transpire. This solar eclipse is all about you, Gemini! Stand in your own spotlight and listen to what the universe is telling you. Keep what path you’re keen to walk down, but most of all, stay open to unexpected events completely rerouting your journey. Your desire to make a drastic change to your appearance during this time will be overwhelming, but it’s best to keep that at bay. Mercury retrograde is not the best moment for hair dyeing and wardrobe changes!

Luckily on 22 June, Mercury retrograde is finally released from its cycle through your sign, allowing tensions to ease in your general thought processes and the feelings you’ve been cultivating about your appearance. This isn’t to say now is your moment to go full on with a shopping spree (post retrograde retro-shade is very real…) but you can tread more confidently into some big purchases and defining aesthetic adjustments. When the full moon in Capricorn illuminates your sky on 24 June, you’ll finally have space and capacity to evaluate your financial world from a new perspective. This is a great time to secure yourself in new monetary cycles, and attend to the people you’re indebted to. This also applies to emotional currency as well as money matters! Time to hug your best mate.

Cancer & Cancer Rising 

June kicks off with tender and aesthetically inclined Venus moving into your sign! As Venus cruises through your soft watery sign, you’re able to gain some insight into where your opinions and values lie. Ask yourself questions that have to do with what you wish to gain/mutually share in your partnerships, how you want to treat your physical body, and the mindset you look at life with. Venus stays here until 27 June, so treat this time as a big ‘levelling-up’ and self care moment. The solar eclipse in Gemini on 10 June is set to be an exhausting time for you, Cancer. This intense cosmic event lights up an enigmatic and nostalgic zone in your sky; bringing an underlying feeling of chaos to events you thought were put to bed. Focus on staying grounded in your body above all else. Solar eclipses are about transformation in more outward expressions of the self, so watch out for someone engaging you in a heated argument.

Mercury finally finishes its retrograde journey through Gemini on 22 June and releases your social batteries from where they were being held hostage. This allows you to embrace a more interconnected approach to spending time with your community, and also gives you back the verbal capacity to go toe-to-toe in quick witted conversations. It’s a perfect prelude to the steadfast full moon in Capricorn that happens just two days later on 24 June. This is set to be a moment when you’re able to cultivate stability in your partnerships and friendships through releasing old habits. What better way to do this than by regaining the energy to be around your peers… without craving your bed the entire time!?

Leo & Leo Rising 

The astrology of your sky this June is nothing short of powerful, Leo. The first week of your month involves an intense period of letting go when it comes to romances and ties to aspects of your community. On 10 June, the solar eclipse in Gemini will steer your social life and future goals in an unexpected direction. Solar eclipses bring to light what’s been hidden and needs immediate change. What can be difficult about them however, is how they reveal themselves to others too. Try to ride the wave rather than swimming upstream. Just one day later on 11 June, action planet Mars moves into your sign and brings a sense of urgency to your need for self expression and confidence behind your actions. Be sure not to barrel into a wardrobe change or identity shift too quickly, though! It’s still retrograde season and Mercury is asking you to be more intentional and pensive than usual. Flourish and flaunt what you’ve got, but don’t claim an entirely new lifestyle. 

Mercury finally ends its retrograde cycle on 22 June and brings clarity to your sky regarding difficult matters of communication, and how you’ve been expressing care to your peers. Revisit what’s gone down over the course of this month, and smooth over the bumps in the road that may have led to falling out with some of your mates. A few days later on 24 June, the full moon in Capricorn arrives ready to help get your routine back. The grounded energy of this lunation wants you to end cycles that prevent you from moving forward in healthy mindfulness techniques! Pay attention to what’s happening in your body during this time. There’s a direct link between your intuition and how you feel drawn to move on this full moon.

Virgo & Virgo Rising 

Your month begins with Venus, planet of romance and aesthetics, travelling into water sign Cancer on 2 June. Cancer is a fellow lover of introverted endeavours and intimate social settings. With Venus here until 27 June, you’re called to evaluate the gentleness with which you approach your dreams and community. Are there people who you are ready to get to know in a more nurturing setting? How are you giving yourself the benefit of the doubt with the goals you’re setting during these uncertain times? On 10 June, an unexpected career reset is in store; the solar eclipse in Gemini blazes through the top of your sky where public life and wider work reputation take center stage. Eclipses harness the power of rapid changes and unsettling moments to realign your path towards a future that’s more aligned with your destination. The difficult aspect of solar eclipses is that they get other people involved in your business – especially given how this one unfolds for you. Know who you trust for support/advice during this time. Keeping out unwelcomed opinions will ease the transition. Read everything twice before signing any contracts, too. 

Thankfully, clarity from eclipse confusion and retrograde madness finds you on 22 June when Mercury finally ends its cycle through air sign Gemini. As you feel yourself communicating more clearly about what’s transpired over a month of unexpected developments in your life, take note of who has rode for you throughout, and what loose ends are still straggling along for you to mend. Treat the full moon in Capricorn on 24 June as a moment for celebration and joy. Let it reconnect you to people who have fallen by the wayside lately. Orchestrate a gathering centered around a fun, creative endeavour or just generally dance outside with your mates.

Libra & Libra Rising 

Your month kicks off with some socialising/networking sweetening things up! Venus, planet of romance and aesthetics, moves into tender water sign Cancer on 2 June. As it moves through a zone of your sky that rules public life and career path, you’re called to bring an emotionally potent approach to how you navigate social media, work connections, and your visibility as a whole. Make sure you’re expanding connections with people in your life you often overlook, rather than seeking new bonds. Mercury retrograde is about combing through what’s already there! 10 June brings a flash of powerful energy into a zone of your sky that connects you to cross-cultural ties, Libra. On this day, the solar eclipse in Gemini opens up possibilities for you in places you didn’t imagine traveling to, as well as widening the scope of your ethos. Look out for tension in your evolving moral code, and an insatiable sense of wanderlust! Travel during this time is still quite difficult due to Mercury retrograde, so avoid hopping on a last minute plane.

Speaking of! 22 June marks the end to Mercury’s retrograde through air sign Gemini, and helps you to utilize that eclipse-warranted wanderlust that’s been activated in your sky. As much as you might want a one way ticket to anywhere but here, try and ease into an idea rather than jumping towards a quick-fix “get me out of here” conclusion. A few days later on 24 June, the full moon in Capricorn illuminates the sector of your sky that helps you celebrate home and family matters. This lunation is great for manifesting grounding techniques and reformatting the structure of your face. Move your furniture around, wash your bedsheets, and/or host the dinner party of your dreams.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising 

An intense solar eclipse sets the tone for your month on 10 June, as this powerful event evokes dramatic energy from a zone of your sky ruling ancestral connection. It dredges up deep, interwoven ties you have with people you’ve known for a long time, and will show you where they need to undergo a major shift for the sake of your well being and other parties. The heaviness of this transit might wipe you out physically, so be sure you’re hydrating and resting along the way! You’ve got plenty of time to address the issues that this eclipse brings to light. Don’t let it rush you. Just one day later on 11 June, action planet Mars moves into the flames of Leo and activates an area of your sky that embraces being in the public eye and making major career moves! Satisfy your desire to be seen by the masses around this time by posting as many selfies as your heart desires, and being the most mysterious mistress at the cookout. Invest your energy in fine tuning your public persona as a whole.

22 June brings an end to another infamous Mercury retrograde cycle and helps you to get some clarity around complicated intergenerational matters you’ve been experiencing with family and people of shared heritage. Begin picking up pieces of disagreements that have gone down, and uncovering important details to the narratives. A few days later on 24 June, the full moon in Capricorn asks you to reformat the way you’ve been interacting with your friends lately. It’s time to squash that “everybody hates me” narrative playing in your head. Replace it with the acceptance that you’re an ever-evolving being, and celebrate the progress you consistently make during social interactions.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

We’re in your opposite season and it’s time to reflect on what your relationships are looking like from all angles, Sagittarius. There’s serious emphasis happening on ones that are romantic and work related, too; maybe even at the same time! The solar eclipse in Gemini on 10 June ignites a zone of your sky that asks you to bring a new pace into your partnerships. Look out for fresh connections that change the way you connect with people as a whole; ones that make you rethink what knowing someone really means and challenges the roles you’re usually happy to play in the lives of others. This might mean stepping down from a position of power you’re used to holding and letting someone else shine for a change! Comfortably letting go of your place within a hierarchy is a sign of true ego security.

20 June brings the summer solstice, the start to Cancer season, AND Jupiter retrograde. Phew! The combination of solar-focused energy and introspection of Jupiter retrograde activates a cosmic cycle in the zone of your sky that rules ancestral connection, deep, interwoven bonds with lovers, and financial entanglements. On this potent day, be sure you’re celebrating the new season with people who feel like family and doing rituals that help you connect to your bloodline. A few days later on 22 June, tensions begin to ease as Mercury finally ends its retrograde cycle through Gemini. This allows you to find more clarity in how you’ve been communicating within your partnerships, and get to the bottom of any miscommunications that transpired during the throws of the retrograde! Remember that post retro-shade is very real, though. It’ll take a few weeks for Mercury to ramp back up to its usual quick pace, so hold space for everything to transpire. 24 June brings the full moon in Capricorn; a perfect moment for money manifesting, stripping away excess, and thinking about what materials/resources you value most. Get serious with this lunation. Let it call you to be organised and steadfast in your fiscal decision making.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising 

June begins with a spotlight being shone on the tenderness with which you approach your partnerships and romantic relationships. On 2 June, Venus, planet of romance and aesthetics, enters your opposite sign, Cancer! As it begins to move through a zone of your sky that encourages you to focus on how you connect with others (as well as how you express loyalty and care) you’re called to do some mending, introspection, and maybe even apologising. About a week later on 10 June, the solar eclipse in Gemini blazes through your zone of routine, scheduling, and elements of your life that relate to your physicality. Solar eclipses bring in unexpected, chaotic moments that often turn your world upside down! Be sure you’re listening to your body during this time to avoid activity related injuries, as well as building in lots of room for you quotidian life to *not* go according to plan.

However, when Mercury finally ends its retrograde cycle through Gemini on 22 June, communication blockages you’ve had to deal with within your body and daily tasks finally begin to ease up. This isn’t to say those eclipse lessons won’t be felt anymore, but finding your flow and articulating how you’re feeling will be easier from this point onwards. Make sure you’re speaking to friends and people with similar life tempos about what’s going on. Getting some strategic advice from others has never hurt anyone! A few days later on 24 June, the full moon in your sign illuminates the sky! This is your full moon, Capricorn. Use it to press the restart button on life and accept endings that have come your way. Don’t just sweep things under the rug; dump them all the way in the dustbin and offer a permanent goodbye.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Your month begins with a bang as the solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10 stampedes into a zone of your sky ruling how you embrace playfulness, joy, and creativity as a whole. The multiplicity of Gemini energy combined with the chaos of this eclipse is set to shift how you both express and welcome these elements in your life. If you feel something that used to bring you joy just not hitting the spot anymore, listen and let it go. Look out for any intense, passionate flings that present themselves to you during this time, too. Enjoy the messy fun but remember that those flings are meant to remain flings. The next day, action-seeker Mars makes a move into your opposite sign Leo and activates a part of your sky that puts emphasis on your partnerships and personal relationships. This confident fire sign energy helps you to assert personal goals and boundaries that you often sideline for other people’s comfort. Let this transit help you speak up and act in the service of your mental health and personal goals before overextending yourself emotionally and/or physically.

When Mercury finally finishes its retrograde cycle on 22 June, you’ll feel yourself finding a creative flow once again. This will enable your ability to harness the lessons of the eclipse to generate newness in your artistic projects, making it a great time to tidy your studio/making space and totally reset the vibe. Say yes to new ideas and experimentation! A few days later on 24 June, the Capricorn full moon brings a strong dose of intuition and body-motivated energy to your sky. The name of the game for you, dear Aquarius, is; Rest, rest, and then resting some more.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

The solar eclipse in Gemini catapults your month into unexpected terrain, Pisces. On 10 June, this cosmic event brings a twist to your home environment that you couldn’t have easily anticipated. Whether it’s a big move, a family related switch up, or a left turn in your living situation; remember that not everything needs to be worked out in that moment! Eclipse changes feel dramatic because of how quickly they turn events. Keep in mind that you’ve got time to pick up the pieces of what they cause. Then, on 20 June, the summer Solstice and start to Cancer season bring a moment of sun worship that marks the beginning of your creative practice shifting. This is the same day your ruling planet Jupiter begins to retrograde! Solstices are about celebrating the self and being outward with your joy, while Jupiter retrograde brings us into spiritual exploration. Merging these two together means keeping yourself open to new people and places that bring you inspiration, while also going with the flow. 

22 June marks an end to another infamous Mercury retrograde cycle through air sign Gemini, and releases tension that’s built up in your home environment from the chaos of eclipse season! Tidying your space is essential around this time, as well as freshening up the flow of your home. Don’t be afraid to let light in and shift furniture to reset everything energetically. A few days later on 24 June, your month rounds off with the full moon in Capricorn illuminating your zone of community and friendships; showing you who your steadfast and loyal team members are. Trust this lunation to bring joy and appreciation into those bonds. Make a gesture for your wider community that shows them you care.

Aries & Aries Rising 

Your sky this June is bringing you loud, outspoken energy that helps reformat your friendships and career, Aries. On 10 June, the solar eclipse in Gemini shines a light on some current friendship dramas that might need addressing. Be wary of the tone and pace you use to communicate with others around this time. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle of a heated moment, and eclipses always amplify the intensity of….everything! Stick to the heart of issues, and what underlying dynamics need to be ironed out rather than getting lost in the details of a she said/she said. The next day, action-seeker Mars moves into fellow fire sign Leo and activates a zone of your sky that unlocks the heights of your creative potential! Welcome any free spirited ideas and concepts that help you flow in a more artistic way; especially when it comes to collaborative projects and playful fun.

22 June brings an end to Mercury’s retrograde cycle through Gemini! This feels like a cosmic pressure valve release for you, Aries. With your mind finally regaining the usual rapid pace that it moves at, you’re able to communicate with your friends at a pace that feels more natural to your essence. Just remember that retro-shade will hang on for the next few weeks as Mercury regains speed, so some slips of the tongue (and technology) may still occur. A few days later on 24 June, the Capricorn full moon lights up the top of your sky and marks the closing of a chapter in your career and public life. Celebrate this ending loudly and proudly! New pastures are here, and the warmth they’re set to bring you spiritually are more fulfilling than where you were before.

Taurus & Taurus Rising 

Your month kicks off with Venus, planet of aesthetics and romance, moving into the gentle waters of Cancer. This brings a softness to how you express care (especially verbally) in your friendships and between people in your life who you have a sibling-like relationship with. Think about doing bonding activities that involve stimulating your senses. Eating a delicious meal is always a great go-to! On 10 June, the solar eclipse in Gemini brings some unexpected changes to your material world. This could also influence your relationship with money and work, too, so be sure you’re sifting through contracts and opportunities that present themselves during this time with a fine tooth comb. Eclipses are intense at best and chaotic at worst, so ground yourself in the constants in your life, whether that be with your favourite album or best mates. 

Mercury leaves its retrograde phase on 22 June, and eases the fiscal tension the eclipse season brought to your work and the money oriented zone of your sky. Now, business wheelings and dealings you’ve been dying to carry on with can finally flow, and the innate deception that comes with Mercury’s retrograde movement isn’t as much of a concern. Just stay weary of Mercury’s post retrograde shadow and ease back into your business affairs steadily. Then on 24 June, the Capricorn full moon brings an organisational energy to your sky that helps evaluate new systems of knowledge and life ethos which may play an important role in where you travel over the next six months. The most important thing you can do during this lunation is to relentlessly ask questions.