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gal-dem horoscopes: Listen to logic this Gemini season

Tune into yourself this month as we emerge from the Mercury retrograde.

01 Jun 2022

Nadia Akingbule

The rumours are true – Gemini season is here once again. 

Last month, Taurus season slowed us down and forced us to confront the limitations of our minds and bodies. Burnout stared back at us in the mirror, and eclipse season took no prisoners as it shifted around crucial life events that the rest of our Gregorian year dances around. Now, for better or worse, we’re finally emerging from the tumultuousness of May. That being said, the key thing to remember about June’s astrology is to walk before you run. 

I want you to reflect on what you’ve damaged in an attempt to do too many things at once. When did you forget pastoral care? How good are you at pacing yourself? 

This Gemini season is about working towards unpacking and unlearning the scarcity mentality that keeps your mind and body in a tizzy, and lures you into saying yes when you should (or desperately want to) say no. Although the airy, busy nature of Gemini energy would prefer you zoom from concept to action, the best way forward is to slowly build up your pace whilst closely monitoring your overall capacity. 

“The key thing to remember about June’s astrology is to walk before you run” 

Keep logic in mind, whilst also acknowledging the multiple realities that exist alongside your own. Expect truth and subjectivity to keep coming up as themes this month.

On 3 June, Mercury finally finishes the retrograde chokehold it’s had us in since 10 May! This introspective period was insightful, yet slowed our progress in work and romance from all angles. Now that this planet of travel, wit, and communication is moving forward again, a wave of clarity is able to find us. Keep in mind my later advice, though! Crescendo into what you’re in need of doing; don’t hit the ground running. It’ll take until about 13 June when Mercury reenters its home sign of Gemini before we’ll feel that relief from ticking off our to-do lists.

The day after Mercury retrograde ends on 3 June, we enter another planetary retrograde period via heavyweight planet Saturn! Saturn is our taskmaster, and voice of responsibility. As it begins its retrograde through Aquarius, we’re called to show up in the serious sides of our lives and act based on our ethos. Expect an existential crisis here or there where you may find yourself pondering on if you’re a “good person” or not.

This month’s lunations include a fiery full moon in Sagittarius on 14 June, and a tearful new moon in Cancer on 28 June. The full moon in Sagittarius provides us with an excitable manifesting moment for us to take advantage of. Put your crystals in the moonlight and dance in communion with your best mates. Be wary of a tendency to mistake a ‘holier than thou’ mentality with confidence, though. Your positions should not need to be validated by the wrong-ness of others. 

“Seek catharsis and the company of people who you aren’t afraid to let it all out with”

When the new moon in watery, emotional Cancer rolls around on 28 June, the swell of feelings you’re set to experience need to be put somewhere! Seek catharsis and the company of people who you aren’t afraid to let it all out with. An exciting new relationship could be on the cards as well, although it might have a dramatic entrance.

For most of June, Venus moves through one of its favourite signs to transit – Taurus. Here, Venus is able to embrace its usual tradition of enjoying the tactile, sensual, beautiful aspects of this pleasure-seeking earth sign’s terrain. However, this year, Venus experiences some tight tension with tough-love planet Saturn. Because of this, aesthetic and romantic matters might not be coming to us as easily as usual during this time. Bumps in the road and creative differences could crop up in your partnerships and lustful bonds, so brace for conflicts to be worked through. Keep those communications skills up, and temper down.

22 June marks Venus’ move into Gemini, where its attention is hard to keep on just one person, or problem to fix. If you’re having a hot girl/gay/they summer this year, now is your time to charm all of your potential sweeties.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this month.

Aries & Aries Rising 

Can you feel the philosopher in you coming out to play, Aries? Your June is distinctly rooted in how you work on articulating yourself to others; especially people who you need to have better boundaries with. As Gemini season moves you towards a more verbal than kinetic energy, there’s less space for door slamming and more for cordial conversations.

Consider the ways you’re ready to adapt some new lifestyle practices. Don’t let your begrudging distaste of people telling you what to do get in the way of learning philosophies that could benefit how you frame your bustling thoughts. Read past patronising tones.

Taurus & Taurus Rising 

How many shiny objects have you been collecting and adding to your nest, Taurus? With Venus transiting your sign for most of the month, you’re called into a ‘material girl’ energy that seeks beauty and aesthetic pleasure. That being said, it’s important to listen to Gemini season’s logic while you’re bringing new objects into your world. 

Luckily, the Sagittarius full moon is your perfect purging moment. Try to operate from a one-in, one-out policy in your closet. Also, expect matters of love to become more clear on this lunation, too.

Gemini & Gemini Rising 

What character do you play in your story, Gemini? Your season is here, and the script you’re constantly writing and rewriting is more in your control than you think. How are you enjoying the (re)calibration process, and who is now the Bonnie to your Clyde?

While you’re satiated by socialisation as usual, focus your time onto individual interactions with your peers and partner(s) this June. The chaos of a group dynamic is fun to indulge in (especially on your solar return), but there’s a reckoning that needs to happen in some of your closest relationships this month.

Cancer & Cancer Rising 

Letting go isn’t easy for you, Cancer. Your world does a 180 degree turn this month, and it feels like you’re leaving an old phase in the past. How different does your environment look? Who is around you now who wasn’t last year?

Keep yourself grounded through rituals, objects, and relationships this month. Your routine is your best friend – keep it solidly running no matter where you wake up, and who is around you.

Leo & Leo Rising 

There’s no such thing as ‘too much fun’ in your book, Leo. Everyone loves this about you, but it’s important to not let this ethos become your undoing. June brings you boisterous laughs and exciting excursions with your friendship groups, but doesn’t provide you with enough space to know when to slow down.

Schedule in rest days that you honour no matter what enticing event is on that evening. You might just find that the lunar creativity you experience can finally be articulated when you’re in a calm, quiet space.

Virgo & Virgo Rising 

Unless you’re being paid to literally babysit someone, you’re not a bonafide babysitter, Virgo. Are you going to enjoy your time in this sun this June, or spend it tending to everyone around you?

Your role as a leader and responsibility-maestro is one that people value in you, and you of course value in yourself, but Gemini season is exposing the cracks in what it means to constantly function from this place. Give yourself time to yourself, especially on the full moon in Sagittarius. 

Libra & Libra Rising

You’re a shapeshifter and chameleon, Libra. This June, you’re called to both embrace the multiplicity of your personality without shame, whilst also holding space for how it impacts others. There’s a difference between being free, and honouring the expectations that your partner(s) or friends may have of you.

Use this month to more clearly explain to your mates where you’re at in life, how you’re excited to evolve, and ask them directly how they expect you to show up for them along the way.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising 

There’s some much overdue emotional purging that needs to happen for you this month, Scorpio. What decisions have you been avoiding making? Are they seriously tied to other people’s lives, and you’ve not wanted to impose?

June asks you to continually confront and release. Expect your natural instinct to hide behind closed doors to be challenged for the better. Remember that even the best relationships take work.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

How divided is your attention right now, Sagittarius? Are you happily nesting with your boo, or sorting through an ever-mounting pile of DMs? June has an exciting romantic trajectory in store for you, and it’s directly linked to how you want to merge (or not merge) your life with others.

If you’re taking the route of floating through exciting flings, be sure that your time and boundaries indicate that that’s where you’re emotionally at with someone rather than leading them on with your charm!

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Is your world feeling like organised chaos at the moment, Capricorn? Gemini season is treating you like a workhorse, and it’s hard for you to say no to every task put in front of you. You’re at a crucial point where burnout is rearing its ugly head.

Use the full moon in Sagittarius to find quiet, calm alone time and relaxation. Whether it’s booking a massage or not moving from your sofa, treat your body with some gentleness so that it doesn’t shut down on you.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

Is your favourite thing about intimacy the spiritual ongoing attachment you build with someone, or the freedom of not knowing when lust and sex will enter your world, Aquarius? The two don’t have to be completely separated, but your fear of being trapped could prevent you from truly developing the former.

Gemini season is helping you to feel as free as you desire, and have been desiring for a long time. Don’t play by other people’s rules, but at the same time, don’t abandon your moral code for the sake of a fun night.

Pisces & Pisces Rising 

Home is a lot of different people and places to you, Pisces. What major changes are you experiencing in your space, and how are you embracing them for the better? A new presence in your abode could be the centre of your attention right now.

Find the balance between letting your home be the sanctuary you need it to be, while also providing you with an adequate working environment. Form it with the people you’re around rather than going the task alone.