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Nadia Akingbule

gal-dem horoscopes: Let reason be your guiding light this Capricorn season

Use Capricorn season to create momentum for the year.

07 Jan 2022

Welcome to 2022! We enter this new annual cycle amidst Capricorn season’s serious tone and furrowed brow; reckoning with what 2021 meant for us, and how to create new momentum to keep going.

Capricorn is the energetic earth sign of the zodiac that authors norms. It enforces a status quo for us to navigate, and commands the type of respect we root in elders, the ecosystem, and the persistent knowledge that we are part of a much bigger picture. The key thing to remember about Capricorn’s energy and norm-writing is this: none of it operates on an impulse or a whim. What Capricorn generates takes time, and must function like a well-oiled machine. The result is always something that will sustain, and last into the future. 

Where Capricorn energy is found, so is continuity, patterns and ritual. 

This January, we have retrogrades, a tearful Cancerian lunation, and tricky Pluto transits ahead of us. While this isn’t the smoothest astrological start to the year, the promise of sweeter times and greater self-knowledge through navigating choppy waters undoubtedly awaits us. Venus retrograde in Capricorn calls us to re-evaluate what we value, and who we love, until 29 January, and Mercury retrograde throws complications towards our travels and communication for the second half of January. Our big moment for emotional release arrives on 17 January with the Cancer full moon, and tempers will flare as Mars butts heads with underworld ruler Pluto.

Remember to make lists, lament the past, organise your thoughts, and critique your own actions as you would a younger person who you’re mentoring, but keep looking forward. With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this January!

Aries & Aries Rising 

What responsibilities require more than a rushed job to complete this month, Aries? January is about moving with intention, not speed.

Capricorn season brings out the drive you have to guide others, and assume the role of an ancestor. As you draw on your wisdom to face down unsavoury tasks in the name of a greater good, what do you notice about the energy you’re building up in your body? It’s wonderful that you’re naturally catalysed by your passions, dear fire sign, but it’s helpful to let Capricorn energy provide a place to ground yourself. The new moon on 2 January crashes some realities onto you around how you’re perceived in the public eye. Regardless of whether it’s salacious rumours or endless praise, root yourself in the knowledge that you can always start again. 14 January brings a Mercury retrograde cycle in air sign Aquarius, lighting up your zone of friendships and how you intermingle your dreams with your communities. Some things can only happen in unison with others, and this retrograde cycle has you looking back at times when this was supremely true. Expect calls from former friendships to hit your line, and your boundaries to be tested.

On 17 January, the full moon in water sign Cancer brings eventful changes into the area of your life pertaining to home and family matters. Whether it’s a talk that you’ve been needing to have with a family member, or a rebalancing of how you navigate your life and work balance; expect some important statements to be made. Alternatively, this is also a great time to shut yourself away in your room and have a big cry! Let it all out, and start on a fresh slate of emotions to help you tackle everything going on amidst this retrograde season. Finally, Venus stations direct on 29 January, meaning its 40 day retrograde through Capricorn has finally ended! This retrograde was here to help you truly get in touch with what you value, the love you accept from partners, and how you want to be perceived in your public life. Go forward into February ready to translate those findings into actions, and manifest your desires as Jupiter blissfully moves through Pisces.

Taurus & Taurus Rising  

Amidst Capricorn season’s steadiness, do you still feel your feet itching with wanderlust? It might be your time to traipse around the globe once again, Taurus.

Your month begins on a note of questioning and curiosity. Capricorn energy illuminates the part of you that acts insatiably in the presence of new knowledge, and drives you to see the world for yourself. Are you ready to be spontaneous and just go for it? The new moon in Capricorn on 2 January opens up a space for you to speak honestly about where and when you’ll be packing your backs. This journey is extra important if you can feel that it’s the beginning of a soul quest, or a voyage towards finding something within. 14 January brings another cycle of Mercury, planet of communication, retrograding through the sky! This time, it’s through air sign Aquarius, who likes to re-write conventions from a strange lens. Here, Mercury emphasizes how you take control of your public life and career decisions, so expect memories from past jobs to float into your head. Take a moment to slow down, and figure out what kind of work you really want to be committing yourself to in the future.

The Cancer full moon lights up the zone of your sky that concerns friendships, siblings, and your communication style on 17 January; just a few days after Mercury begins to retrograde. This means that it’s time for a big release concerning frustrations you’re navigating these areas of life, and for final decisions to be made. It’s not to say that this is a moment to cut someone off, but rather an important check-in point about how you’ll move forward. Embrace the Cancerian spirit if crying it out when things get too frustrating! Luckily, cosmic energies lighten on 29 January when Venus finally ends its retrograde phase through Capricorn. This retrograde, you were experiencing an important revision period concerning what you value, and how knowledge and philosophy both play a role in your intimate relationships. Move into Feb taking action around your findings, and trust that Jupiter’s move into Pisces will help make them come true!

Gemini & Gemini Rising 

Loss isn’t always easily anticipated, and even when it is, its wounds run deep. What great heaviness do you feel in your bones this January, Gemini?

The year begins with Capricorn season’s energy dredging up your past beyond your exes mosquito-ing in your ear. I’m talking about forgotten bonds, and grief you thought you’d buried. It all begs this question: What techniques do you use to cope that aren’t simply avoidant? You’re allowed to take space and just breathe on your own. 14 January marks the beginning of another Mercury retrograde cycle! This communication planet will be moving through air sign Aquarius, who expects you to do some critical thinking about the type of knowledge you value most, and the places you’ve been in the past. Travel might be tricky, but it could be spiritually worth it to revisit your favourite spots.

On 17 January, the full moon in watery, emotional Cancer blesses the zone of your sky that concerns your material wealth, and the value you place on physical objects in your life. Look out for exciting fiscal moments that hold the potential to change the look of your bank account. That being said, keep in mind that it’s both a Venus and Mercury retrograde during this time. If it seems too good to be true, it just might be. Read the fine print, and avoid making any big purchases. Luckily, cosmic energies begin to ease up toward the end of the month on 29 January, when Venus finally ends its retrograde through Capricorn. Breathe a sigh of relief, and take stock of what you learned from revisiting such difficult parts of your past all throughout that last 40 days. By naming what you’re ready to grow through, Jupiter in Pisces can help you manifest those desires ASAP.

Cancer & Cancer Rising 

Do you only think about your independence when you can feel yourself latching too hard onto your favourite person? Or are you happily spending most of your time swimming in someone else’s eyes this Capricorn season?

You’ve entered the time of year when relationships mean even more to you than they do normally, dearest Cancer. As if anyone thought that was possible?! January begins with confrontations from your past partnerships plaguing your thoughts, and some critical revisions happening with the people (or a person) you’re constantly in companionship with. It all may feel like a bit much. Don’t shy away from wiping the slate clean, and figuring out where you’re ready to move forward from. On 14 January, Mercury, planet of communication and travel begins to retrograde through your zone of deep bonds, ancestors, and losses. Expect the past to be simultaneously present with the present in an often annoying way. The best way to handle it is not through avoidance, but rather facing down what’s yet to be put to rest.

The full moon in your sign arrives on 17 January and brings with it important messages surrounding who you are in the full spectrum of your uniqueness, dear crab. This is an important moment for you to leave the past behind, and move past old relationship patterns that no longer serve you, too. Any emotions you’ve been stifling are likely to emerge in a tearful manner, so have some tissues at the ready. Keep in mind that the next few weeks are best for collecting your thoughts regarding what you discover around this lunation. Finally, Venus ends its retrograde through logic-driven Capricorn on 29 January, bringing the end to a turbulent time in your romantic bonds. Reflect on what you learned about yourself, and how you relate to people you love deeply. Pinpoint what you’d like to shift, and get ready to manifest them in February when Jupiter in Pisces is able to fully bestow its blessing onto you.

Leo & Leo Rising

Ready to treat your physical form with care, Leo? When you stop moving, you start to feel the aches and sensations you’ve been ignoring.

January is about coming back to your body, and implementing the rituals you let fall away towards the end of 2021 when it felt like you were unraveling with hedonism and temporary feelings. Now, the game gets serious. This new year has so many blessings to offer, but you need to be in the right frame of mind and heart to receive them. Being able to listen to your intuition and instinctual spiritual momentum requires feeling your feet below you, and tending to all wounds with equal concern. The new moon in Capricorn on 2 January is your perfect moment to implement new routines and rituals that help you find a steady pace with your health. 14 January brings another Mercury retrograde cycle! This time, the communication planet makes its journey through your opposite sign, Aquarius, and brings you into nostalgia for your past relationships. When this happens, don’t be the beg in your ex’s DMs! Rather than romanticising your mistakes, be the one who commits to learning from them, and working past that dynamic.

The full moon in Cancer lights up the most shadowy, intense zone of your sky on 17 January; how mystical! This is a great moment for you to come back into spiritual alignment with yourself – by yourself. Some much needed alone time and a water ritual should do the trick. Run yourself the hottest bath, and let yourself scream, cry, sing, and burst with emotion until you’ve come back into your body. Remember that you’ll have limited social batteries on this day, so don’t overpromise yourself to anyone. Finally, on 29 January when Venus ends its 40-day retrograde cycle through earth sign Capricorn, you’re called to process the discoveries you made about your time and physical health. Cement those changes you’re excited to make into your sky by manifesting at the beginning of February, when the skies are fully clear of retrograde activity!

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Is the bustle of the new year inspiring you into a state of playfulness? Your time to innovate is now, Virgo.

While some are blaming Capricorn season for their buzzkill, your artistic abilities are gaining traction this January! It’s time to take note of the whimsical moments that break up your daily rituals, and increase the level of intimacy you ration yourself. Excess might actually be the perfect starting point for inspiration. On 2 January, the new moon in Capricorn brings a tense but sexy moment into your sky. As it stimulates you in a way you hadn’t expected, take time processing it all. Perhaps the best way to move forward is through a creative means of expression. 14 January marks the beginning of another Mercury retrograde cycle that stirs up your sleep schedule and begs for some changes in your daily routine. It’s retrograde through Aquarius that highlights your health, and the unique way that you related to doing things like exercise, eating, and general body maintenance. Don’t avoid that doctor’s visit anymore!

The Cancer full moon lights up your sky on 17 January and brings a dramatic moment into your life concerning your friendships connected to a wider community you’re part of. Whether it’s a music scene, or a political group you’re in; look out for brewing conflict that will be confronted on this day. Ultimately, the Cancerian energy of this moon wants you to process whatever climax occurs on your own, where you have the freedom to ugly cry. Don’t linger in public spaces when you’re busy tweaking the past in your mind today. Finally, Venus ends its long retrograde through fellow earth sign Capricorn on 29 January; simmering down the potentially raunchy time you’ve been having with exes or new love interests! You’ve processed a lot about you and your relationship to sexuality during this time, so be sure to write it all down and move forward wielding that knowledge.

Libra & Libra Rising 

Home is always on your mind this month, Libra. Are you carrying it with you, or leaving it behind?

Contrary to your sociable nature, January arrives ready to send your mind to mysterious and pensive places! In order to deal with this energy, it might be in your best interest to take some alone time, and process whatever ongoing value-shifts keep coming up. This is when cleansing your space becomes ever-important. Purge that stale 2021 energy and leave no corner of each room untouched. When Mercury begins to retrograde through your zone of playfulness and creativity on 14 January, you may find yourself looking at innovation from an old perspective. This is a great moment to open up your past sketchbooks and diaries to see who and what that past ‘you’ cared about, and what’s calling them to return now.

On 17 January, the Cancer full moon brings an exciting career opportunity into your life that will need much consideration and patience to really understand. It’s currently a Mercury retrograde AND Venus retrograde period, so read the fine print before saying “yes” out of excitement. Also, trust yourself to charm your way into extending that acceptance period. Finally, when your ruling planet Venus ends its retrograde cycle on 29 January, you’re put in a position to take significant action around the evolving relationship you have with your family and home. As your desires become more clear in this area of life, don’t be afraid to ask the universe for some assistance – Jupiter in Pisces is doing the most to help us get what we want in February.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising 

Your voice holds the power to generate new connections this month, Scorpio. The question is, do you want to make new friends?

Capricorn season finds you taking stock of who’s in your contacts list, and inviting you to add more. So many odd code names and people en masse have accumulated over the years; from blocked numbers to finding your ride or die mates. It’s been a rollercoaster. January’s earthy energy asks you to engage in social butterfly behaviour, whether or not you’re able to embrace opening up your social circle comes down to how you’re feeling in your heart space, and what you have the capacity for. Otherwise, stick to tasks pertaining to writing, and general life communication admin, especially when the new moon in Capricorn graces your sky on 2 January. Halfway through the month, Mercury, planet of communication and travel, begins to retrograde through air sign Aquarius and activates the zone of your sky that rules home, family members, and your need for safety. This retrograde asks you to rest and slow down the pace you’re operating at; the greatest sense of urgency you should feel is towards getting enough sleep! Expect a call from someone in your personal life that you haven’t spoken to in too long. Some family drama is likely to be on the upturn as well…

The full moon in Cancer on 17 January brings to light the importance of a serious discussion you’re due to have with a mentor or person in your life from who you’ve learned a lot. Consider how the nature of your relationship has changed, and what their words mean to you now; your ethos is undergoing a major shift with this lunation. Finally, your month rounds off with Venus retrograde drawing to a close on 29 January. As this planet of values, romance, and aesthetics begins to move forward through Capricorn again, you’re called to think about the ways your old and new friendships changed in the last 40 days. What lessons did you learn about the energetic exchange you wish to maintain in your bonds, and the baseline requirements you expect of a mate? Make sure your actions reflect your platonic desires going into February, and ask Jupiter for help if you need assistance!

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

Capricorn season finds you scheming and stabilising yourself, Sagittarius. What plans are you making to ensure what you desire will soon be in abundance?

Your relationship to materiality is often a means to find meaning; not revel in luxury or brag about a name brand. You’re a sign of action and adventure; cunning and truth-seeking. So what do you need to help facilitate these moments? Treat January as an R&R moment where you stop for provisions en route. This pause might feel like drudgery, but is crucial for reflection before energies pick up in February. On 2 January, the new moon in Capricorn helps you hatch a plan and get list-y with what you’re keen to materially possess. Be sure you’re always connecting objects back to your wider desires surrounding ethos and acquiring vital wisdom. Then, about halfway through the month, communication planet Mercury begins to retrograde through air sign Aquarius; activating your connection to friendships, siblings, and ongoing topics you’re learning about. You can fully expect a call from a friend you fell out with, or surprising news about someone you’ve been learning new skills or information from. Keep your boundaries clear so you don’t fall back into any messy dynamics by accident. 

On 17 January, the full moon in watery Cancer brings a tearful close to something that’s been paining you for too long. Be it a relationship, period of grief, or inner dialogue that’s stopping your growth, this lunation will make it feel like a deep loss. Do rituals that keep you in good spirits despite the heaviness, and let the letting go process take your emotions through whatever cycles they need to traverse. Your month rounds off with Venus finally finishing its retrograde through Capricorn on 29 January, easing the 40-day tension it brought to the financial and value-focused zone of your sky. Now that this period has ended, reflect on what you learned from that deep dive into your relationship with the material world, and the unique ways you value objects. Establish new patterns, and move with the trust that Jupiter in Pisces will help you see them through in February.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising 

It’s your season, Capricorn! It’s time to show respect to yourself first and foremost, while also celebrating all you’ve accomplished in the past year.

This January, the skies are pulling you towards a vibe that’s akin to that of a storyteller. This is your time to laugh at past mistakes, smile at the drinks you’ve shared with top mates, and be the loudest one at the table explaining your year’s raunchiest escapade. The value in this is finding where you felt the most yourself, and evaluating what it took to make that happen. Whatever it was, you deserve tenfold in 2022. The new moon in your sign on 2 January helps you to revise your past with clarity, and scheme an even sexier future version of it. This is your new moon, Capricorn. There’s no space in your season to be your own harshest critic. Lean into doing whatever it takes to make this moment feel different from others, and start the year on the right foot; whatever that looks and feels like for you.

On 17 January, the full moon in Cancer illuminates the sector of your sky that rules all things relationship focused; both platonic and romantic. It’s a lunation that feels like a big, climaxing moment for you to set the record straight within your partnerships, and put some firm goals in place regarding how you want to relate to people you maintain intimate relationships with. Keep in mind it’s still both Venus and Mercury retrograde at this time, so note down any clarity you receive, but don’t necessarily kick it all into action right away. Luckily, Venus retrograde finally ends on 29 January, and provides the perfect boost for you to finally feel like yourself again. Let your charm flow, and snap a few sexy mirror selfies to celebrate.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

You invented the art of slyly exiting a scenario, Aquarius. What (or who) are you sneaking away from now?

Capricorn season calls you into a state of retreat from the world, and invites you instead to focus on releasing anger. This January, it’s more important to feel the emotions trying to purge themself from within, than to get annoyed at every person who breathes too close to you. Luckily, this is a time where your independence is invigorated, so the solo ride is much appreciated. The new moon on 2 January is exhausting, and tests the limits of your current social tolerance. Use this lunation to spend plenty of time on your own processing and purging the deep shadow work you’ve not had time to address. About halfway through the month on 14 January, Mercury begins to retrograde through your sign and plunges you into review on all things related to you and your character! As you find yourself digging through old photo albums and tracing the phases of your life, what do you notice has remained consistent? This retrograde holds the potential to be a “rebrand” for you, so take hold of what energy you want to be putting out into the world, and experiment with your appearance.

On 17 January, the full moon in Cancer lights up the zone of your sky ruling all things related to your health, routines, and rituals that sustain your daily life. It’s a full moon that you really feel in your body, and holds messages regarding self-care and the sustainability of your sleep schedule. This is a great recalibration moment where you can take pause to evaluate if the way you do your daily routine is truly in your best interest. If not, don’t be afraid to try something completely new. Finally, your month rounds off with Venus retrograde drawing to a close on 29 January – yay! This retrograde really tested your boundaries around situations and people you’ve walked away from by testing if you could handle the temptation of their return. Whether you fell into those traps or not, valuable knowledge was to be gained! Now is your time to start processing how those moments made you feel, and fold the past neatly back into its box once again.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Who do you feel like confessing your desires to, Pisces? Knowing that you’re not alone is the ship keeping you afloat during Capricorn season’s harsh ride.

January marks a new beginning in how you socialise, dear fish. Your doe-eyed love of company is grounded in a purity that’s hard to find in the age of social media, and it’s evolving along with your wisdom. Now, the companionship you seek has to root itself in more than some shared laughs and a common workplace. Look for friendship that comes from foundational morals, like a shared disdain of Capitalism, or a desire to help the homeless. On 2 January when the new moon in Capricorn brings you a dose of clarity, take note of the type of energy you’re thirsty for in someone else. About halfway through January, Mercury, planet of communication and travel, begins retrograding through a mysterious and intense area of your sky. Here, endings you thought were final begin to resurface, and painful past events creep back into your consciousness. Look for new ways of addressing them this time. If your purge from before didn’t quite do the trick, don’t dive back into those same release techniques. When in doubt, hold on tight to an earth sign friend for support during this time!

The full moon in fellow water sign Cancer holds a fun and sexy moment for you to explore as it activates the zone of your sky that rules your drive to innovate, playfulness, and flirtatious nature. It’s likely that a sexy scenario with someone you fancy will meet a (literal) climax during this time! Don’t move too quickly with them if they’re a new love, though. This lunation is still happening within Mercury AND Venus retrogrades; making it less than ideal to find a new boo. Finally, your month rounds off with Venus retrograde in Capricorn drawing to a close on 29 January. The lessons you’ve learned about community and companionship over the last 40 days are jam-packed with wisdom only life experience can provide. Revise those notes carefully, and be sure to angle February’s manifestations towards mending whatever needs to be fixed in that area of your sky.