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gal-dem horoscopes: Pisces season sees silver linings peek through the clouds

Even though the world feels stagnant, there are diamonds to be found in the rough, and more progress made than you might realise.

03 Mar 2021

Pisces is the sign of poets, dreamers, and lovers. A Piscean way of being means not ignoring emotions we’re meant to lament. It means memorialising the melancholic thoughts we have, and finding a willingness to properly mourn what we’ve lost. We’ve lost a lot since March of 2020; people, faith, resources. But Pisces season is here with plenty of space for us to feel the complex concoction of bafflement, sadness, and hesitant optimism that we often push away.

Pisces season invites us to remember that mourning is a type of release. We release so as not to build identity on sadness, but instead create new forms of knowledge and hope.

Keep in mind that we are still being offered a silver lining this March, too. As much as we may sit in paddling pools of our own tears at times, it’s still with an assurance that progress is being made. We are moving forward even if our environments remain static. There’s validity and truth in how the tides have shifted within you despite your feet not carrying you far from home. 

All planets are moving direct in March (no retrogrades – yay!) and our collective intuition is heightened. As we let the bottomless depths of this water sign set the tone for what’s ahead, we can see lights at the end of tunnels we didn’t even know we were in. 

There are so many exciting astrological moments coming our way. A few include energetic Mars moving into Gemini; activating our inquisitive sides and asking us to align words with action, Mercury’s tongue-twisting move into Pisces, and the Spring Equinox on 20 March! Not to mention the monthly new and full moon cycles.

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts on what’s in store for each sign this March.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

It’s your season, Pisces! Renewal and self-awareness are ready to find you amid this transformational time. 

Your month begins with a sense of independence coursing through your sky as Venus and the sun follow each other’s path through your waters. Anything feels possible, and that’s because it’s probably true. If 2020 could happen, so can the fantasies you reserve for sleep and early morning window gazing. When in doubt this month, go where you see the most potential for your beauty to be appreciated. On 4 March, action planet Mars moves into inquisitive Gemini, asking you to do some problem-solving in your home and embellish the space with your artistic eye. Curate the perfect cosy cocoon! The new moon in your sign on 13 March makes you forget what’s real and what’s fantasy, and maybe even converges the two. Ask the universe for your deepest desires to come true in your year ahead. Sow the seeds of whatever it is you yearn for.

The 15 March marks when communicator Mercury moves into your sign, bringing honour and dignity to your words but fogginess to your train of thought. Mercury struggles when in your sign! Piscean waters are too diluted and heavy for Mercury to travel at the speed it likes, but this doesn’t stop it from bringing you blessings. Venus’s transition into Aries on 21 March marks a money-manifesting moment for you, so keep an eye on your email inbox and phone close by. Finally, your month rounds off with the Libra full moon bringing closure and intensity to some old bonds (friendships and romances) that need to be permanently put to rest.

Aries & Aries Rising

Which of your steps need retracing before your season reigns supreme again? Mercury retrograde might be over, but you’re still swimming through the past this March, Aries. 

Pisces seasons finds you at the height of dreamy distractedness. Be wary about your ability to overinflate and romanticise the past given that the Sun and Venus are moving through a cerebral zone of your sky. This is a time of internalisation and self-forgiveness. It’s exhausting but so needed! When energetic Mars moves into chatty air sign Gemini on 4 March, this helps you articulate some of the secrets to your selfhood that you’re uncovering. Push yourself to share them with friends you trust, or even mates whose friendship you’re building up right now. Mars begs you to pair thought with action, but most of this month is about gentleness for you. Take it slow and don’t rush towards any quick fixes. The new moon in Pisces on 13 March illuminates your need for rest and quiet contemplation; especially when it comes to your sleep! Change your sheets and treat yourself to the most luxurious bedtime routine. 

About a week later your season arrives and brings you full-throttle into go mode. Goodbye sleepy Pisces vibes! Venus follows the sun and makes a move into your sign as well on 21 March, bringing charm and confidence to your expressions of love and aesthetic choices. Just be sure not to go too bold too quickly – Venus isn’t at its comfiest here. 28 March brings the full moon in Libra – your opposite sign. This lunation shines a light on your relationships and encourages you to release old patterns that keep you stuck in similar romantic ruts. The moon’s connection with wounded-asteroid Chiron makes things feel extra sensitive, so prepare to be confronted with some touchy subjects.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

When was the last time you let yourself get swept away in an idea, Taurus? You’re great at leaning on practical solutions and strategy, but can you release control and let yourself flow with your desires?

It’s important for you not to resist the imaginative energy March is bringing you. Pisces season shines a light on how you reach for and formulate your hopes, wishes and dreams; especially in matters of connection with your community. Spend time thinking not only about your future, but the merged future of you and your team.

Is it important for you to be in a space where your friends are easily accessible? What resources do you all collectively need to get to where you desire? Reach out and see what other people’s plans are. On 4 March action planet Mars moves into fast thinker Gemini and helps you put action behind some of the ideas you’re dreaming up. Then, when the new moon in Pisces illuminates your zone of community and humanitarian desires, you find yourself ready to embark on a new not-so-solo journey with great company. Your ruling planet Venus starts to frustrate you on 21 March when it moves into fire sign Aries; a place where it’s not at its most comfortable. This rut encourages you to express yourself through action rather than words, especially given that communication planet Mercury will be in emotive Pisces. When in doubt, slow your pace. The full moon in Libra on 28 March asks you to get moving physically! Celebrate the completion of another lunar cycle through dance and body-oriented activities.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Do you ever enter the spotlight shamelessly, Gemini? It’s about time you do. Pisces season wants you to flaunt what you’ve got – or rather – whatever party trick is your favourite right now.

Your month kicks off with Pisces season giving you every excuse to enjoy the praise you receive. Venus and the sun are both moving through Pisces and bringing you reverence from onlookers; true confidence from within. Just make sure the dishes don’t pile up while you’re having those rockstar moments. Mars moves into your sign and activates your zone of selfhood and thinking on 4 March, making sure that you’re following through on the promises you’re making to yourself. This is a time where it’s crucial your words and actions align, Gemini. A career move moment comes your way around 13 March when the new moon in Pisces illuminates your sky in the dreamiest way. Don’t miss out on it by taking too long to do your makeup. Be ready to receive otherworldly messages.

Venus moves out of Pisces and into energetic Aries on 21 March – the day after the Spring Equinox! This transition brings your focus back onto your friends and community after a spell of being wrapped up in the main-character moments of your own story. Use this energy to express gratitude and commitment to the people who support you through and through; especially on the basis of having shared common political ideas or dreams. The full moon on 28 March brings you the urge to celebrate anything you’re feeling excited about. It’s also pushing you into the flirtiest version of yourself. Turn up your charm, dance in your room, and prank call someone. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

You’re on a quest for answers in Pisces season, Cancer. Your ability to find creative solutions for your life’s obstacles (and everyone else’s) is driven by an awareness of people’s need for empathy. 

There’s a detective cap sitting on top of your head for most of March. This month is about wrapping your head around the many realities you’re aware are running parallel to your own. The difficult task is figuring out what situations you desire clarity. Now is a great time to do things like streamline your research practice, help your BFF investigate a potential catfish or figure out where the best place for you to be in six months from now is. Mars’s move into intellectual Gemini on 4 March might feel like an energetic setback as it moves through an exhausting area of your sky, but this inwardness helps you to reflect on what those Pisces season queries really mean to you. The new moon in Pisces on 13 March offers a new pathway towards the part of your identity that’s driven to both find and create new forms of knowledge. Envision yourself as the creator.

Just after the Equinox on 21 March romantic Venus follows the sun into fierce Aries, activating the part of your sky that’s driven by action and visibility! Embrace your inner attention-seeker. Be unabashed with your desire to receive praise as much as you give it to others. In contrast with this energy comes the full moon on 28 March that asks you to retreat into your home and celebrate your space for its cocoon-like feel.

Leo & Leo Rising

What consumes you right now, Leo? Or perhaps the better question to ask you this Pisces season is, who consumes you?

Your month begins with your mind struggling to let go of the past. The Pisces sun and Venus are sugar-coating moments with someone (or many people) who represent a similar relationship pattern that you’re working to undo. Remember that progress begins with self-forgiveness. On 4 March, Mars moves into busybody Gemini and distracts you by putting your attention on people in your community who you love and admire. This is good, but can’t take up all of your time! The new moon in Pisces on 13 March paves the way for new beginnings to form in matters that have felt delicate to address. Don’t expect this to mean that all of the relationships you’re wrangling right now will endure, though. Just embrace the fresh start.

The 21 March brings sensitive Venus’s move into fellow fire sign Aries. As this romantic planet travels through a zone of your sky that’s passionately open about exploring new concepts and ideas, you’re able to see what letting new forms of love into your life could look like. This is a great time to explore new sides of your sexuality, too. Your month finishes with a full moon in Libra flooding into your third house of friendship and adventure. Find a way to celebrate and reunify with your mates in a safe but fulfilling way.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Feeling worthy of the love that comes your way can be a struggle sometimes, Virgo. Pisces season wants you to remember that criticism isn’t always aimed at your moral fibre.

Your month begins with the sun and Venus blazing through your zone of partnerships and the dynamics you embrace in relationships, helping you extend an energy of empathy and compassion to the people you care about. This Piscean sense of forgiveness is crucial for you to internalise in the ways you view and speak to yourself too, Virgo! On 4 March, action-planet Mars moves into inquisitive Gemini and travels through a zone of your sky that seeks visibility and bold action. This is a focusing moment for you to be confident in forming new habits that can be witnessed by your peers. Normalise whatever behaviour you feel the need to test out right now. Anything can be ‘so you’ if you make it that way. On 13 March the Pisces new moon has you reflecting on the role friendship plays for you, and marks a new beginning in how you relate to your friendship group. Embrace the new position you occupy even if it feels foreign. 

A few days later on 15 March, your ruling planet Mercury joins the planets in Pisces brigade. In Pisces, Mercury struggles to be its quick, clear, and concise self that it enjoys being. Use this time to slow down and focus on the ways you communicate which are nonverbal. The Libra full moon on 28 March brings light to your material belongings! Celebrate the possessions you have which symbolise victory over a difficult situation from your past, and let go of an object that is ready to be passed on.

Libra & Libra Rising

Your time and routine is being stretched this Pisces season, Libra. What happens when you intentionally let things slow down? Your creative potential unlocks.

March pushes the breaks on the usual sense of urgency you operate. Once you let yourself realise that there’s no point in keeping up a constant struggle against the waters of Pisces energy, things will start to make more sense! The race against yourself is a futile one. Your ruling planet Venus wants to bring you sweetness and gifts of the senses, while Mars’s move into quirky Gemini on 4 March asks you to meander and philosophise life rather than be on the go. On 13 March, the new moon in Pisces helps you set intentions surrounding this new relationship you’re developing with your time. This new moon begs artisticness out of the banal; innovation out of what could easily be repetitive and boring. Make sure there’s space for daydreaming and making things around this time!

The 20 March marks a shift in your gaze when the spring Equinox arrives and Aries season begins. As the Sun (and Venus a day later) shift into this energetic fire sign, your focus falls on reconnecting with and developing the bonds you have with your friends and peers in your community. Then, your month wraps up with a very ‘you’ moment! The full moon in Libra shines its light on your zone of selfhood and aesthetics; making it a perfect time to commit to a wardrobe overhaul and do some unapologetic self-care.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising 

You’re in charge of finding your pleasure this March, Scorpio. It’s not a task you can dump on anyone else and just hope they get it right.

The waters of Pisces season meet you in the midst of a big moment creatively. New life is being breathed into a playful part of your spirit and you’re able to take on artistic projects with a restored lightheartedness. The way this energy translates into your relationships, especially ones where physical pleasure is involved, is exciting on many levels, but requires you to be steadfast in expressing what your limits are. On 4 March, your ruling planet Mars helps you cultivate trust through avid communication when it moves into intellectual air sign Gemini. As Mars makes this move, remember times when relationships didn’t work out for you, and what major lessons from those departure processes were. The 13 March brings the new moon in Pisces, marking a fresh start in your art practice. This is your moment to activate the signs and ideas you’ve been getting all Pisces season. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because you don’t self identify as an artist you’re not one. Everyone is, (especially you) whether you use the term or not.

Venus, ruler of aesthetics and value, follows the sun in a transition to fire sign Aries on 21 March, activating your zone of routine and physical health. With Venus here, it’s important to move with what feels right for your body. Be weary of a tendency to move too quickly into a pattern of repetition with pleasure, though. Aries energy knows how to rinse through a good thing fast. The 28 March brings you an exhausting but cathartic full moon in Libra that begs you to weep for both yourself and your ancestors.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

How do you cultivate rest and tranquillity in your home, Sagittarius? It’s important to make sure your space isn’t as high octane as the inner workings of your mind.

Pisces season finds you inventively fortifying your sanctuary. As the sun and Venus move through the energy of this dreamy water sign, you’re able to be generous and make well-thought-out decisions on how you manage your home. Ask yourself how hospitable the space is for guests even if no one is set to visit for the foreseeable future. Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party composed of your favourite thinkers and artists when you shape the environment. Energetic Mars moves into your intellectual rival Gemini on 4 March, highlighting how you give energy to relationships right now. Is your self-sustaining lifestyle cutting you off from friends you don’t intentionally mean to ice out? Check-in with your peers. On 13 March the new moon in Pisces offers you a new start at home and with members of your family that haven’t always seen eye to eye with you. Be willing to apologise and embrace a willingness for change.

Venus transitions into fiery Aries on 21 March just after the equinox calls in Aries season! This movement generates a creative boost in your aesthetic taste. Try out some new types of decor that are playful and unconventional. Your month wraps up with the Libra full moon on 28 March reconnecting you to your wider community and bringing you into celebratory communion with people who share common visions of the future.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising 

There’s a sense of longing that’s being cast over your friendships this month, Capricorn. In what ways are you regularly connecting with mates despite physical and emotional distance?

Pisces season hits you right in the feels when it comes to your friends. As this water sign energy puts you into a nostalgic mindset, the memories of laughs you’ve shared with your circle are what get you through, but also leave you searching for more. Focus on directing your affection outward towards them. Offer care through more than just acts of service. Be the one who texts first and initiates the group Zoom! Action-oriented Mars moves into chatty Gemini on 4 March and helps you enhance your storytelling abilities – perfect for a Facetime dinner date with your bestie in another city. On 13 March, the new moon in Pisces sows seeds of intuitive conversation and deeper connection in your sky. Keep this in mind especially with people whose bonds you’re ready to deepen when setting those intentions.

Communication planet Mercury transitions from intellectual Aquarius to esoteric Pisces on 15 March, further strengthening your desire for conversation but simultaneously tongue-tying you! Mercury struggles when in Pisces. The lack of clarity that this watery energy brings doesn’t lend itself well to clear articulation. This is a moment to become more aware of how you communicate with others through body language and facial expression. Your month wraps up with the full moon in Libra illuminating your tenth house of career and visibility, calling you to be prominent and proudly present to all that can see.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

Your complex understanding of the evils (but necessity) of money weigh heavy on you this Pisces season, Aquarius. Are you getting in your own way?

Pisces season wants you to own your monetary desires while also being creative in how you go about making them materialise. The sun and Venus’s energy are encouraging you to let your sense drive those desires. Go beyond just providing for your own needs. Yes, there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism, but that doesn’t subtract from the sensitivity you bring to your work-related practices. They’re valid and important. On 4 March, action planet Mars moves into fellow air sign Gemini and adds a playful tone to your sky. This quick wit makes you the perfect negotiator. Use this blessing in a business sense somehow! The 13 March brings the new moon in watery Pisces and signifies a moment where you’re able to see a new pathway into the type of work you want to be doing. Follow it, even if you’ve not seen it done before.

On 21 March, sensitive Venus moves into the flames of fiery Aries where she struggles to get her points across. This movement might add a touch of poison to your style and words, so be wary of your ability to destroy people with just one fierce look. A week later your month rounds off with the full moon in Libra blazing through your ninth house of knowledge and travel. You’re full of brilliant ideas around this time, but you’ll have to sift through some mediocre ones to really tap into that greatness. Write everything down!

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